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Racism in perspective - Anti Jewish racism by Arabs, Muslims, whether carrying a "Palestinian" or an Israeli ID

Racism in perspective - Anti Jewish racism by Arabs, Muslims, whether carrying a "Palestinian" or an Israeli ID

Published: 01/31/05, 8:53 PMRacist Disengagementby Shmuel Neumann, Ph.D.

It is illegal to advocate ejecting Arabs from their homes and forcibly removing them from Israel. How can it be legal to advocate forcibly removing Jews from their homes?... racism is not a laughing matter. Especially after the Holocaust, racism against Jews, even by Jews, is intolerable. During the Holocaust, Jews, called kapos, were forced by the Nazis to implement racial genocide. It is also a horrible tragedy and a pathetic sight to see certain Israeli government officials compelled by "their good friend" the United States to implement ethnic cleansing, not by genocide, but by expulsion. This expulsion of Jews, not necessarily Israelis, is racist.

It is illegal to advocate ejecting Arabs from their homes and forcibly removing them from Israel. How can it be legal to advocate forcibly removing Jews from their homes? While the government may elect to dismantle Israeli army bases and outposts, they have no legal right to remove only Israeli Jews and not remove Israeli Arabs or Christians. It has no right to remove Jews of other nationalities who purchase a farm in Judea or Samaria and wish to farm their private property and live on their farm. If it has such a right, then it must remove any non-Israeli Muslim or Christian farmers from their independent farms, as well.

If certain Jewish settlements are deemed illegal and therefore slated for demolition, then illegal Arab settlements must be demolished as well. The Israeli government is in possession of aerial photographs of each village and town from 1917 until the present, and is well aware that many villages and towns existing today were built by squatters who grabbed land and illegally built houses. Often the houses were built on other people's land, even land purchased decades before by individual Jews or by the Jewish National Fund. All of these communities must be demolished if any Jewish communities are to be evacuated and demolished. If the government refuses to demolish illegal Arab houses, then their policy of evacuating Jewish houses, farms and communities is racism against Jews and must not be tolerated.

One might speculate if there were, hypothetically, 10 Christians living in a Jewish settlement that was slated for evacuation, and 10 Israeli Jews living in Jenin, then wouldn't the Christians be evacuated with the rest of the community and wouldn't the Jews be permitted to remain in Jenin? Certainly, the Christians would be evacuated together with the Jews from a Jewish settlement. However, if they had a monastery in Bethlehem or anywhere else in Palestinian-controlled Judea, Samaria or Gaza, then they certainly would not be evacuated, nor would their church or monastery be demolished. The 10 Jews in Jenin, however, would not be evacuated, but imprisoned, because Israel makes it illegal for Jews to enter Area "A". That is, unless the Palestinians got to them first, in which case they would torture and mutilate the Jews as they did to those Jews who made a wrong turn and found themselves in Ramallah.

The central point is that Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice would never tolerate removing blacks from any neighborhood, not just in the United States, but anywhere in the world. They do, however, insist that Jews, not just Israelis, be forcibly removed from all areas of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. When they speak of pre-1967 borders, they are talking about removing Jews from Ramat Eshkol, the Old City, Mamilla and many neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

This reverse discrimination is not only in relation to settlements, but to land registration. If an Arab registers a land sale in Beit El's land office, the land registration is recorded seamlessly. If a Jew records a sale from an Arab, the land office notifies the Palestinian Authority of the land sale and the land registration can take 15-20 years. In the interim, the Arab seller and real estate agents are killed by the so-called Palestinians, eliminating all witnesses to the sale. As a result, often the land sale is never recorded. This is racism, pure and simple.

This racism against Jews goes beyond the issue of settlements or land registration. The Israeli government interprets its own laws against racism to protect Arabs, but not Jews. For example, in Israel it is illegal to hire only Jews, but it appears to not be illegal to hire only Arabs. For instance, there is one chain of gas stations that I frequented throughout Israel, and every single one of them had only Arab employees at the gas pumps. While it is their prerogative to employ Arabs, it is not their prerogative to hire only Arabs. This is a violation of racism laws and should be prosecuted not just in a civil action, but in a criminal action, as well.http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/4732

Mossawa: Outlaw Talk of ´Transfer´ - Expulsion of Jews Fine, Though (2004)http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/63355

Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried ...Israel's Arab citizens are being drawn toward radicalism by their leadership.http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

Jews (are not racists, but) Want to Separate From EnemiesBaruch Marzel of Hevron responded to the racism report as follows: "It speaks for itself; our people truly want to separate from its enemies, and feel that our enemies are dangerous. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/124514

Denial is a well-known psychological mechanism. A threatening problem is created. The individual denies the problem for a certain amount of time, but it eventually explodes in his face.

The people of Israel are in total denial regarding Israeli Arabs. After watching a video recording of a recent demonstration by Israeli Arabs in Haifa, I decided that the time has come to raise this issue, knowing full well that The dramatic rise in the nationalistic extremism of Israeli Arabs.this is a subject that many people are afraid to touch. We see scores of Arabs waving flags of Palestine and chanting anti-Israel slogans. Here is an excerpt from the article by Boaz Golan that accompanies the recording:

"This infuriating demonstration lasted for days. A Palestinian demonstration against the state, against the Jewish people. Against me and against you. Flags of Palestine fly in the face of passersby. Gaza is here in Haifa, in our very home! Jewish drivers pass by, honk their horns, and call out to them: 'Go to Gaza,' but scores of Arabs continue to chant their slogans against the state, and are not afraid to shout out loud: 'Beirut, Damascus, Palestine...."

The demonstration in Haifa is, of course, only one of the many examples of the dramatic rise in the nationalistic extremism of Israeli Arabs, which is expressed not only in anti-Israel slogans, but also in actions against Jews. Naturally, in all these instances, Israeli law enforcement does not lift a finger.

In Akko (Acre) and in Jaffa, Israeli Arabs attack Jews. No one says anything. Recently, we heard of stonings of Jewish vehicles by Israeli Arabs in the Galilee. This hardly makes the headlines. Just imagine what the media would have done if Jews had thrown stones at Arabs.

Last year, dozens of Jews celebrated Israel Independence Day in the forest of Megiddo. A group of Israeli Arabs arrived with flags of Palestine, riding on horses, and forced the Jews to flee. Except for the Arutz-7 website, did anyone cover this subject? Not to mention that the police did not arrest even a single Arab rioter.

Make no mistake. Unlike other countries, in which minorities act with respect and submission to the host country, a considerable portion of the Israeli Arabs act as if they were the lords of the land; while we Jews seem to them as casual visitors who bother them. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/7779

Israel Asks: Has Ahmed Tibi Become A Racist? ... It sounds to me like classic anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred, and Judeo-pathy. ...http://etcnow.net/tibi.htm

Arab MK: Too Many Jews in Galileeby Maayana Miskin(March, 30, 2009)(IsraelNN.com) Israeli MK Taleb A-Sana of the United Arab List (Ra'am Ta'al) accused the government Monday of "Judaizing the Galilee and the Negev" by encouraging Jews to move to those areas. A-Sana called on the government to encourage Arab life in those areas...http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/130689

Libels, A basic tenet of Palestinian Authority (PA) anti-Semitism and racism is to define both ... This is [the essence of] racism itself, for racism stems from ...http://www.pmw.org.il/libles.htm

...In another racist article attacking Condolezza Rice, the PA daily referred to her as the "black woman" [three times], the “black spinster” and continues ...http://www.pmw.org.il/Bulletins_July2006.htm

Media Impact... who said that using the old texts in Palestinian-run schools proved that Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority was a racist and warmongering regime ...http://www.pmw.org.il/getresults/media/i20654.html

Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority of inciting hatred of Jews and Israelis in the official media and in school textbooks... Hillary Clinton, in her campaign to be New York senator, branded the books “racist” and called on Arafat to "stop teaching hatred" to children. ...http://www.pmw.org.il/getresults/media/i212330.html

Palestinian racism exposed

By Alan Dershowitz, professor of law at Harvard. His latest book is The Case for Israel. (April 12, 2004)

Recently, a young student at the Hebrew University was gunned down while jogging through a mixed neighborhood of Jews and Arabs in north Jerusalem. The Aksa Martyrs Brigade, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, joyously claimed credit for the killing yet another innocent Jew.

When it was later learned that the jogger was a Jerusalem Arab and not a Jew, al-Aksa quickly apologized to the family, calling it an accident.

But the killing of the innocent young jogger was not an accident; the murderer had deliberately taken aim at his head and midsection, intending to end his life. The only thing accidental about the murder was the religion of the victim. Al-Aksa had sent the assassin to murder a Jew ­ any Jew, so long as he was a Jew.

This is racism, pure and simple. And despite efforts by supporters of Palestinian terrorism to justify the murder of innocent civilians as national liberation or by any other euphemism, this case proves that the Palestinian terrorists' targeting of Jews and only Jews ­ as many as possible ­ is little different in intent from other forms of lethal or exterminatory anti-Jewish murders. (I don't use the term anti-Semitic only because some Arabs claim that because they too are Semites, they can't be anti-Semitic.)

Obviously the numbers are different, because Israel is capable of defending its Jewish citizens, but if it were not, the goal of Palestinian terrorist groups would not be very different from that of previous groups intent on murdering as many Jews as possible.

The Web sites of various Palestinian terrorist groups proclaim ­ usually only in English and almost never in Arabic ­ that they have no quarrel with the Jews, only with the Zionists. Yet they target every Jew, regardless of his or her individual political views, and they apologize when they accidentally kill a non-Jew, regardless of his political views. The racist acts of these terrorist groups speak louder than their sanitized English-only anti-Zionist Web sites...http://www.likud.nl/extr312.html

Racism on official Palestinian TV: Jews are monkeys and pigs ...Nov 4, 2002 ... The Palestinian Racism is particularly dangerous because it is portrayed as the will of Allah...http://www.likud.nl/extr242.html

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3) Why is there a complete silence on the historical fact of Arab immigration late 1800s early 1900s into Israel/"palestine"?

4) What anti-Israel bigotry is stronger, the "Arab racism"; factor? or the 'Islamic-Jihad' factor?

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9) Why does "bad" IDF Israeli army announce an area residents' civilians to evacuate before an operation against terrorists?

10) Why did Humane Israel's IDF invented specially low range missiles designed to hit ONLY the [terror] target and minimize collateral damage?

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12) What's the difference between a Christian in Indonesia, Buddhist in Thailand, Christian in Nigeria, in Philippines, Australians in Bali (2002), non Muslims in London (0707/2005), in Madrid (bombing), "not the-right-kind-of-Muslims" in Shiite-Sunni hateful massacres in Iraq, oppression & massacres in the "Islamic Republic of Iran", and Israeli victims of the same "evil ideology"?

13) What's a harder oppression, your "average" Arab Muslim regime's on it's own people, Hamas-tan Islamic Apartheid [which most "Palestinians" supported!] on non Muslims, or the pro-Jihad parents' on their kids?

14) What would have happened if at least ONE Arab Muslim nation [regular or oil-ed one] would really care about the Arab [brothers, that since the 1960's started to call themselves as] "Palestinians" and let them get off the terror slum into normality and even prosperity?

15) What part of 'BLIND FASCISM' do Arab-Muslims deny, the usual obsessed anti Israel demonization [no matter what Israel does] or the reluctance to see Israel's super kind gestures for those that are trying to kill them [releases from prison, giving away own land vital to it's security, humanitarian aid, etc.] not as goodness but as "weakness"?

16) Why is it that when Islamists terrorists [Hamas or Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad, etc.] succeed in making sure Arab kids die [with their known tactics of cowardly firing among or behind children, etc.] the Arabs, Muslims rejoice and the Israelis, Jews are saddened ?

16) How can land be an issue [or the blatant lies the Arab lobby's financed: Jimmy Carter has said, though he admitted that Israel is a great equal democracy for all, Arabs and Jews alike!'] if "moderate" Palestinian official government still has venomous hatred and pro 'death cult' in it's regular curriculum and on it's official TV, or that such "moderate" Arab media outlets [like Al Jazeera] still glorify mass murder as "martyrdom"?

17) Who's more powerful, the Arab Muslim Goliath Oil mafia "lobby" on the world or a Chinese, Italian, Israeli, Irish, pharmaceutical, cigarettes lobbyists in Washington?

18) Had the International Arab Muslim lobby of nations in the UN [or the EU] not threatened other nations to bash Israel 24/7 [motivated by intolerance only!], What would be then the outcome?


Let's make it clear, even if there will be a "Palestine" state, it will never change the factual history, that a group of foreign Arab immigrants came into the (historic) land of the Jews (and started to call themselves as "Palestinians" in the 1960's) and hijacked the world comunity via terrorism and Arab oil power to give them yet a second 'Palestine' state (after Jordan).



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