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Virginia Tech Shooter - ISMAIL AX

Virginia Tech Shooter - ISMAIL AX

David J. Jonsson

April 17, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui, the 23-year-old senior gunman suspected of carrying out the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead.There are many theories being proposed as to the meaning of the words -- ISMAIL AX found written in red ink on the inside of one of Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior’s arms, the gunman suspected of carrying out the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead. See: VA. TECH KILLER REVEALED.

I would propose for consideration thatthe ISMAIL AX may have reference to Ismaili - a member of a branch ofShiism that follows a living imam and is noted for esoteric philosophy. It maytake a while before the motives are known and if there is any relation betweenCho and the Islmaili sect of Shiism.
However, the Leftist Islamist Allianceremains in tact.
On April 15, 2007, Chuck Neubauer and Robin Fields writing in the Los Angeles Times article Campaign donor's cash arrived with real baggage:
On a sun-dappled October afternoon, Ray Jinnah stood besidehis Bel Air swimming pool to address 60 guests gathered for his latestfundraiser, a 2004 affair for New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.”
“Jinnah belonged to Los Angeles’ small Ismaili community, Shiite Muslims whose spiritualleader is the Aga Khan. Other Ismailis said he used political connections toraise his status, inviting them to his events.”

“Then-LosAngeles Mayor James Hahn was there, along with then-City Council President Alex Padilla. Both had received backing from Jinnah, a Pakistani businessman positioninghimself as a player in Democratic fundraising and organizer of support forPakistan on Capitol Hill.”
“As capturedon a DVD he distributed to guests, Jinnah introduced Clinton, whose politicalaction committee would take in $45,000 through his efforts.”
“By 2004, Jinnah had cemented hisparty ties. He and his family, who had moved to Bel-Air, personally contributed$122,000 to Democratic candidates and causes that year alone.”
"I'm just recalling how closeI've been with the Clinton family and those nights, movies, dinners, lunches inthe White House," he said in unsteady English.
“Atabout the same time, the Justice Department began investigating allegationsthat Jinnah’s fundraising on behalf of Clinton and others was illegal. He wouldlater be charged with violating federal law by reimbursing employees andassociates for contributions made in their names to Clinton’s HillPac and theFriends of Barbara Boxer campaign. Today, having fled the country, Jinnah is on the FBI’s “featured fugitives” list.”

Bernard Lewis in his book The Assassins: A Radical Sect in Islam tacklesand persuasively debunks most of the popular legends about the Assassins, suchas the claim that their Grand Master secured the fanatical loyalty of his youngfollowers by drugging them with narcotics and then conveying them for shortperiods to an artificial "paradise" of his own creation that wasstaffed by sensuous and accommodating young women. Lewis instead finds that amore straightforward (and plausible) explanation for the willingness of theAssassins' fida' is to offer themselves up for suicidal missions: religiouspassion and commitment to the Nizari community.
Lewis's elegant account will thus introduce you toan intriguing period of medieval Islamic history, one populated by a collectionof memorable figures - the brilliant and ascetic Assassin leader Hassani-Sabah, the real founder of the Order; the "Old Man of theMountain," Sinan, who commanded the Order's Syrian branch during the mostcritical years of the Crusades; Saladin, who was at different times both atarget and an ally of the Assassins; Hulegu, the grandson of Genghis Khan, whofinally succeeded where the Seljuks had failed, rooting out the Order from itsmountaintop fortresses and then ordering mass exterminations of itscommunicants; and last but not least, Marco Polo, to whose vivid tales can beascribed much of the lingering fascination that continues to surround theAssassins.

Ismailis are a Muslim Shiite sect that holds Ismail, the son ofJafar as-Sadiq, as its imam. On the death of the sixth imam of the Shiites,Jafar as-Sadiq (d. 765), the majority of Shiites accepted Musa al-Kazim, theyounger son of Jafar, as seventh imam. Those who remained faithful to Ismail,the eldest son, soon evolved the belief that Ismail was endowed with aninfallible gift for interpreting the inner meaning of the revelation. The firstsuccess of the Ismaili movement was the establishment of the Qarmat state in East Arabia. Ismaili missionaries and its political organization also mobilized a networkof North African tribes to support the Fatimid claim to the caliphate in Egypt and several regions of the Mediterranean.
On March30, 2007, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said that it was a mistake to believethat Christianity was a universal faith alongside Islam according to the Reuters correspondent Salah Sarrar writing from AGADEZ, Niger. See: Gaddafi says only Islam a universal religion.

"There are seriousmistakes -- among them the one saying that Jesus came as a messenger for otherpeople other than the sons of Israel," he told a mass prayer meeting in Niger.
"Christianity is nota faith for people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Other people whoare not sons of Israel have nothing to do with that religion," he said atthe prayer meeting, held to mark the birth of the prophet Mohammed.
Gaddafi, who is seeking to expand his influence in Africa, said his arguments came from the Qur’an. He led similar prayers last year in Mali.
On March 31, 2007, Qaddafi called, in a speech in Niger to Tuareg tribal leaders, for the establishment ofa second Shi'ite Fatimid state in North Africa, after the model of the10th-13th century empire that ruled North Africa, Egypt, and parts of the Fertile Crescent. In his speech, Qaddafi denounced the division of Muslims into Sunni and Shi'ite as a colonialist plot, and rebuked the Arab League members for "hating Iran" according to the article In Overture to Iran, Qaddafi Declares North Africa Shi'iteand Calls for Establishment of New Fatimid State by MEMRISpecial Dispatch Series – No 1535 of April 6, 2007.

"The Fatimid state arose in the beginning ofthe 10th century, and it formed an umbrella over North Africa, and under itsbanner all of the tribal, denominational, political, and ethnic differencesfused, and they all became one single Fatimid identity, which lasted 260 yearsand extended as far as the Arab East.
Islam has a long history of using terror as apolitical instrument. The most famous of these was the ‘Fort of the Assassins’of the founder of the Ismaili order.
Terrorism, bywhich we mean the threat and use of violence against innocents, has a longtradition in Islam going back to Prophet Muhammad himself according to N.S.Rajaram in the article: Grandmasters Of Terror.

The most famous of the Islamic terroristorganizations was the Nizari Ismailiyun, a Shiite politico-religious sect,founded in 1094 by Hasan-e Sabah. He and his followers captured the hillfortress of Almaut in northern Iran, which became their base of operations.Hasan styled himself Grand Master and went on to set up a network of terroriststrongholds in Iran and Iraq. He had trained assassins, most of whom accordingto Marco Polo were drug addicts. According to Marco Polo, young boys capturedby the Grand Master were turned into addicts by giving them progressively largedoses of the drug hashish. This way they were totally dependent on him andwould do anything in return for hashish. They came to be known as hashishin,from which get the word ‘assassin.’ So the use of narcotics in terrorism isnothing new.

Some historians doubt Polo’s account, but itis difficult to believe that he made up the whole thing. What is not in doubt,however, is the fact that Hasan-e Sabah and his successor Grand Masterscommanded an army of assassins who spread terror among the people in Iran and Iraq. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, The Grand Master had “a corps ofdevoted terrorists, and an unknown number of agents in enemy camps and cities,who claimed many victims among the generals and statesmen of the Abbasidcaliphate as well as several caliphs.”
The Nizari Ismaliyun or the Order of the Assassins expanded into Syria after its founder’s death. In the 12th century, Rashid ad-Din as-Sinan,famous as the ‘Old Man of the Mountain,’ set himself up as an independent GrandMaster of the Assassin Order in the impregnable castle of Masyaf in Syria. Forover a century and a half, from 1094 to 1256, these Grandmasters and theirassassins spread terror throughout the Middle East. Their end came at the handsof the Mongol warriors of Haleku Khan—the grandson of Chengis Khan. He capturedand destroyed assassin strongholds in Iran one by one, and finally Almautitself in 1256. Two years later, in February 1258, Haleku’s soldiers sacked Baghdad itself and ended the Caliphate by executing the Abbasid Caliph al-Mustasim and hissons. So, the main result of the activities of the Assassins was the end of theCaliphate.

Inmore recent times, terror was used to gain political ends by Mohammed Ali Jinnah. In 1946, his call for ‘Direct Action’ in support of his demand for Pakistan led to street riots all across North India. The Congress party, which had won the electionby promising that it would not allow India to be divided, capitulated andagreed to the Partition of India.

Inall this, there is an almost religious belief that terrorism pays. In thePakistani official manual The Quranic Concept of War by Brigadier Malik,it is explicitly stated: "Terror struck into the hearts of the enemy isnot only a means; it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into theopponent's heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved... Terroris not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy; it is the decision we wishto impose upon him.”
Theauthority for this is the Qur’an (Anfal 59-60): “Against them make ready yourstrength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terrorinto the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may notknow, but whom Allah doth know.”
The Ismaili Students’Association operates on many campuses.

David J. Jonsson is the author of Clash of Ideologies —The Making of
the Christian and Islamic Worlds,
Xulon Press 2005. His new book: Islamic Economics and the Final
Jihad: The Muslim Brotherhood to the Leftist/Marxist - Islamist Alliance

(Salem Communications (May 30, 2006). He received his undergraduate and graduate
degrees in physics. He worked for major corporations in the United States and
Japan and with multilateral agencies that brought him to more that fifteen
countries with significant or majority populations who are Muslim. These
exposures provided insight into the basic tenants of Islam as a political,
economic and religious system. He became proficient in Islamic law (Shariah)
through contract negotiation and personal encounter. David can be reached at:

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'Palestinians' using own "civilians" as shields, the BBC bias & Throwing stones-ROCKS at civilians

'Palestinians' using own "civilians" as shields, the BBC bias & Throwing stones - ROCKS at civilians

The BBC who is still in the mess of the documentation in it's Arabist twisted biased & often bigoted views against Israel, has an article about "human shields".

What? you thought they were talking about "Palestinian" Arabs ALWAYS using their OWN civilians? ?

Nope they are obsessed with those [unusual] stories as IF IDF uses (rarely) 'Palestinian' civilians to shield themselves... which doesn't make too much sense, since the Arabs are the first that would want to harm other Arab civilians when they can pin it on the "Zionists", in order to fulfill their Islamofascistic duty of tarnishing non-Muslim Israel...

The BBC's link is at

There, in order to dramatize even more their anti-Israel bigotry, they typically showa totally unrelated but propaganda type picture of kids "throwing stones at IDF", but of course do NOT show throwing stones at civilians, often injuring innocent unarmed Israelis passersby, which Arabs do all the time.

Here's more about "Throwing Stones:. Throwing Stones

An example, The child - Yehuda Shoham R.I.P.


The Rock

The 'Palestinian' Heinous Crimes of using own civilians as human shields

Dear friends, They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. We believe that the following photographs demonstrates vividly the moral issues facing Israeli troops when confronting armed Palestinian gunmen taking refuge among children and civilians. When taking into consideration this terrorist tactic -- operating from within civilian population -- one can only appreciate the relatively low Palestinian civilian casualty rate caused by IDF soldiers. Look at the photographs. Read the original captions. Examine the environment. See the civilians.

More Shields

Even their own Media Documents the use of Kids as Shields

Just as they use their own kids as human bombs...

Palestinians Use Children as Cannon Fodder

Tulkarm, West Bank - In a rare letter of protest sent in early December to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, a Palestinian women's group demanded that the Palestinian Authority stop using children as cannon fodder.

"Our children are being sent into the streets to face heavily armed Israeli soldiers," said the letter from the Tulkarm Women's Union - a local branch of the Palestinian Women's Union, a trade-union group that promotes the status of women in the Palestinian Authority.

"The Palestinian Authority must put an end to this phenomenon. We urge you to issue instructions to your police force to stop sending innocent children to their death."

The letter adds weight to complaints from parents who are beginning to speak out despite what they say has been months of intimidation by armed gunmen loyal to Arafat.

'We don't want to send our sons to the front line, but they are being taken by the Palestinian Authority," says Aisheh, 43, a mother of six in the West Bank city of Tulkarm. She says she decided to speak out after her 17-year-old son was hit in the head by a rubber bullet. He suffered a concussion.

Like other protesting parents, Aisheh declines to allow her full name to be published for fear of reprisals. A nurse from Gaza who spoke out on Palestinian TV against sending children to the flash points was condemned in the Palestinian media as a traitor. Other individuals who refuse to allow their names to be published say they have been threatened by armed Fatah officials for discouraging their children from participating in the clashes.

Israel has faced international criticism for the deaths of at least 38 youths under the age of 17 in the first two months of conflict in which nearly 300 people have died. Nearly 1,000 children have been injured. The Palestinians consider anyone under the age of 17 a child. But children just entering their teens-and some even younger-have been injured in the region's worst violence in nearly a decade.

Bassam Abu Sharif, a special adviser to Arafat, has accused Israeli troops of "cold-blooded killing." He denies Israeli accusations that the Palestinian Authority has placed children at the front of demonstrations to act as human shields for armed gunmen.

"We don't send children-nobody can send children-and we don't hide behind children," Abu Sharif says.

But Aisheh says the militia of Arafat's Fatah movement and the Palestinian security forces provide transportation and encouragement to children eager to answer the call to combat Israel's continued presence on Arab land. "When school finishes, Palestinian Authority security cars go around collecting children from the streets and sending them to the killing fields," she says. "This is very serious because they are children and they are unarmed."

Israeli army chiefs point out that not all the children killed in the recent clashes have been innocent bystanders. They say their snipers have orders to shoot anyone shooting or throwing Molotov cocktails at them, but some of the attackers have been as young as 12.

Palestinian Authority TV broadcasts constant images of children carrying weapons and staging mock attacks on Israelis. Over the summer, children as young as 12 were trained in the use of Kalshnikov rifles and other weapons at special camps by Fatah officials.

"As the number of those killed rises, the Palestinian media extol and exalt not only those killed, but also their willingness to die as martyrs for Allah, emphasizing that dying a martyr's death was the realization of their hopes," says Itamar Marcus, director of the Palestinian Media Watch monitoring group.

Palestinian Authority TV and newspapers also have come under fire, accused of encouraging children to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at armed Israeli troops.

Aisheh's husband, Abdelghani, says intimidation has kept parents from speaking out. "No one here dares to say publicly that he is against sending his own children to the front line," he says. "Some parents who have tried to protest have been condemned as fifth columnists (traitors) and threatened." More:

When Attacking Israelis - Palestinians Use Children as "Human Shields"





November 8, 2000

United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Mary Robinson is to begin a week-long visit to the area today, with Foreign Ministry officials saying they will present a strong case to her about the Palestinian's "cynical" use of children as human shields in the recent riots.

Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker said the use of children in the violence constitutes no less than a "war crime," and cites various international conventions to back up his position. Various international treaties, Baker says, set the age of 15 as minimum age for a child to participate in hostilities, whether directly - through combat - or through other means.

According to Baker, the Palestinians are well aware of the IDF's firing procedures: tear gas and water hoses against rock throwers, rubber bullets against firebomb throwers, and live fire against gunmen.

Prime Minister Ehud Barak explained that the Palestinians are placing the stonethrowers in the front lines, followed by the fire-bomb hurlers and then the snipers. In some cases, he said, some of the Palestinian youths killed during the clashes have actually been shot from behind.

The use of children as combatants was spelled out last week in a letter Israeli Ambassador to the UN Yehuda Lancry wrote to the executive director of UNICEF, asking the children's rights advocate to pressure the Palestinians to keep their children out of areas of potential conflict.

"Chairman Yasser Arafat, who is ruthlessly encouraging the involvement of children in the violence, calls them 'the Generals of the rocks.' He would have the world believe that Israel, with its guns and helicopters, is waging a war against 10-year-olds with small stones," Lancry wrote. "In truth, however, the children... are used as human shields for the gunmen, bomb throwers, and lynch mobs whose faces have been totally obscured and invisible to the media."

The message seems to be getting through, at least at a declarative level.

Yesterday, PA Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo said, "There has been an overwhelming agreement among Palestinian factions to carry out a public-awareness campaign to prevent those children under 16 years old from taking part in these demonstrations." According to Abed Rabbo, the children are not knowingly being used as cannon fodder, but rather take part in the protests as a genuine expression of pain and grievance.

The problem, Baker says, is that children at that age are incapable of making the kind of logical decisions regarding whether to place themselves in life-threatening situations, and are in need of parental guidance and authority to protect them.

Regarding Robinson's visit, Mordechai Yedid, deputy director-general of the Foreign Ministry's UN and International Organizations division, said Israel will receive her as the head of the UN's Commission on Human Rights, but not as part of a human rights inquiry commission the body set up last month after adopting a one-sided resolution condemning Israel for "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel, said Yedid, has informed Robinson that it will not cooperate with the body, or in any way assist it in implementing the resolution.

During her two-day visit, Robinson will meet with Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami, Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, and Supreme Court President Aharon Barak. A meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Barak is still in the works.

She is scheduled to go to the Palestinian Authority on Friday, where she is slated to meet Arafat and will surely be flooded with numerous allegations of Israeli human rights violations.

Robinson is a former president of Ireland and is seen as a possible candidate in the race to succeed Kofi Annan when his term as UN secretary-general expires in two years.

Palestinian Youth Sacrificed As Political Camera Fodder

Hamas Using Women to protect their terror from their mosque

10 killed as terrorists use human shields

Arab Terrorist’s Wife Used Baby to Hide Grenade

Related links:

Palestinian Children Die as Human Shields for Adult Terrorist Leaders

Human Bombs, Human Shields - The United Nations & Israel

'Palestinian' Horrendous Tactics of Human Bombs

More on Human Shields - from

U.S. doctors: Palestinian intifada abusing children

Kids - the main force of the Palestinian Front

Palestinian Children Die As Human Shields For Adult Terrorist Leaders

YouTube - Palestinians Using Kids As Human Shield This video shows the use of children by This video shows the use of children by the Palestinian terrorists as a human shield from the IDF. ... (more) (less) ... - Human shield in Gaza



Palestinian Crimes of HUMAN SHIELDS, Beit Hanoun (Nov, 2006)

Amazing how effective it is, their tactics, after all, the mainstream media didn't blame Huzbullah when doing that in Qana, that only boosted the Palestinians to continue using their civilians as bombs and as shields. Anything to demonize the Zionists.

Beit Hanoun: A hub of terrorist activity noun-+a+hub+of+terrorist+activity+5-Nov-2006.htm?DisplayMode=print

Beit Hanoun: Women act as human shields,7340,L-3324081,00.html YNet, Israel - Nov 5, 2006... Men leaving city accompanied by women who act as their 'human shields.' Residents report ... On the way from Erez Crossing to Gaza City is the town of Beit Hanoun. ...

Hamas Uses Women as Human Shields Omega Letter Intelligence Digest (subscription)

Terrorists Hide Behind Civilians Arutz Sheva IDF Operation Autumn Clouds In Gaza To Continue ThreatsWatch.Org 400_RTRUKOC_0_US-MIDEAST.xml&WTmodLoc=NewsHome-C1-topNews-7

Israel Uncovers Female ‘Terror Network’ The Media Line, NY - 5 hours ago... More than 55 Palestinians were killed in the operation, including several civilians ... civilians were caught in the line of fire while being used as human shields. ARABS ONCE AGAIN USE WOMEN AND CHILDREN AS HUMAN ...Dafka - Nov 5, 2006 Palestinian terror organizations used woman and children as human shields this past weekend ... In response, the Palestinians organized a human shield of more than ...


GAZA STRIP: Palestinians use women as human shieldsPeoria Journal Star, IL - Nov 3, 2006... of women who streamed to the scene to serve as human shields, killing one and ... More than 20 Palestinians, most gunmen, have been killed since the offensive began ...

Women acting as human shields aid escape of Palestinian militants Los Angeles Times, CA - Nov 3, 2006... who were rushing toward the shrine to serve as human shields. Two of the women were killed on the third day of fighting in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. ...,0,2270037.story?coll=la-home-headl ines

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Monday, April 16, 2007

The mass Kidnapping, Intimidation of the death cult "palestine"

The mass Kidnapping, Intimidation of the death cult "palestine" Ironic Palestinian Kidnapping Watch The Politics of Intimidation: Kidnapping... (2007) Gaza area has seen 15 journalists abducted since 2004: CPJ research (April 2007) UN aide attacked in Gaza (March 16 2007) IDF warns against hitchhiking, citing terror kidnapping alerts ... (April 2007),7340,L-3347997,00.html Gaza infighting: 5 killed, 10 kidnapped (January 2007) Palestinians Kidnap Israeli-Arab in Gaza April 8, 2007 Palestinians kidnap BBC reporter Jerusalem Post (April 2007) Palestinian Gunmen Kidnap French Civilians in Gaza GAZA (Reuters) - Masked Palestinian gunmen kidnapped three French civilians in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis Friday (July 16 2004) Palestinians Kidnap two Fox News Reporters: Reuters Spins It ... (2006) Palestinians kidnap Italian journalist in Gaza (Sep, 2005) Palestinians kidnap UK Human Rights Workers [Archive] (Dec. 2005) Palestinians kidnap Steve Centanni(2006) Fox News Journalists Kidnapped in Gaza,2933,210645,00.html Captors Release Two FOX News Journalists Kidnapped ... Olaf Wiig and Steve Centanni were released Sunday, after nearly two weeks ... "We were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint," Centanni told FOX News Palestinian gunmen release US student after 24 hours - Independent (2006) GAZA, Palestinian gunmen kidnapped a Spanish photographer working for the Associated Press in Gaza, keeping him captive nearly 13 hours before pressure from Palestinian officials secured his release. Emilio Morenatti, 37, was grabbed by four (October 2006) Update: Kidnapped Spanish Aid Worker Released In Gaza (October 30, 2006) PALESTINE: News photographer kidnapped in Gaza City Reuters AlertNet - Photographer, Palestinian gunmen abducted in Gaza... held a Spanish aid worker and a photographer working for the Associated Press ... Palestinian militants release U.S. hostage abducted in NablusPalestinian militants release U.S. hostage abducted in Nablus [Michael Philips] abducted in Nablus (2006) Hunt for kidnapped Egyptian diplomat [by Palestinians] (Feb 2006) Following the raid, armed Palestinians kidnapped at least nine foreigners in the West Bank and Gaza. (March 15 2006) Israeli physician kidnapped, murdered ... (July 2006) Peruvian Journalist [Peruvian photographer Jaime Razuri] Is Seized in Gaza (January 2 2007)


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Muslims believed behind bombing of Gaza Christian bookstore

Muslims believed behind bombing of Gaza Christian bookstore Jerusalem Newswire, Israel -

Christians in the "Palestinian Authority" are deemed enemies who need to be brought, through persuasion, terrorism or violence, into submission to allah ...


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

ALAN JOHNSTON BBC PETITION [held by vicious "palestinian" kidnapping cult]

ALAN JOHNSTON BBC PETITION [held by vicious "palestinian" kidnapping cult]
BBC News, UK -

BBC News website users have written in their thousands to demand the release of BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston. Mr Johnston disappeared on 12 March


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Israel should have [a long time ago] press the UN for:
1) Condemming Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' parents, teachers, leaders, Mullahs, for using Arab kids as human shields and as human bombs, clarifying the real culprits in Arabs' deaths.
2) Violations by ILLEGAL PA Arabs "settlers" on Israel's "agreed" borders by the UN.
3) "Palestinian" Violation of virtually ALL agreemants pacts with Israel (Oslo, Camp David, etc.).
4) The PA official media & education = hate (crimes) campaign on "the joos", (not just on Israel...).
5) Exposing the constant intimdation on nations by the GOLIATH ARAB MUSLIM (oil) block, to tarnish innocent Israel in the UN.



1) Are you denying that the Arab racist attacks on Jews in Israel/"palestine" has started since 1838 (Safed) [so were the attacks in 1883, 1920, 1921, 1929 - Hebron, etc.]?

2) Had Israel be a (mostly) Arab-Muslim State, would the intolerant Arab-Muslim Goliath world not accept them?

3) Why is there a complete silence on the historical fact of Arab immigration late 1800s early 1900s into Israel/"palestine"?

4) What anti-Israel bigotry is stronger, the "Arab racism"; factor? or the 'Islamic-Jihad' factor?

5) 'Moral equivalence' Do you have Arab activists on behalf of Israeli victims, just like you have Jewish, Israeli, Zionists activists for the (so called) 'Palestinian cause' (whatever that is...)?

6) If humane Israel would really go after "unarmed poor palestinians" as the 'Pallwood' propagandists tell us, How many Arabs would have survived Israel's might?

7) Who's more at fault, the Arab Muslim "Palestinians" parents pushing for Shahid-isim, or the indoctrinating Mullahs, Imams in the holy Mosques for using "Palestinian" kids and women as human bombs and as human shields (so they can blame the Zionists when Arab kids die)?

8) What would have happened if Arab Muslim "Palestinians" would have invested as much energy in rebuilding their lives as they do in destroying both nations' lives in fascistic Jihad, total hatred and campaign for GENOCIDE [to "drink the blood of the Jews" or to "push them all to the sea", or to "wipe them off of map"]?

9) Why does "bad" IDF Israeli army announce an area residents' civilians to evacuate before an operation against terrorists?

10) Why did Humane Israel's IDF invented specially low range missiles designed to hit ONLY the [terror] target and minimize collateral damage?

11) When was the last time the "Palestinian" well oil-ed propaganda machine has retracted [or even apologized] for it's usual PALLYWOOD fake images industry?

12) What's the difference between a Christian in Indonesia, Buddhist in Thailand, Christian in Nigeria, in Philippines, Australians in Bali (2002), non Muslims in London (0707/2005), in Madrid (bombing), "not the-right-kind-of-Muslims" in Shiite-Sunni hateful massacres in Iraq, oppression & massacres in the "Islamic Republic of Iran", and Israeli victims of the same "evil ideology"?

13) What's a harder oppression, your "average" Arab Muslim regime's on it's own people, Hamas-tan Islamic Apartheid [which most "Palestinians" supported!] on non Muslims, or the pro-Jihad parents' on their kids?

14) What would have happened if at least ONE Arab Muslim nation [regular or oil-ed one] would really care about the Arab [brothers, that since the 1960's started to call themselves as] "Palestinians" and let them get off the terror slum into normality and even prosperity?

15) What part of 'BLIND FASCISM' do Arab-Muslims deny, the usual obsessed anti Israel demonization [no matter what Israel does] or the reluctance to see Israel's super kind gestures for those that are trying to kill them [releases from prison, giving away own land vital to it's security, humanitarian aid, etc.] not as goodness but as "weakness"?

16) Why is it that when Islamists terrorists [Hamas or Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad, etc.] succeed in making sure Arab kids die [with their known tactics of cowardly firing among or behind children, etc.] the Arabs, Muslims rejoice and the Israelis, Jews are saddened ?

16) How can land be an issue [or the blatant lies the Arab lobby's financed: Jimmy Carter has said, though he admitted that Israel is a great equal democracy for all, Arabs and Jews alike!'] if "moderate" Palestinian official government still has venomous hatred and pro 'death cult' in it's regular curriculum and on it's official TV, or that such "moderate" Arab media outlets [like Al Jazeera] still glorify mass murder as "martyrdom"?

17) Who's more powerful, the Arab Muslim Goliath Oil mafia "lobby" on the world or a Chinese, Italian, Israeli, Irish, pharmaceutical, cigarettes lobbyists in Washington?

18) Had the International Arab Muslim lobby of nations in the UN [or the EU] not threatened other nations to bash Israel 24/7 [motivated by intolerance only!], What would be then the outcome?


Let's make it clear, even if there will be a "Palestine" state, it will never change the factual history, that a group of foreign Arab immigrants came into the (historic) land of the Jews (and started to call themselves as "Palestinians" in the 1960's) and hijacked the world comunity via terrorism and Arab oil power to give them yet a second 'Palestine' state (after Jordan).



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