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Belgium's genocides connection and their "court"

Islamofacsism, Extremists terrorize Jews in Paris

Extremists terrorize Jews in Paris


european jewish press, THE JERUSALEM POST May. 29, 2006


French police opened an investigation Monday after suspected members of
an extremist group marched through a Jewish quarter in central Paris shouting
anti-Semitic slogans over the weekend.

Shoppers in the historic Marais
neighbourhood, one of the busiest districts in the Jewish area of Paris, were
left in shock early Sunday evening after a group of extremists terrorized
community members with anti-Semitic verbal abuse.

More than 20 men
claiming to be members of the Tribu-Ka anti-white group walked up and down the
crowded Rue des Rosiers shouting at the families and youths in the area.

The French Office of Vigilance against anti-Semitism (BNCVA) said in a
statement the gang was "performing Nazi salutes, looking for a fight with the
neighbourhood's Jews, threatening and intimidating them."

"We are in
contact with the Interior Ministry and the police department over the matter,"
the head of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRCIF),
Roger Cukierman, said.

"They screamed out 'Death to Jews!'" one witness,
who would only give his name as Julien, told EJP.

"They told us they
weren't Arabs and that they would 'kosherise' us," said a second witness,
Stephan, a fifty-year-old butcher from the Panzer delicatessen.

never been more scared in my life," book-salesman David R. added.

quickly broke up the march, running identity checks on 19 people, none of whom
were armed. Security has been stepped up in the area. Since they committed no
apparent offence, police let the men go.

There has been growing tension
between the Jewish community and an extremist fringe of black youth as a result
of what many consider to be the provocative attitude of young Jewish members of
the right wing Betar and Jewish Defence League groups who try to physically
confront anti-Semitism.

Tribu-Ka claims that young Jews attacked a black
man during the February demonstration in memory of Ilan Halimi, the young French
Jew who was kidnapped and killed by a gang, whose leader and several members
were black.

However witnesses and dozens of black people who
participated in the demonstration along with the Jewish community have denied

Tribu-Ka, an organisation created in December 2004 is opposed to
all contacts between blacks and non-blacks.

In February 2005 a dozen
young men and women claiming to be part of the Tribu-Ka infiltrated a meeting of
the Jewish-black friendship association and vigorously advised the Jews to cease
all contacts with their "Khemite brothers".

They also accused the Jews
of being the descendants of slave-traders, an accusation repeated by
controversial comic Dieudonne Mbala Mbala, who is among those Tribu-Ka view as
an inspiration.

Tribu-Ka's leader is Kemi Seba, formerly known as
Stellio Gilles Robert, a former member of Nation of Islam in Paris who has
previously been indicted for racist incitement.

Since Tribu-Ka was
formed, tensions between its members and the Jewish community has been
increasing, especially with the members of Betar and the JDL.

Ten days
earlier Tribu-Ka penetrated into a sports club used by the JDL and Betar and
defied the Jews who were practicing Krav Maga, the Israeli martial art. When the
young men answered they weren't part of the Jewish organizations, the thugs told
them to tell JDL and Betar that they were looking for them.

When they
walked up Rue des Rosiers on Sunday, the Tribu-Ka members said they wanted to
confront militants from both groups who are known to be based in the Jewish
Marais neighbourhood.

According to witnesses, the Jews failed to reply
and forced passers-by into shops.

BNCVA said the gang was armed with
sticks and baseball bats - though this was denied both by police and by
independent witnesses.

A friend has an intersting collection of "how free google really is"

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Twist of FAITH, A Pope From Germany Prays at Auschwitz

A Pope From Germany Prays at Auschwitz May 28 — Pope Benedict XVI prayed today at the cells and crematoriums of the death camps here, on a visit he called “particularly difficult and troubling for a Christian, for a pope from Germany.”. ...

. . .

I for one, want to believe the current pope would like to go in Pope John Paul II good ways, where he apologized for partial Church's indirect role for the holocaust of the 6,000,000 or for the 2,000 years old persecution on the Jews.


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Israel = Defense, any questions?

Israeli Strike Kills Islamic Jihad Commander in Gaza
Voice of America - May 20, 2006 By VOA News. An Israeli missile strike on a car in Gaza City has killed four Palestinians, including a top Islamic Jihad commander. ...

Islamic Jihad shells Israeli city with homemade rockets
Xinhua, China - May 21, 2006 GAZA, May 21 (Xinhua) -- The Islamic Jihad (Holy War) claimed on Sunday responsibility for a rocket attack on the southern Israeli city of Sderot. ...


Israel "palestine" 101


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Phony freedom fighting, again, British police arrest Muslims, accuse 8 for planning attacks overseas

Phony freedom fighting, again

British police arrest Muslims, accuse 8 for planning attacks overseas
British police arrest Muslims for planning attacks overseas International Herald Tribune, France - May 24, 2006MANCHESTER, England The police arrested 10 people Wednesday in raids across Britain designed to apprehend residents the government suspects of planning or ...The BBC reported that the people detained on Wednesday were possibly suspected of planning attacks in Iraq and said that they were believed to be linked to a group called the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group...
(Excerpt) Read more at iht.com ...

Well, just like:

Egyptian born Arafat was (supposdly) fighting for a "homeland" in... Israel.

Or Saudi Arabian born Bin Laden was (supposdly) fighting for a "freedom" in... Afghanistan.

Or Jordanian born Zarqawi is (supposdly) fighting for a "homeland" & "freedom" in... Iraq.

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More Arab on Arab Crimes: Palestinians Helped in Attacks on Egypt, Officials Say

More Arab 'Palestinian' on Arab 'Palestinian' Crimes:

http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/05/24/gaza.blast.ap/ Palestinian security chief killed in Gaza bombing... The new Hamas security force has been clashing with Fatah fighters in Gaza as the rivals compete for control of the Palestinian territory.

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The Hypocrite Arabs that pushed for war in Iraq and play now "anti war".

The Arabs that Pushed us to war in Iraq, Where are they now?

Iraqi refugees hope for US strike http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/1951039.stm

Iraq exiles back Blair's stance 18 February, 2003 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/2775981.stm

An Egyptian Columnist Attacks Pro-Iraqi Arab Lobby (so there is an Arab Lobby pro Iraq war...) http://memri.org/bin/articles.cgi?Page=archives&Area=sd&ID=SP19601

Arabs, not Jews, driving Bush’s Iraq plans” (2002)http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/mideastdispatches/archives/000681.html

Iraqi refugees now in the US are united by tragedy, hatred of Saddam Hussein ... Give us the temporary support we need (1998) http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/middle_east/jan-june98/iraq_4-27.html

Arab states have escalated their attacks on Iraqi President Saddam ... "There is no shred of support for Saddam anywhere in the Arab scene," (1999) http://www.michigandaily.com/media/storage/paper851/news/2002/09/23/News/Several.Arab.Nations.Will.Support.War.On.Iraq-1412439.shtml?norewrite200610291127&sourcedomain=www.michigandaily.com

Several Arab nations will support war on Iraq (9/23/02) The UAE supported the U.S.-led War on Terror and the initial military ... have Iraq placed under the tutelage of the United Nations (UN) and the Arab League ... http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/World-Leaders-2003/United-Arab-Emirates-FOREIGN-POLICY.html

Iraqi Pupils in U.S. Deal With Mixed Reactions, Emotions "I tell him what Saddam did to us, and why I'm here as an Iraqi who left behind ... "American Schools in Middle East Keep a Wary Eye on War," April 2, 2003. ... http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2003/04/09/30iraqi.h22.html

Anti-war protesters have no idea: refugee A Sydney Iraqi family has slammed ongoing Australian anti-war protests, saying demonstrators have no idea who or what they are campaigning for. http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/03/22/1047749993344.html


Above are just a few examples, though it is true that most Arab leaders never cared about the suffering of their brothers in Iraq, but the minority that did push for the war, where are they now???

I am tired of seing the Arab world's all-of-a-sudden so cowardly change of tune and backing off of US' war in Iraq.


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The usual: Israel Tears For Palestine Child, while Arab leaders are ever more cruel

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Top Taleban -- one of most brutal commanders -- 'arrested'

Hat tip to: too...
another most fine and pious mullahman for your bedroom wall http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4997548.stm hardly
any room left on my bedroom wall now......

Top Taleban -- one of most brutal commanders -- 'arrested'
Top Taleban commander 'arrested' A top Taleban leader, Mullah Dadullah, has been captured in Afghanistan, Afghan officials have told the BBC. He has a reputation for being one of the Taleban's most brutal commanders.

Islamist Hitler & "indirect" identifying/marking the non Muslims by LAW

First was this:

Iran eyes badges for Jews http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/story.html?id=11fbf4a8-282a-4d18-954f-546709b1240f
National Post May 19, 2006 Chris Wattie

Human rights groups are raising alarms over a new law passed by the Iranian parliament that would require the country's Jews and Christians to wear coloured badges to identify them and other religious minorities as non-Muslims.
"This is reminiscent of the Holocaust," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. "Iran is moving closer and closer to the ideology of the Nazis."
Iranian expatriates living in Canada yesterday confirmed reports that the Iranian parliament, called the Islamic Majlis, passed a law this week setting a dress code for all Iranians, requiring them to wear almost identical "standard Islamic garments."
The law, which must still be approved by Iran's "Supreme Guide" Ali Khamenehi before being put into effect, also establishes special insignia to be worn by non-Muslims.
Iran's roughly 25,000 Jews would have to sew a yellow strip of cloth on the front of their clothes, while Christians would wear red badges and Zoroastrians would be forced to wear blue cloth.
"There's no reason to believe they won't pass this," said Rabbi Hier. "It will certainly pass unless there's some sort of international outcry over this."
Bernie Farber, the chief executive of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said he was "stunned" by the measure. "We thought this had gone the way of the dodo bird, but clearly in Iran everything old and bad is new again," he said. "It's state-sponsored religious discrimination."
Ali Behroozian, an Iranian exile living in Toronto, said the law could come into force as early as next year.
It would make religious minorities immediately identifiable and allow Muslims to avoid contact with non-Muslims.
Mr. Behroozian said it will make life even more difficult for Iran's small pockets of Jewish, Christian and other religious minorities -- the country is overwhelmingly Shi'ite Muslim. "They have all been persecuted for a while, but these new dress rules are going to make things worse for them," he said.
The new law was drafted two years ago, but was stuck in the Iranian parliament until recently when it was revived at the behest of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
A spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa refused to comment on the measures. "This is nothing to do with anything here," said a press secretary who identified himself as Mr. Gharmani.
"We are not here to answer such questions."
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has written to Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, protesting the Iranian law and calling on the international community to bring pressure on Iran to drop the measure.
"The world should not ignore this," said Rabbi Hier. "The world ignored Hitler for many years -- he was dismissed as a demagogue, they said he'd never come to power -- and we were all wrong."
Mr. Farber said Canada and other nations should take action to isolate Mr. Ahmadinejad in light of the new law, which he called "chilling," and his previous string of anti-Semitic statements.
"There are some very frightening parallels here," he said. "It's time to start considering how we're going to deal with this person."
Mr. Ahmadinejad has repeatedly described the Holocaust as a myth and earlier this year announced Iran would host a conference to re-examine the history of the Nazis' "Final Solution."
He has caused international outrage by publicly calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map."
Iran does not yet have nuclear weapons, but Tehran believed by Western nations to be developing its own nuclear military capability, in defiance of international protocols and peace treaties.
The United States, France and Israel accuse Iran of using a civilian nuclear program to secretly build a weapon. Iran denies this, saying its program is confined to generating electricity.

Then came the retraction:

Canada's National Post retracts report that Iranian Jews will be forced to wear
yellow patches The report emerged as false on Friday evening. Yes, the
parliament in Tehran recently passed a law setting a dress code for all
Iranians, requiring them to wear almost identical "standard Islamic garments"
but it has never passed a decision to mark the country's Jewish citizens
According to Iran expert Meir Javedanfar, Tehran has yet to fix the dress code
for Muslims in the country, let alone for minority ethnic groups.

Isn't garment-ing "identical standard Islamic garments" all Muslims by LAW, automatically distinguish non Muslims?


Thanks to Ellen for alerting me to the following artivle, Amir Taheri that stays by the story:




May 20, 2006 -- Concerned U.S. officials and Jewish groups yesterday
demanded answers from Iran after a shocking report that Tehran's radical leaders
passed a Nazi-style law requiring Jews and Christians to wear identifying
badges.Renowned Iranian-affairs expert Amir Taheri reports that the law,
approved by Iran's parliament last week, "envisages separate dress codes for
religious minorities, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians, who will have to adopt
distinct color schemes to make them identifiable in public."
Jews would be
forced to wear yellow cloth strips - like the Star of David that Jews were made
to wear in Nazi Germany - while Christians would have to wear red strips, wrote
Taheri, a New York Post columnist.

The purpose is to protect
Muslims from becoming "unclean" by accidentally shaking hands with them, he
World leaders, human rights groups and Jewish and Christian
organizations were stunned.
"I think it has clear echoes of Germany under
Hitler" and the Third Reich, said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.
"It would be appalling," Australian Prime Minister John Howard said.
there were conflicting accounts about the "national uniform code," which was
first proposed two years ago to curb Iranian citizens' desire to wear
Western-style attire. The law must still be OK'd by the Guardian Council, a
constitutional watchdog.
Iran's only Jewish member of parliament, Morris
Mohammed, called the report of required badges for Jews and Christians "a
complete fabrication."
The law's sponsor, Emad Afroogh, called the claims "a
sheer lie."
Nevertheless, the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote U.N.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan urging him to investigate. "The world should not
ignore this," Rabbi Marvin Hier, the center's dean, said.
The State
Department is also seeking answers, officials said.
Critics said the reports
fit in with the anti-Semitic rants of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


See the hotair most elaborated update:
http://hotair.com/archives/the-blog/2006/05/19/is-the-iranian-yellow-badges-story-true/ Is the Iranian yellow-badges story true? (bumped)

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Good VS Evil, Israel to give medical supplies to greedy PA that wouldn't reduce their salaries...

http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=103911 Olmert: Israel is Willing to Buy Drugs & Supplies for PA
During an hour long interview with the New York Times in Jerusalem on Thursday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated, "We wouldn't allow one baby to suffer one night because of a lack of dialysis.”

Israel the Gem gives medical supplies to terrible greedy "palestinians" that wouldn't reduce their terrorists' fat salaries for it's humanitarian needs!
http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/1107AP_Israel_Palestinian_Health.html Israel to give medicines to Palestinians.

This, at a time that there is no obligation on Israel to do anything:
http://www.infoisrael.net/cgi-local/text.pl?source=4/b/ii/210520061 Quartet – EU, Russia, UN, and United States – to pay the salaries of some 160,000 Palestinian employees without giving the money to the Hamas-led government.

But as Olmert said to Wolf Blitzer on Sunday May 21 2006, there is no "humanitarian crisis", but a question of salaries to the Hamas (terror organization's parliament) guys...

http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1145961382290&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull Meanwhile, on Friday, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri was detained by forces loyal to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the Rafah crossing after he attempted to smuggle €639,000 in cash into Gaza from Egypt.

Wonder where that smuggled money came from, is it connected to the South American Hamas/Hezbullah, criminal prostitution & drugs smuggling "holy network", caught recently?


Israel "Palestine" - 101

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Today Kosovo - Tomorrow Israel and the West

Today Kosovo - Tomorrow Israel and the West

By Miroljub Jevtic, Ph.D.

Negotiations regarding the future status of Kosovo have begun and it is increasingly clear that the overwhelming majority of the world media, not to mention the government of the United States and its allies, favor giving independence to the Serbian province of Kosovo, which since the 1999 war has been administered by the United Nations under NATO military control. In effect, the western world is in favor of detaching Kosovo from (Christian) Serbia by fiat of power and making it into an independent Muslim state.
The main argument of those supporting this scenario - notably in the United States, where advocates of the Muslim Albanian cause are very well funded - is that by doing so America would repair its image in the Islamic world and show that Americans do not have anti-Islamic inclinations. This, they think, would co-opt the influence of Islamic "extremists" and thus spare another possible 9/11 type attack.

Such sentiments can be found in the official report by the 9-11 Commission where it is recommended that America "defends, Muslims against tyrants and criminals in Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. If the United States does not act aggressively to define itself in the Islamic world, the extremists will gladly do the job for us."

In addition, proponents of the independent Muslim Kosovo argue that the Muslim leadership in that province is moderate and that through nation building could create a prosperous, multiethnic democracy, which will, while still remaining sufficiently Muslim, serve as an example of how one can remain a Muslim and be secular at the same time.

This policy is founded on several grave misconceptions.

The first is that in the last five years of Muslim domination in Kosovo, that province has become monoethnic and monoreligious with Christians under pressure to flee the province or lose their life.

Second, by granting independence to Kosovo Muslims, hatred of America in the Islamic world will not be mitigated but would increase because the Islamic world and especially the violent jihadists will read this as a sign of weakness and West's capitulation at the demands of Muslims. Granting independence to an Islamic Kosovo will mollify many Muslims across the globe in their belief that their violent ways are indeed superior to the infidel American and would strengthen their conviction that such policy should be exported across the globe and most notably against Israel.

Misreading the Hatred

A large source of hatred for America comes from Islam's inability to conquer Jerusalem and claim as theirs their third most holy place, the al-Aqsa mosque that is built on the site of the Temple of Solomon. The fact that al-Aqsa is under a democratic regime and that America supports that democracy is the source of hatred that seethes through Islam. Therefore, from the Islamic point of view, the infidel America can give Muslims Kosovo; we can give them Bosnia, Kashmir, Chechnya, New York and Paris... they will not be reconciled as long as they do not have control of Jerusalem.

Both "moderate" and "extreme" Muslims agree that Jerusalem must be part of a Muslim Palestinian state and should Islam relinquish this idea, be it in their dreams only, Muslims would, as Islamic clerics insinuate, eternally burn in hell.

"Muslim rage" before which the entire world quakes over few cartoons may burn even hotter if Kosovo become independent because if America can give Kosovo to the Albanian Muslims, Muslims will then believe that America can certainly give Jerusalem to the Palestinian Muslims and since Washington will not do that, the independence of Kosovo would be a catalyst for even more hatred of America by the Muslims.

In the psychology of pious Muslims, anyone who is against conquest of Jerusalem is an enemy, whether they are willing to say it openly or not. Moreover, a pious Muslim believes that it is not normal for Christians and Jews to reason any other way but the Islamic way which first and foremost seeks to demonstrate the superiority of its faith.

The fact that in traditionally Christian countries the number of Christian believers, as well as the number of Christian places of worship, is on the decline, whereas the number of Muslims and mosques is on the increase, is seen as the triumph of the true faith over the false faith - that is the triumph of Islam over Christianity.

To download the video onto your hard disk, right click on this link--> Save Target As...

This is why the fact that since the arrival of NATO to Kosovo over 150 Christian churches have been destroyed and some 400 mosques have been built, or are under construction, is for the Muslims a proof that Islam is a faith which is supported by true God... otherwise, why would the Christian God, why would Jesus, permit the destruction of churches, where He, Jesus, is glorified? Why would He, at the same time, permit the construction of mosques, where His existence as God is denied? Why would He permit it, moreover, in the presence of men who bear arms and who claim to be Christians?
So, instead of seeing the presence of the Western military power in Kosovo as proof of commitment to religious tolerance, the Albanian Muslims, and Muslims in general, see it as a proof of the fact that Islam is the true faith, superior to others by virtue that others are being destroyed before the very eyes of infidel soldiers who patrol these ruins and have no guts to do anything about it.

Granting independence to Muslims of Kosovo would therefore validate these generally accepted convictions that predominate in Islam and would strengthen the political hand of extremists because they will advocate more violence and point fingers at the Muslim success in Kosovo as an example to the superstitious masses that such policies produce results.

We are already witnessing an increasing affinity of the Muslim electorate towards these hawkish doctrines and as violent Jihad scores successes across the globe such as in Kosovo, the more "moderate" Muslim element may begin to doubt their moderation by increasing their antagonism for their "moderate" Islamic regimes. As recent Palestinian and Egyptian elections have shown, there is a real political perestroika happening in the Muslim world that is shifting towards jihadist ideology and is undermining moderate and even minimally pro-western governments.

Western democracies can clearly aid this Islamic political shift towards radicalism by handing them a victory in Kosovo because once Muslim Kosovo is granted independence, the extreme political elements of the Islamic world will stop campaigning on empty rhetoric and have a real example where violent jihad pays off.

Iran is already instituting these hawkish ideas into its foreign policy. The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants a nuclear bomb in order to destroy Israel and the West and his position is not delusional as some argue in the West but rather rational from the Islamic perspective because it is a foreign policy platform that pursues fundamental Islamic aspirations to demonstrate superiority of Islamic faith by transforming a confrontation with the West into a global Islamic victory.

Iran was the big backer of Bosnian jihad in the 1990s and has sleeper cells across the Balkans including Kosovo. Iranian authorities recently held a rally to recruit "Martyrdom Seekers" and in all likelihood these existing sleeper cells will be reinforced.

Albanian NAZI police during a WWII parade in Kosovo after seizing it from Serbia in WWII. Nazi swastikas on masque walls glorified Islam and Hitler. Both Serbia and America were allies against Hitler until Serbia became occupied by the communists in 1945.

Resolving the Kosovo problem that favors Islam would allow these militants to realign their guns squarely at Israel. We can, for example, readily see that at the recent Organization of Islamic Conference the Islamic focus on Balkans - Bosnia and Kosovo - occupied very little space as compared to their previous meetings and instead, a counterattack against Europe was initiated by instigating a pretext of cartoons published in Denmark. Therefore, granting independence to Muslim Kosovo will free up Islamic assets to simultaneously increase pressure on the West and Israel to relinquish control of Jerusalem and the pretext for that will be the Kosovo precedent that the Western powers seem ready to set by their willingness to detach a sovereign Serbian territory and give it to the Muslims.
Once and if Israel is ever forced to relinquish control of Jerusalem, it will be wiped off the map and the pretext for such imposed solution on Israel may in fact be an imposed solution on Serbian Kosovo where we already hear arguments that it is, supposedly, a special case. If Kosovo is proclaimed a special case under which to grant it independence, Muslims across the globe, already willing to die in suicide attacks, can make any conflict even bloodier and therefore even more special in order to detach more land from democratic countries and not just Serbia or Israel.

The advocates of an escalating militant Islamic reproachment with the West have not an iota of doubt regarding its humanness even if to the Western mind such religious-based murder is despicable. The moral underpinning is derived from a notion that killing an infidel cannot be done out of hatred but rather, it is an act of love.

However shocking this may seem to us Westerners, the Islamic doctrine is clear that non-Muslims live in sin and do things prohibited by Allah. As examples they often point to Western consumption of alcohol, pork, recognition of homosexual marriages, toleration of scantiness of female attire... perhaps taboo issues here but powerful enough to fanaticize the Muslim street. All these are sins punishable by death according to Islamic Sharia law if the transgressors continue to sin in spite of God’s warning as expressed in the Koran. The killing of these sinners simply ensures for them a more clement treatment on Judgment Day, because, if they are not killed for these sins, who knows what other sins they might yet commit?

This was the reasoning of Muhammad Atta and his comrades in terror when they killed on September 11. This will be the reasoning of an ever increasing number of Muslims who are not yet ready to see the West as a serious force that shouldn't be taken lightly.

West: Weak & Contemptuous

In the eyes of Islam, this image of the West, weak and contemptuous, will intensify once Kosovo become recognized as the third Muslim state of Europe because it will represent a thorough capitulation of the Western civilization in a small European province that has eradicated every trace of Christianity, and at that, eradicated with the help of countries which claim to be Christian.

An ethnic Albanian Muslim in Skopje demonstrating against cartoons viewed as freedom of speech issue in the West. Albanian ethnic kin in Kosovo were discouraged from protests because Muslims across the world await on Western powers to recognize the Kosovo province as an independent Muslim state.

Independence of Kosovo will then be a metaphor of West's own wish to cease to exist. It will be a metaphor of West's weakness to stand up for its own civilization because no European legal mores are practiced in today's Kosovo. There, in Kosovo, European virtues of tolerance are nonexistent despite that they are prominently written in the official laws of that Muslim-dominated province of Serbia.
In spite of our Western obsession with laws, the mores of intimidation and fear rule Kosovo's Islamic roost, and no one there cares what the European law says. Kosovo Muslims are ever ready to write any European type law for the books, but we never see any of them practiced because there is no majority of ordinary Muslim Albanians that promote diversity, nor does the Muslim media in Kosovo promote religious tolerance, not in their sentence structures nor in their paragraphs, and one is wanton to find any Kosovo Albanian rights groups promoting religious diversity and freedom of religious expression let alone campaign and condemn destruction of churches, raping of nuns, burning of crosses... not one Islamic legislator of Kosovo has ever seriously attempted to stop an unruly Islamic mob from wiping excrement over holy images of Christ in churches that, even an atheist Europe, should be proud of because it is the expression of its nascent, early civilization.

An independent Kosovo can be considered a base for jihad aggression against Europe simply by the fact that it will keep European and American forces tied in the Balkans providing favors to Muslims in the Europe's own back-yard. As such, a Muslim Kosovo is already serving as the base for Jihad because it has perfected it under the noses of the Europeans, and if it was possible under the European noses why not try to replicate that in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome...

Secretary Rumsfeld is, therefore, correct when he wants to pull the American troops out of Kosovo pending political solution, but a political solution that will grant independence to Kosovo may, as the case of Bosnia shows, never get the American troops out of there.

A way to enhance the position of the West in the Islamic world is not to grant independence to Kosovo.

After demonstrating its tough-minded policy in Iraq where the Islamic world is the first hand witness of the American might, vitality and determination to win, the logical step for Washington is to project its power by supporting ideals dear to the Western civilization - religious freedom, protection of minorities and rule of law. Granting independence to Kosovo will not further these American ideals because that province has clearly demonstrated, in the last five years, that it is more interested in pogroms, ethnic cleansing and monoculturalism versus the values that West deems important.

Instead of having the Serbian state be the ever vigilant one against the Islamic insurgency into Europe, it may perpetually be America that has to police the Balkans in order to provide safety to their loved ones in New York, Miami and elsewhere across America. This is a poor and inefficient use of allies that have mutual interests. Serbia and America were allies in WWII and it is the modern Serbian intelligence that eventually did catch the Islamic mastermind of the Madrid bombings.

To grant independence to Kosovo is to reject the advantages of a democratic country, Serbia, that can be an efficient ally in the war on terror. Such rejection is an illogical and morally brutal punishment for being a Western-minded democracy and, geographically, the frontal terrorism shield that safeguards the broader Europe.

Recognition of independence of Kosovo also smacks history of democracy in the Balkans on its head because Serbia is the first Balkan country that did institute democracy after overthrowing the Muslim rule. Prior to WWI, Serbian democracy was feared by European despots as the most liberal one in Europe and it is the Serbs that brought this democracy to Kosovo after they liberated it from Muslim tyranny in the early 1900s.

Having Kosovo go back to Islam, having it independent, is to have one's child sold to the brutal past.

To integrate Kosovo within a democratic Serbia is to further the American century there. President Bush should help this happen.
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Miroljub Jevtic is a professor at the Belgrade University and
an author of 9 books dealing with the influence of Islam on the world

Miroljub Jevtic Archive

Palestinian Arab Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens?

Palestinian Arab Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens?

Imagine, Israeli non Arabs (i.e., Jews) have to put up with:

1) Back stabbing -- example #1:
Constant finding out on more and more Israeli Arabs aiding genocide bombers (whether with info or more than that), stabbing the very Israel, they're citizens of, thus indirectly murdering their fellow Israelis, the Israeli Jews... 2)

Back stabbing -- example #2:
The Israeli Arab parliament members constantly whine about being "second class" citizens, after getting free education and achieving whatever they achieve, inside equal-rights & equal-access democractic Israel. As payback, these back stabbers are tarnishing Israel's image all over, especially on Arab global media.

3) Uneven rights -- Arab's advantage over Jews: Israeli Arabs (unlike Israeli Jews) are exempt from serving in Israeli army (which is naturally for the protection of all Israelis), still they enjoy the same rights as Israeli Jews: voting, education, free speech, etc.

4) Now the favorite part: Israeli Courts (& often security) favor Israeli Arabs over JewsWho's second class now?

Favoring Arabs over Jews Inside Israel

Fact Sheet #24:Israel's Security Fence Every effort is being made to exclude Palestinian villages from the area within the fence and no territories are being annexed... Israel's Supreme Court took up the grievances of Palestinians and required the government to move the fence in the area near Jerusalem to make things easier for the Palestinians. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/talking/24_fence.html

Fence Rulings: Democracy in Action Israel's Supreme Court sided with the Palestinians in a precedent-setting decision Wednesday, ordering the government to reroute part of its West Bank ... http://www.honestreporting.com/articles/critiques/Fence_Rulings_Democracy_in_Action.aspDivesting from Morality [Jews can't live in Arab states or in the Palestinian Authority but] ... Israeli Arabs sit in the Knesset, serve on the Israeli Supreme Court and ... http://www.law.harvard.edu/faculty/dershowitz/Articles/morality.htmlNightmare or Dream (Eugene Narrett, PhD) May, 2000 When Jews try to collect other debts from Arabs, the same ingratitude emerges, not just from the Arabs, but enforced by Israeli courts where "the chances ...

Arabs, Muslims first class citizens in democratic Israel? (Temple Mount shut to non-Muslims on election eve) http://lightonthings.blogspot.com/2006/03/arabs-muslims-first-class-citizens-in.html

One Jerusalem -- Blog -- Help Keep Jerusalem United! After spending over an hour discussing Israel's challenges I came away with the ... Anyway, since Olmert prefers to beat and threaten Jews in Hebron, ...

The Jewish struggle Against Arabs in Israel Wherever there's a problem with Arabs, a new "disengagement" plan?http://web.israelinsider.com/Views/4511.htm

Supreme Court Rulings - Jews Protest in Jerusalem to protest against the recent anti-Jewish rulings of the Israeli Supreme Court. ...

An Israeli Supreme Court ruling did not deny that the land was Jewish-owned, but ordered the Jews to be moved out in order that ... sinners not go unpunished. ... http://www.ourjerusalem.com/action/story/protest-against-the-pogrom-in-amona.html

"The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat the 200000 Arab residents of Jerusalem preferred to remain under Israeli ... In fact, most of the Arabs in the city prefer to live under Israeli rule ...

Myths VS Facts

Myths VS Facts Human Rights in Israel and the Territories Today, within Israel, Jews are a majority, but the Arab minority are full citizens who enjoy equal rights. Arabs are represented in the Knesset, ...

Israeli Arabs: Expectations and Realities, Abdel Rahman Zuabi, Deputy President of the Nazareth District Court, became the first Arab to sit on Israel's Supreme Court. ...

"Apartheid"? The High Court and leading Israeli Arab Politicians http://www.beyondimages.info/b53.html

AJN - Israeli Arab involvement in terror grows Since the intifada began in September 2000 -- and Israeli Arabs rioted in sympathy ... scores of Israeli Arabs have been detained for alleged contacts with .

Twisted Words and Phrases (2) More examples of Arab propaganda, giving new meaning to old words.http://www.factsandlogic.org/ad_87.html

FLAME: The Arabs of Israel: Are they (really) a "persecuted minority? Like all other Israeli citizens, they have full rights to vote and to hold elective office. Both Arabs and Druze hold seats in the Knesset, the Israeli ...

Middle-East-Info.org - Arabs and Muslims in Israel Israeli Arabs and Muslims have the right to vote and to hold public office, ... They have full rights to citizenship. They are free to speak their minds. ...

Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict To the contrary, today one-fifth of Israel's citizens are non-Jews, including over one million Arabs, and Arabic is an official national language. ...

Arab Refugees and the Right of Return After the end of hostilities in 1949, there were 140000 Arabs in Israel. ... the Jews lived for generations as second-class citizens in a primitive, ... http://www.eretzyisroel.org/~samuel/refugees.html

The Jewish Refugees From Arab Countries - Israel's War Against ...Jews had never been more than "second-class citizens" under Arab rule, the report says, but their life became "simply untenable" after Israel appeared. ...

The Arabs of Israel (Part 1) Israel is first and foremost a society of Jewish immigrants. ... The Arabs of Israel became bi-cultural and bi-lingual citizens, educated in accordance with ... http://www.wzo.org.il/en/resources/view.asp?id=24

IHC [In Muslim countries] Ethnic minorities such as Azeris, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans and Baluchis, are treated as second-class citizens. Women in Iran are struggling for their rights, ... http://www.infoisrael.net/cgi-local/text.pl?source=3/e/050720029

Israeli Arabs: Expectations And Realities

Arab Treatment of Palestinians There is much information reguarding Israel's treatment of Palestinians. However there is not much out there discussing Arab treatment of Palestinian ... http://www.themiddleeastnow.com/arabtreatmentofpalestinians.html

The "Brutal" Israeli Occupation? Every Arab who fell under Israeli "occupation" was free to live his life ... The Israeli treatment of captured populations had a lot in common with the ... http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2002/4/29/31242.shtml


A Free People in Our Land: The Status of the Arab Sector in Israel For the first time, an Arab Justice was appointed to the Supreme Court and Arab deputy ministers have served in Israel's Government. Arab citizens serve in ... http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/Government/Facts+about+Israel-+The+State/A+Free+People+in+Our+Land-+The+Arab+Sector.htm

YI Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute Distorting Israeli Arab RealityThe co-existence of Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel has long been a model for ... Miller's first claim -- that Israeli Arabs lack 'access to military or ...http://www.youngisrael.org/israel.htmCritiques Distorting Israeli Arab Reality http://www.honestreporting.com/articles/45884734/critiques/Distorting_Israeli_Arab_Reality.aspThe missing piece http://powerlineblog.com/archives/013494.php

Review of The Forgotten Millions: The Modern Jewish Exodus from Arab Lands. The volume contains some first-class talent, mostly Israel academics, and they cover ... http://www.danielpipes.org/article/817

Dennis Prager -- First they came for Israel, then they came for America . ... everywhere in the Arab and Muslim worlds are usually second-class citizens at best and terribly ... http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0206/prager020706.php3

israelinsider: Views: A virtual tour of (so called) "Apartheid" Israel... a dhimmi (second class citizen) and an enemy of their state. ... In the Apartheid State of Israel there are almost one million Arabs. ...http://web.israelinsider.com/views/6787.htm

JIMENA Jews Indigenous to the Middle East & North Africa were considered dhimmi, a "protected" group of second-class citizens. ... On May 15, 1948, five Arab armies invaded Israel with the intention of ...http://www.jimena.org/faq.htm

UJC -- Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Brief Guide for the ...And who knows better than the citizens of Israel, who include Holocaust survivors and refugees from communist lands and from Arab extremism, how dangerous ...http://www.ujc.org/content_display.html?ArticleID=68620

Like "apartheid South Africa". ... non-Muslims are treated as second-class citizens (the despised Dhimmi). ...

Misc. Jihad Watch: Slain Israeli Arab's father begs for sanity in PA My message first of all to the religious leaders, the Palestinian leadership, ... who reside as Israeli Arab citizens, repect the land they live in, ...

Arutz Sheva - (Israel National News) Throughout the Arab world, women are routinely treated as second-class citizens or worse. In Saudi Arabia, women are prohibited by law from driving cars...

Arab "Palestinian" Muslims' Persecution of Christians

Arab "Palestinian" Christians have been suffering and STILL suffer from Arab "Palestinian" Muslim majority.

Just like the Arab Christian Lebanese in "Damour" (Yasir Arafat´s Planned Christian Genocide http://www.chretiens-et-juifs.org/article.php?voir%5B%5D=594&voir%5B%5D=3532 , Hobeika - Damour http://www.free-lebanon.com/LFPNews/hobeika_damour/hobeika_damour.html), where "Palestinian" Muslims massacred Christians senselessly, which brought the reprisal by Arab Christians upon Arab "Palestinian" Muslims in Sabra & shatila.

The "Palestinian" Christians are forced to join the senseless criminal violence against Israeli victims, otherwise they are threatened.

Some Arab "Palestinians" that might be Christian won't admit the awful truth openly, that scared they are!

But some find courage to break the ranks like: http://shoebat.com/, a "Palestinian" Arab (former terrorist) who converted from Islam, terrorism, hatred & bloodshed to Christianity.Which is why he advocates now for Israel the real victim, exposes the lies and incitement he was exposed to while being Muslim.
Also see: http://arabsforisrael.com/


http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=31285 The truth about Christians in 'Palestine'

http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=30299 Christian persecution by Arafat

http://www.science.co.il/arab-israeli-conflict/articles/Imra-1997-10-30.asp Palestinian Authority's Treatment of Christians

http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51909 Palestinians burn West Bank YMCA Follows Muslim warnings for Christian group

http://www.honestreporting.com/articles/reports/Denial_of_Religious_Rights_by_the_Palestinian_Authority.asp Denial of Religious Rights by the Palestinian Authority Not just Jews, but Christians have also been victimized by Islamic intolerance for 'infidel' holy sites.

http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/010061.php Dhimmi Watch: Fitzgerald: IslamoChristians and Bethlehem

http://bethg2.envy.nu/ Islamization of Bethlehem - DRIVE THE INFIDELS OUT & TAKE THEIR LAND AND PROPERTY

http://www.ourjerusalem.com/press/story/press20051017.html The Pogrom on Christians

http://ww.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=19453 Anti Christian

http://www.acpr.org.il/cloakrm/clk117.html The Islamization of Bethlehem by Yassir Arafat

http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50109 YMCA warned to vacate Hamas town

http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=20583 Persecuting the Holy Land's Christians ...

http://www.christiannewstoday.com/CWN_855.html "Palestinians" burn Christian village (Published - 2005)

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/09/09/wmid09.xml&sSheet=/news/2005/09/09/ixworld.html 'Islamic mafia' accused of persecuting Holy Land Christians (09 2005)

http://www.jnewswire.com/article/1899 believed behind bombing of Gaza Christian bookstore (April 2007)

September, 2006

Muslim Palestinians attack Churches & News agency
Catholic Palestinians downplay Muslim attacks on Christian ... http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=21317 Catholic Online, CA - JERUSALEM (CNS) – Christian Palestinians tried to downplay the significance of Muslim attacks on seven Christian churches in the West Bank and Gaza in ...

Palestinians attack more West Bank churches Reuters AlertNet http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L1761770.htm

Masked Palestinians Attack News AgencyAll Headline News - http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7004911064 Jerusalem, Israel (AHN) - Masked Palestinians Tuesday stormed the central Gaza offices of the official Palestinian Authority news agency, WAFA, destroying all ...

http://wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53574 January 2007, Nazareth Muslims: 'Islam will dominate the world', March through town described in New Testament as Jesus’ childhood home 'meant to intimidate Christians'


"Palestinian" Muslims war on Christians

Hamas libels & threatens Chritians

Israel "Palestine" - 101


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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Exposing the Muslim lobby

Exposing the Muslim lobby


Paul Sperry's shoe-leather investigative journalism is showcased to its fullest in "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington," in which he sets out to prove that, for the past 30 years, the burgeoning Muslim community's representatives in the United States
have been working clandestinely to undermine America's constitutional government and the Judeo-Christian ethics on which it was built ... Their goal, quite simply, is to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran, the Muslim sacred book, and turn America into an Islamic state.
Given the gravity of the claim, the prospective reader may rightly ask: Is this book just another conspiracy theory, akin to those who bang on about "Illuminati Jews From the Center of the Earth" and their manipulation of world affairs? Or has Sperry met his evidentiary obligations?
You bet he has. In fact, the mass of evidence Sperry provides is staggering. His findings are based on interviews with some two dozen law enforcement and intelligence officials from the FBI, the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, as well as local law enforcement – including the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia, the heart of the Wahhabi corridor in America. Some of these sources are cited in the book, while others have requested anonymity for fear of reprisals from headquarters for speaking out on classified cases.
In addition to these sources, Sperry cites more than 50 sensitive internal government documents, some classified, and many posted on the book's companion website (sperryfiles.com). If the strength of ideas rests on their relationship to reality, then Sperry has struck a chord with the men in the trenches. Both the NYPD and the DOD have ordered copies of "Infiltration" for training field investigators charged with protecting U.S. military installations across the country. And after reading "Infiltration," one senior member of the federal National Counterterrorism Center in McLean, Va., who had investigated many of the key Saudi-connected cases along the Wahhabi corridor in the Washington suburbs, said: "Sperry has catalogued the last three years of our lives."
Sperry's most controversial claim is that the radical Islamist assault on the West is based not on some perverse interpretation of Islam, but is rooted in Islam itself. I happen to agree with him, while realizing that this point is subject to considerable debate. However, Sperry's unmasking of radical Islamist subversion in America does not hinge on whether the militants constitute Islam's fringe or its mainstream: Either way, the threat they pose is ominous enough.
The book begins by exposing the countless U.S. Muslim leaders who masquerade as moderates, forswear terrorism, but then do what the Quran commands: "instill terror in the hearts of unbelievers" (Surah 8:12). Embraced by American presidents, the likes of Sami Al-Arian, Abdurahman M. Alamoudi, and Muzammil H. Siddiqi – to name but a few – represent the creme de la creme of "moderate" Islam in America. Sperry traces the career trajectories of these (and other) faux moderates as they've gone from "the White House to the Big House": The first was tried for heading the U.S branch of Islamic Jihad; the second "pleaded guilty of plotting terrorist acts with Libya"; the third, president of the Fiqh Council of North America and the flower of the flock, has confined himself mercifully to merely cussing the United States.
Consider the "moderate" Council on American-Islamic Relations – the media-savvy mouthpiece for militant Islam in America. One CAIR leader, Omar M. Ahmad, is quoted as saying that "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran ... should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth." Says Ibrahim Hooper, another low-key chap from CAIR: "I want to see the U.S. become an Islamic nation." This "mainstream" Islamic group has seen three of its top leaders – Ghassan Elashi, Bassem K. Khafagi, and Randall Todd "Ismail" Royer – convicted on terrorism-related charges.
Even more dispiriting, we learn that there is nothing extraordinary about the characters whose unpleasant acquaintance we make. When addressing gullible Americans and their votes-vying leaders, too many of America's imams are "the picture of piety," observes Sperry. They talk a good game about Islam's devotion to peace and co-existence and they've offered (sham) sympathies for 9-11. However, while whispering sweet nothings in naïve American ears, in private and from their pulpits, revered religious pillars of the Muslim community have been caught advocating violence, advising their followers to work to impose the strict Islamic code of sharia in the U.S., and swearing allegiances to al-Qaida's capo di tutti capi.
Take imams Siraj Wahhaj and Muzammil H. Siddiqi as examples. In 1992, a year after Wahhaj gave the invocation to Congress, no less, he "suggested to a Muslim audience in New Jersey that Muslims had the numbers to take control of the United States in a political coup." For his part, Siddiqi was given the "solemn honor of representing the Muslim faith during the prayer service for [9-11] victims at the national Cathedral in Washington." This, apparently, did nothing to detract from his desire to consolidate a caliphate. In a 2003 fatwa, he reminded the faithful that "Allah's rules have to be established in all lands, and all our efforts lead to that direction." According to Sperry, such duplicity is in keeping with Taqiyya – the seldom-discussed Islamic practice of lying to non-Muslims in order to win political battles and protect Islam.
Thanks to multiculturalist efforts to appease the Islamist lobby, it has infiltrated deep into American society. A Muslim chaplain corps has been created in the U.S. military and a Saudi-based front for al-Qaida employed to minister to the approximately 20,000 Muslim soldiers. The same religious recruiters are active in penitentiaries, where there are 200,000 Muslim inmates. In fact, U.S. prisons are now the top recruiting ground for al-Qaida in the United States.
Then there are radical Islam's apologists in academia. Leading the pack is Professor John Esposito, director of the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, who "argues American heritage can be more accurately defined as 'Judeo-Christian-Islamic.'" Esposito's well-funded, academically credentialed "interfaith phoniness," as Sperry puts it, has gone a long way toward mainstreaming Islam. By sheer fluke, of course, Esposito also "lionizes Palestinian terrorists as leaders of a political movement and the late PLO chief Yasir [sic] Arafat as a statesman. And he urges Washington to distance itself from Israel." Sperry traced Esposito's backers through IRS tax records, and – wouldn't you have guessed it? – Esposito is in the pay of a wealthy Palestinian who hates Israel.
Readers who don't have a dog in the interfaith rivalry will suppress a yawn as our deeply religious author attempts to show that Muslims do not worship the same God as Christians and Jews do – they do not believe Jesus is the son of God. I realize Sperry doesn't write to please the unfaithful. Still, he might have placed a greater emphasis on philosophical rather than theological one-upmanship and juxtaposed the significant ethical and philosophical differences between the Judeo-Christian and the Islamic traditions. For example: universal concepts of justice vs. ruthless particularism; the sanctity and rights of all human beings vs. dominance for some and dhimmitude for others, etc.
Courtesy of an administration that has anesthetized Americans to the essential Islam (and thus continued its predecessor's multicultural mission), Muslims with ominous beliefs and agendas have managed to infiltrate every security agency, from the FBI to the Pentagon. Sperry warns that the FBI, freighted by anti-discrimination laws and pathological political correctness, now harbors Muslim translators with ties to "various foreign military and intelligence agencies in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey." (Could this help explain why urgent intercepts are often left untranslated or are mistranslated?) Easily the most scandalous anecdote in the book is that of FBI agent Sibel Edmonds walking into the Washington field office after 9-11, to find the Middle Eastern linguists making merry – passing around date-stuffed cookies to celebrate the occasion on which America got its just deserts. Were they fired? Stripped of their top-secret security clearances? Au contraire! More of their ilk were hired. Meanwhile, Arabic-speaking Sephardic Jews have been rejected for the job. There were "loyalty concerns," or so the bureau said.
Subversive Muslims and Arabs have also received top-secret clearances at the Homeland Security Department and even the White House, where, according to Sperry, they've "successfully run influence operations against our political system with the help of both Democrats and Republicans, not least in order to badger corporate boards into Islamizing the work place."
So to the big question: What role does Islam itself play in this subversive effort? Sperry has read the CAIR-approved translation of the Quran, as well as the hadiths ("sacred supplements to the Quran"), and concludes – as have scholars such as Robert Spencer (author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" (and the Crusades)) and Serge Trifkovic (of "The Sword of the Prophet" fame) – that "sadly, much of Western terrorism is simply Islam in practice, the text of the Quran in action." Judging by the Quran, Islam is "an inherently violent and intolerant faith," around which a politically correct mythology has been molded.
Osama has heeded, not hijacked, Islam.
In the event that doubts linger, "Infiltration's," "Top 10 Myths Of Islam" blows an even bigger hole in the heart of the Religion-of-Peace fable. Terrorism is an excrescence of Islam, Sperry argues, because while the murder of "innocents" might be prohibited, "orthodox Muslims do not consider Jews and Christians [much less Israeli civilians] necessarily innocent." In other words, "What the public recognizes as murder, these Muslims recognize as justice." The Quran, after all, doesn't teach tolerance toward other faiths, but inveighs against the Jewish "apes and swine" and the Christian blasphemers. Sperry backs his debunking by quoting copiously from the Quran. Here a word about Quranic literalism might have been instructive. Unlike the Jewish and Christian holy texts, which have been reinterpreted by the sages over the centuries, Islam has changed little in 1,400 years – its decrees are not debatable and are taken very literally.
Well, then, what of moderate Muslim leaders and interpreters? Hasn't Sperry given short shrift to the many who promote a more benign version of Islam? The Muslim community, he observes, is divided into Shiites, Sunnis, and more moderate Sufis. The reformers and the moderates come from the ranks of the Shiite and Sufi, but are
not considered part of the established Muslim leadership in America, and have only minor voices in the national debate. Why? Mainly because the vast majority of mosques in America practice Sunnism, Islam's main sect, and as many as eight out of 10 are under Saudi Wahhabi control.
The extent to which the community's Wahhabi-dominated organizations coordinate their schemes is revealed in a chapter titled "The Muslim Mafia." Practically all Muslim groups in America are united under the umbrella of the American Muslim Political Coordinated Council, whose goal, in Sperry's words, is "rolling back U.S. support for Israel and weakening U.S. anti-terrorism laws." A CIA internal report that Sperry references reveals that "at least one-third of the fifty Islamic nongovernmental organizations in existence 'support terrorist groups or employ individuals who are suspected of having terrorist connections.'"
Further FBI investigations have unveiled organizations with "interlocking boards of directors," and an elaborate maze of shell companies and fronts – religious charities and think tanks included – set up to launder terrorist-bound funds. The Holy Land Foundation, a facade for Hamas (recently catapulted into government power by the Palestinians) has since become a synonym for terrorism. Many of these groups' leaders are under indictment, having pled guilty to ties to terrorists. Again, Sperry emphasizes that these leaders and their syndicates are not fringe elements, skulking on the outskirts of the American Islamic community, but are among "the best the Muslim community has to offer."
So what is to be done? The book's Afterword offers pragmatic recommendations that Sperry – a bare-knuckled but beguiling writer – prefaces with a call for us to better understand the nature of the threat:
America is a beautiful, fun, and vibrant place. Its people are friendly and hospitable. Why didn't any of the hijackers have second thoughts? Why didn't they say, 'You know, this place isn't so bad after all. Osama can go pound sand up his nightgown; we're gonna chill here for a while'?
The short answer is a toxic yet intoxicating trinity: Allah, the Quran, and the Pearly Gates that beckon. Yet Washington refuses to grapple with the enemy's inspirations and motives. Our ostensible protectors have not even read, let along understood, the founding document that fuels jihad. Coming to terms with the true Islam and with what drives its foot soldiers is imperative, insists Sperry.
Other more concrete recommendations include investing in mastering Arabic and cracking down on terrorism-supporting charities. The least promising of Sperry's recommendations is the enforcement of the oath of allegiance. Given what our author has told us about deception vis-a-vis Taqiyya, it's naive to hope that prohibiting dual citizenship and enforcing an oath will dissolve the pledge of allegiance to Islam and the greater Ummah.
Then there's the issue of "profiling." Next time you shake in your socks on an American airplane as Middle Eastern men on a suspected dry run strut up and down the isles unhindered, duck into toilets with cell phones and cameras, flout flight rules, and intimidate terrified travelers with menacing gestures, thank the Muslim lobby groups for the experience. (This incident actually occurred last year on a Northwest Airlines flight.) However, you owe deeper gratitude to our elected representatives for legally prohibiting commonsense profiling and other "minimally observant" screening safeguards.
After all, Muslim identity groups are not paid to protect Americans – the government is. Yet it appears stone deaf to our fate, while all ears to the bellyaching of resentful Muslim advocacy groups. Sperry, our epistolary Jack Bauer, exposes many former and present government officials, such as the FBI's Robert Mueller, the CIA's George Tenet, and Transportation's Norman Mineta – all of whom opted for multicultural outreach and sensitivity training to the detriment of counterterrorism and counterintelligence. Considering the severity of their transgressions – and the stakes – the words "gullible" and "politically correct" do not begin to describe their dereliction.
In the final analysis, Sperry's book constitutes a withering indictment of an administration that has not only failed in its constitutional duty to uproot America's enemies on the home front, but has done its best to accommodate and appease them.
Editor's note: A version of this article originally appeared in the Winter 2006 issue of The New Individualist.

Europe's Wahhabi Lobby http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/006/174gxfos.asp

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Monday, May 15, 2006

The drama rolls on, Chavez's uses big words in his anti Americanism on the EU floor

Terrorism Without "Occupation": Some Lessons From The Early Arab Pogroms

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Did you know that according to British Arabist "Independent" you become a different race if you change your passport?

Outrageous "independent", a LIE plus RACISM!

'Racist' marriage law upheld by Israel Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem
Israel's High Court has narrowly upheld a law denying Palestinians from the West
Bank and Gaza married to Israeli citizens the right to live in the country with
their spouses.

How dare the Independent lies again?
Is there any restricting law between marrying a Jew and an Arab in Israel?
Of course not!
Is "palestinian" Arab, as opposed to Israeli Arab with no restriction, really a "racist" issue or a security liability???
First time that I hear that anti Terror measures are "racists"?

While Arabs inside Israel or Arabs under "palestinian" Hamas Terror authoirity are the same Arab race, Arabs inside Israel not only enjoy equal rights with Israel but even preferred in Israeli courts over Israeli Jews, Does the "independent" bother to mention that?

Then again, no Jew is ever allowed, even as to live in real racist "palestinian" Arabia.

Any chance the "independent" would talk about it?

This LYING title is not only a lie on Israel's total democracy & 100% EQUALITY even with regards to it's Arab citizens but on top of everything it is a blatant part of it´s racism campaign against Israel, not to mention it's ignoring the 100% racism on the Arab side without any security concerns as a reason.

Is the "independent" inventing a new "race" called Arabs with a "palestinian" passport seperately from Arabs with an Israeli passport?

That's actually real racism from the "independent"!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

LOL, Just who said Israel wants to to talk to Hitleristic Iran?

He also said his country was "ready to have a dialogue with all the countries in the world except for the Israel regime". Iran's president, emboldened by the support of Muslim nations...

Then again, we know Islamists´ attempts to divide the west, we won´t fall for it.

Radical Islam´s killing field, this time in Somaila

http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/story.html?id=f26415b9-6220-477f-964c-da42bf1e7ff4&k=23933 At least 130 killed in Somali capital since Sunday

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hamas libels and threatens Christians!

Another one way "multiculturalism" initiative, Norooz

Dear Shabnam Rezaei shabnam@noroozproductions.com

In reference to your work to "promote multiculturalism and understanding of different cultures", your words.Your cartoons project to enable Americans to "understand better Iranians and Arabs".

1. Why is it always a one way "initiative", that we in the west promote their culture but not one Arab Muslim regime promots us over there?

2. If these cartoons operations would be on the other side, in Iran, Saudi Arabia and in the wider Arab Muslim world to promote a Christian and a Jewish boy or girl, the world would be a better place, after all, the problem is OVER THERE.

3. If there would be that diversity of opinions available in the Arab Muslim world as in: US, Israel, UK, Australia, Do you really think that Islamic Jihadists and radical Arab facsists would have so many open ears and so many followers to their global genocide on non Muslims or on those not Muslim enough?

What the wold needs is such talented people like you, investing their energy rather where it is more in need, where tolerance is as far fetched as peace.

http://www.sadaf.com/babak/Production.html http://www.persianmirror.com/community/2005/community/NoroozProductionsWins.cfm

Is CNN finally listening? Glenn is on "Headlines Prime"


http://www.glennbeck.com/newsroom/01-17-06.shtml Radio Personality Glenn Beck Joins Headline News

Whatever the true motyives of CNN, they should be congratulated for that step, to invite Glenn, an oasis in that politically Correct News Network.

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Anti-PC League

Israel should have [a long time ago] press the UN for:
1) Condemming Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' parents, teachers, leaders, Mullahs, for using Arab kids as human shields and as human bombs, clarifying the real culprits in Arabs' deaths.
2) Violations by ILLEGAL PA Arabs "settlers" on Israel's "agreed" borders by the UN.
3) "Palestinian" Violation of virtually ALL agreemants pacts with Israel (Oslo, Camp David, etc.).
4) The PA official media & education = hate (crimes) campaign on "the joos", (not just on Israel...).
5) Exposing the constant intimdation on nations by the GOLIATH ARAB MUSLIM (oil) block, to tarnish innocent Israel in the UN.



1) Are you denying that the Arab racist attacks on Jews in Israel/"palestine" has started since 1838 (Safed) [so were the attacks in 1883, 1920, 1921, 1929 - Hebron, etc.]?

2) Had Israel be a (mostly) Arab-Muslim State, would the intolerant Arab-Muslim Goliath world not accept them?

3) Why is there a complete silence on the historical fact of Arab immigration late 1800s early 1900s into Israel/"palestine"?

4) What anti-Israel bigotry is stronger, the "Arab racism"; factor? or the 'Islamic-Jihad' factor?

5) 'Moral equivalence' Do you have Arab activists on behalf of Israeli victims, just like you have Jewish, Israeli, Zionists activists for the (so called) 'Palestinian cause' (whatever that is...)?

6) If humane Israel would really go after "unarmed poor palestinians" as the 'Pallwood' propagandists tell us, How many Arabs would have survived Israel's might?

7) Who's more at fault, the Arab Muslim "Palestinians" parents pushing for Shahid-isim, or the indoctrinating Mullahs, Imams in the holy Mosques for using "Palestinian" kids and women as human bombs and as human shields (so they can blame the Zionists when Arab kids die)?

8) What would have happened if Arab Muslim "Palestinians" would have invested as much energy in rebuilding their lives as they do in destroying both nations' lives in fascistic Jihad, total hatred and campaign for GENOCIDE [to "drink the blood of the Jews" or to "push them all to the sea", or to "wipe them off of map"]?

9) Why does "bad" IDF Israeli army announce an area residents' civilians to evacuate before an operation against terrorists?

10) Why did Humane Israel's IDF invented specially low range missiles designed to hit ONLY the [terror] target and minimize collateral damage?

11) When was the last time the "Palestinian" well oil-ed propaganda machine has retracted [or even apologized] for it's usual PALLYWOOD fake images industry?

12) What's the difference between a Christian in Indonesia, Buddhist in Thailand, Christian in Nigeria, in Philippines, Australians in Bali (2002), non Muslims in London (0707/2005), in Madrid (bombing), "not the-right-kind-of-Muslims" in Shiite-Sunni hateful massacres in Iraq, oppression & massacres in the "Islamic Republic of Iran", and Israeli victims of the same "evil ideology"?

13) What's a harder oppression, your "average" Arab Muslim regime's on it's own people, Hamas-tan Islamic Apartheid [which most "Palestinians" supported!] on non Muslims, or the pro-Jihad parents' on their kids?

14) What would have happened if at least ONE Arab Muslim nation [regular or oil-ed one] would really care about the Arab [brothers, that since the 1960's started to call themselves as] "Palestinians" and let them get off the terror slum into normality and even prosperity?

15) What part of 'BLIND FASCISM' do Arab-Muslims deny, the usual obsessed anti Israel demonization [no matter what Israel does] or the reluctance to see Israel's super kind gestures for those that are trying to kill them [releases from prison, giving away own land vital to it's security, humanitarian aid, etc.] not as goodness but as "weakness"?

16) Why is it that when Islamists terrorists [Hamas or Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad, etc.] succeed in making sure Arab kids die [with their known tactics of cowardly firing among or behind children, etc.] the Arabs, Muslims rejoice and the Israelis, Jews are saddened ?

16) How can land be an issue [or the blatant lies the Arab lobby's financed: Jimmy Carter has said, though he admitted that Israel is a great equal democracy for all, Arabs and Jews alike!'] if "moderate" Palestinian official government still has venomous hatred and pro 'death cult' in it's regular curriculum and on it's official TV, or that such "moderate" Arab media outlets [like Al Jazeera] still glorify mass murder as "martyrdom"?

17) Who's more powerful, the Arab Muslim Goliath Oil mafia "lobby" on the world or a Chinese, Italian, Israeli, Irish, pharmaceutical, cigarettes lobbyists in Washington?

18) Had the International Arab Muslim lobby of nations in the UN [or the EU] not threatened other nations to bash Israel 24/7 [motivated by intolerance only!], What would be then the outcome?


Let's make it clear, even if there will be a "Palestine" state, it will never change the factual history, that a group of foreign Arab immigrants came into the (historic) land of the Jews (and started to call themselves as "Palestinians" in the 1960's) and hijacked the world comunity via terrorism and Arab oil power to give them yet a second 'Palestine' state (after Jordan).



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