Sunday, July 29, 2007

The bias language of biased CNN's headlines in reporting on "Palestinian terrorism"

The bias language of dishonest CNN's headlines in reporting on "Palestinian terrorism".

This is the usual nonsense, but it's important to highlight it once in a while.

Here you have again, one of the most noticable biased headlines on CNN, see the difference in reporting on fighting "Palestinian" terrorists.

The headlines of Saturday evening (July 28 2007, 9:29/10:29 PM ET) on CNN's headlines:

1)Leb. kills 8 militants in refugee camp.

2)Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinians in Gaza.

This means that whenever other Arabs fight "Palestinians", the "Palestinian" Arabs are being defined Islamic militants, but whemn Israel fights for it's survivals from Genocidal "Palestinian" terrorists, the terrorists are then (all of a sudden) being coated with such plain titles as: "Palerstinian people".

There you have it, Arabism.

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Major concerns in US, over proposed US aid of $20 billion dollars to "friendly" Arabs

Major concerns in US, over proposed US aid of $20 billion dollars to "friendly" Arabs US planning 20-billion-dollar arms package for Saudi Arabia: report

Today, Sunday, On CNN's LateEdition, Both Rep. Charlie Rangel & D-New York
Rep. Charles Shays, R-Connecticut, where voicing concerns against proposed US aid in $20 bn. to Saudi Artabia.

Charlie Rangel: 'They have not been our friends, it includes Arab nations such as: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, as well, and Israel should be nuts to agree to that "deal"'.

If anyone would have asked my humble opinion, in case we would have to concede to such a deal... at least put the "Stop teaching little kids that non Muslims are Apes and Pigs", as the first condition.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anti Freedom anti Catholics anti human rights: Hugo Chavez paid for & backed by ARAB LOBBY

Anti Freedom anti Catholics anti human rights: Hugo Chavez paid for & backed by ARAB LOBBY

Chavez forging his own links / Venezuelan president makes arms ..."The Arabs have appreciated Chavez's declarations of support, and the Arab League has promised to lobby in behalf of Venezuela in the United Nations."

President Chavez and Archbishop Porras spar punches in return bout

Critical foreigners will be expelled: Chavez

Defector: Chavez gave money to Al Qaeda

Chavez on Al Jazeera

Al Arabyia Supports Chavez

The Chavez Regime: Fostering Anti-Semitism and Supporting Radical ..."In that Zionist, criminal and terrorist state, the Arabs who are supposed ... Report: Anti-Semitism on Rise in Venezuela; Chavez Government "Fosters Hate" ...

Chavez pledges unity with Syria - Americas - MSNBC.comChavez develops ties with Arabs Chavez said he and Syria shared a "decisive and firm" stance against "imperialism" and American attempts for "domination." ...

Antisemitism And Racism, Responses to the intifada in the media, in wall graffiti and by Arab organizations in Venezuela such as FEARAB (Arab Federation for Latin America) were were directed at de-legitimizing the State of Israel, which was accused of causing the Palestinian tragedy.
The radical language used against Israel was not infrequently antisemitic, for example, the comparison of Israeli soldiers with Nazis...

He's also recalled Venezuela's ambassador to Israel, scoring big points among Arabs. Using Israel and the United States as punching bags, Chavez has become ...

"Palestinian Artists Find Venezuelan Ally -"The relationship between Venezuela and Israel has been strained ever since Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez began adopting an increasingly pro-Arab.

Chavez plans for terrorist regime: Venezuelan security officials ...Intelligence sources familiar with the cover-up say Chavez is withholding information on the Arabs, some of whom were important financial contributors to terrorism

BBC NEWS Middle East On tour with Chavez and AhmadinejadPresidents Ahmadinejad of Iran and Chavez of Venezuela revel in each others' ... than is usual with Western or Arab leaders in this security-conscious age.

From Venezuela, a counterplot: as agents from rogue Arab states ...Exhorting his countrymen to return to their "Arab roots," Chavez has paid state visits to Libya, Iraq and Iran and signed a series of mutual-cooperation ...

In 2001, Chavez paid state visits to and signed “cooperation agreements” with ... has illegally given more than 270 Venezuelan passports to Arab extremists. ...

Venezuela: Anatomy of a Dictator

BBC NEWS Americas Bishop attacks 'Chavez control'Bishop attacks 'Chavez control'. President Hugo Chavez The president of Venezuela's Catholic Bishops Conference, Baltazar Porras, has accused the ...

Catholic World News : Chavez renews conflict with Venezuelan bishops4, 2007 ( - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has renewed his attacks on the country's Catholic hierarchy, saying that the Venezuelan bishops' ...

Chavez Threatens to Nationalize Private Hospitals in Venezuela

(Totalitarian) Hugo Chavez versus (free voice) RCTV

Strategy Op. Ed.: -Hugo Chavez -- "dictator-in-training"With the pieces in place, Chavez will get the legislature to "vote" for dictatorship. Chavez's dictatorship will squash those foolish enough to express ...

Venezuela's Chavez Squeezes Oil Companies With Taxes

Chavez Threatens Venezuela Central Bank Takeover

the full Arab League has voiced its support for UN Security Council Seat.

Descendants of Arabs thriving in S. America -DAWN - International ...Venezuela has a flourishing Arab community of about 1.5 million... business and commerce. Shop names like Flower of Palestine are a common ...

Japan Today - News - Chavez moves to nationalize power, telecoms firmsgo look at CNN, the americans are grooming Chavez to be Castro's replacement. .... They were all for taking out one of Chavez's Arab buddies. ...

History's Against Him, CARACAS, Venezuela Early on in Hugo Chávez's political career, the Venezuelan ... Chávez has developed what some observers call a postmodern dictatorship, ...

The constitutional changes draft has been leaked: the path to an eternal Chavez dictatorship

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Giuliani furious of democrats not mentioning ISLAMIC TERRORISM

Rudy Giuliani Radio Ads Hit Iowa, New, FL "At no time during their three debates have they used the words 'Islamic terrorists,'" Giuliani said of the Democratic contenders

Giuliani proposes energy independence He also had harsh words for his Democratic rivals, noting that in previous debates they've never used the phrase "Islamic terrorists."

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The Right of Return of the Jewish People

Zionists are trying the best to accomedate Arabs that cowardly left Israel "palestine" in 1948, but Arab racists & Islamofascists (within the Arab Muslim mainstream) still deny Jews' rights to return to their historic land.

The Right of Return of the Jewish People


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Sunday, July 22, 2007



Imam arrested in Italy
International Herald Tribune, France ROME: A Moroccan imam arrested in Italy and suspected of running a "terrorism school" in his mosque had a variety of toxic chemicals at his home that could ...
Italy: Mosque used as 'terror school' San Jose Mercury News
3 Moroccans Held In Italy On Terror Charges AHN
Terror suspects arrested in Italian mosque Malaysia Sun

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While no Arab "entity" ever shows the truth or Israeli version of the "cpnflict" Democratic Israel goes overboard with it's insane gestures o Arabs

While Islamo Arab remains totalitarian, unanimous in it's anti Israel bigotry & no Arab "entity" ever shows the truth or Israeli version of the "conflict", Democratic pluralistic Israel goes overboard with it's insane gestures to Arabs.

Arab schoolbooks cite Palestinian version of war
Middle East Times, Egypt -
JERUSALEM -- History textbooks for Israeli Arab students this year will, for the
first time, present the Palestinian version of Israel's creation as a ... MKs slam new
textbook featuring Palestinian view of 1948 war as ...
Israel Insider


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CEV fires back at (Arab lobby's Hugo Chávez (re: his attack on the Church & on Catholics)

CEV fires back at (Arab lobby's Hugo Chávez (re: his attack on the Church & on Catholics)
El Univeresal ^ July 2007

CEV fires back Chávez

These attacks do not offend bishops, but people of the Catholic Church, the Catholic people.

There is no secret who PAID for Hugo Chavez campaign, mainly by Arab merchants in Venezuela.

(The same Chavez that met with that Islamic Hitler Ahmadinejad and agreed to "criticize" Israel's defense against terroristic Iranian backed Hezbullah tactics of human shields in 2006).

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The Watch, The Fight




FBI CounterTer.





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An eye

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Islamic Bomb

Anti-PC League

Israel should have [a long time ago] press the UN for:
1) Condemming Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' parents, teachers, leaders, Mullahs, for using Arab kids as human shields and as human bombs, clarifying the real culprits in Arabs' deaths.
2) Violations by ILLEGAL PA Arabs "settlers" on Israel's "agreed" borders by the UN.
3) "Palestinian" Violation of virtually ALL agreemants pacts with Israel (Oslo, Camp David, etc.).
4) The PA official media & education = hate (crimes) campaign on "the joos", (not just on Israel...).
5) Exposing the constant intimdation on nations by the GOLIATH ARAB MUSLIM (oil) block, to tarnish innocent Israel in the UN.



1) Are you denying that the Arab racist attacks on Jews in Israel/"palestine" has started since 1838 (Safed) [so were the attacks in 1883, 1920, 1921, 1929 - Hebron, etc.]?

2) Had Israel be a (mostly) Arab-Muslim State, would the intolerant Arab-Muslim Goliath world not accept them?

3) Why is there a complete silence on the historical fact of Arab immigration late 1800s early 1900s into Israel/"palestine"?

4) What anti-Israel bigotry is stronger, the "Arab racism"; factor? or the 'Islamic-Jihad' factor?

5) 'Moral equivalence' Do you have Arab activists on behalf of Israeli victims, just like you have Jewish, Israeli, Zionists activists for the (so called) 'Palestinian cause' (whatever that is...)?

6) If humane Israel would really go after "unarmed poor palestinians" as the 'Pallwood' propagandists tell us, How many Arabs would have survived Israel's might?

7) Who's more at fault, the Arab Muslim "Palestinians" parents pushing for Shahid-isim, or the indoctrinating Mullahs, Imams in the holy Mosques for using "Palestinian" kids and women as human bombs and as human shields (so they can blame the Zionists when Arab kids die)?

8) What would have happened if Arab Muslim "Palestinians" would have invested as much energy in rebuilding their lives as they do in destroying both nations' lives in fascistic Jihad, total hatred and campaign for GENOCIDE [to "drink the blood of the Jews" or to "push them all to the sea", or to "wipe them off of map"]?

9) Why does "bad" IDF Israeli army announce an area residents' civilians to evacuate before an operation against terrorists?

10) Why did Humane Israel's IDF invented specially low range missiles designed to hit ONLY the [terror] target and minimize collateral damage?

11) When was the last time the "Palestinian" well oil-ed propaganda machine has retracted [or even apologized] for it's usual PALLYWOOD fake images industry?

12) What's the difference between a Christian in Indonesia, Buddhist in Thailand, Christian in Nigeria, in Philippines, Australians in Bali (2002), non Muslims in London (0707/2005), in Madrid (bombing), "not the-right-kind-of-Muslims" in Shiite-Sunni hateful massacres in Iraq, oppression & massacres in the "Islamic Republic of Iran", and Israeli victims of the same "evil ideology"?

13) What's a harder oppression, your "average" Arab Muslim regime's on it's own people, Hamas-tan Islamic Apartheid [which most "Palestinians" supported!] on non Muslims, or the pro-Jihad parents' on their kids?

14) What would have happened if at least ONE Arab Muslim nation [regular or oil-ed one] would really care about the Arab [brothers, that since the 1960's started to call themselves as] "Palestinians" and let them get off the terror slum into normality and even prosperity?

15) What part of 'BLIND FASCISM' do Arab-Muslims deny, the usual obsessed anti Israel demonization [no matter what Israel does] or the reluctance to see Israel's super kind gestures for those that are trying to kill them [releases from prison, giving away own land vital to it's security, humanitarian aid, etc.] not as goodness but as "weakness"?

16) Why is it that when Islamists terrorists [Hamas or Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad, etc.] succeed in making sure Arab kids die [with their known tactics of cowardly firing among or behind children, etc.] the Arabs, Muslims rejoice and the Israelis, Jews are saddened ?

16) How can land be an issue [or the blatant lies the Arab lobby's financed: Jimmy Carter has said, though he admitted that Israel is a great equal democracy for all, Arabs and Jews alike!'] if "moderate" Palestinian official government still has venomous hatred and pro 'death cult' in it's regular curriculum and on it's official TV, or that such "moderate" Arab media outlets [like Al Jazeera] still glorify mass murder as "martyrdom"?

17) Who's more powerful, the Arab Muslim Goliath Oil mafia "lobby" on the world or a Chinese, Italian, Israeli, Irish, pharmaceutical, cigarettes lobbyists in Washington?

18) Had the International Arab Muslim lobby of nations in the UN [or the EU] not threatened other nations to bash Israel 24/7 [motivated by intolerance only!], What would be then the outcome?


Let's make it clear, even if there will be a "Palestine" state, it will never change the factual history, that a group of foreign Arab immigrants came into the (historic) land of the Jews (and started to call themselves as "Palestinians" in the 1960's) and hijacked the world comunity via terrorism and Arab oil power to give them yet a second 'Palestine' state (after Jordan).



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