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Ali al'Ain Mazrui = Islamist pro jihad, [Afro] ARAB racist "professor"

Ali al'Amin Mazrui

Another Islamic fanatic, Afro-ARAB racist

Infamous for wish washing[1] the Goliath Arab-Muslim Slave Trade

while 'criticizing' the West. His allegiance are with his Arab ancestors. He writes approvingly on the Arab-Islamic genocide in the Sudan (2.5 million deaths[2]), as well as sympathizing with the Hausa-Fulani Islamic ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Igbo ethnic non-Muslims in Nigeria (100,000 Igbo/Biafraians died[3][4]).

Served as chief advisor for the infamous butcher, Islamic leader Idi Amin.

(the 'Butcher of Uganda,'[5] responsible for the genocide of between 300,000 [6] and a half a Million Ugandans,[7]. He went on a 'crusade against Whites,'[8] has put thousands of Christians to death for their faith,[9] attempted to stamp out all the Christians in his country,[10] and established preferential treatment to Muslims over non-Muslims.[11] Was racist against Indians,[12] He admired Hitler and was branded a fascist.[13]).

Author: Mazrui talks about Western-Christian slavery but not about Arab-Islamic slavery which pre-dated and post-dated trans-Atlantic slavery for centuries, that is, starting from the 7th century and continues up to this day. Slavery is still rife in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania etc.

He talks about racism in the West and denies racism in Arab-Muslim society.
The book, "The Legacy of A Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue,"[14] attacks Mazrui and reveals the magnitude and cruelty of Arab slavery and racism.[15][17][16]

In the 1980's he published an anti-Whites, anti-Ammerican book, blaming the West/Whites for all problems in Africa, today. He's also been praising the late tyrant Muammar Qaddafi (Gadhafi).[18] Especially since his 1986 conroversial TV series.[19][20] and still continued on in the 2011 massacring of Libyans standing up to topple him.[21]
[23] As an Afro-ARAB, He tries to rewrite history, diminishing the horrors of the Arab-Islamic slave trade, even though it was far greater, lasted longer and especially much more cruel than the White-Christian Transatlantic one.[24]

(No wonder that the [anti-Whites, anti-Asian, anti-Jewish, bigot Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam's [25][26] linked] pseudo "website" arabslavetradeddotcom --dedicated to falsify, minimize the Arab/Muslim Slave traders-- keeps quoting him repeatedly).

But Mazrui's tactic of crying racism doesn't stop with Whites. He "accused" critic of Islam --Ex Muslim, the author-- Salman Rushdie of: "anti-Arabism" and "Negrophobia," in order to --somehow-- discredit him. Though, his theory doesn't even make sense.[27]

This Mazrui is also associated with Bin Laden funded organization ICPC - International Center for the Propagation of Islam.[28][29] Headed by a pro Jihad, pro Bin-Laden Islamist 'Ahmed Deedat.'[30] Mazrui defended terrorist professor Sami Al-Arian, on trial after FBI pointed evidence to his link to Islamic jihad.[31]

In 2010, this Afro-Arab racist gave a shocking anti-Semitic "theory" - speech about the ethnicity of the Jews.[32][33]

In fact, he is one of the first (after [Hitler's ally, Grand Mufti of Palestine's henchman[34]] A. Shukairy [35]) to come up with the "apartheid" slur on Zionism, in 1977.[36]

This Islamofascistic "scholar," in an attempt to 'cut losses' or 'saving face,' and minimize the shame in Arab "Palestinian" [whether "moderate" Fatah's 'al-Aqsa martyrs brigade' or Hamas,[37] enthusiastically supported by mainstream of their population as seen in polls[38]] 'death cult' use of its own people as cannon fodders, as human bombs, targeting Israeli civilians via use of its own civilians as pawns/human-shields,[39] is comparing it to IDF's targeting of mass murderers-terrorists.[40] A typical example of humane IDF's routine: During Operation Cast Lead, in the winter of 2008/2009, the IDF dropped millions of flyers over areas it planned to invade and made over a quarter of a million phone calls to private homes and mobile phones warning people to leave.[41] Worth mentioning, as late as 2012, the official top Islamic leader, the Mufti of the "moderate" PA was publicly advocating the genocide of Jews as an Islamic duty.[42]



Ali Mazrui - lecturer at Bin Laden funded ICPI in South Africa -should be disinvited to speak at Rochester Institute of Technology

January 3, 2005

MIM: It is a travesty of the war on terror that calls for halting of the lecture of Dr. Daniel Pipes, the distinquished Middle East expert , and board member of the United States Institute of Peace,are being heard while no one is demanding that the RIT administration scrutinize the scheduled lecturer Ali Mazrui's associations with Ahmed Deedat and the Bin Laden funded ICPI, as well as his leading roles in other radical Islamist organisations and withdraw his invitation to speak.

Ali Mazrui is a radical Islamist who lectured last year at the Bin Laden funded ICPI - International Center for the Propagation of Islam, whose founder and director , Ahmed Deedat is directly funded by the Bin Laden family and has boasted about meeting Bin Laden personally several times. Mazrui is also on the board of the Association of Muslim Social Services, the sister organisation of the IIIT - The International Institute of Islamic Thought, which is a Wahabist Saudi funded Islamic propagation front which was raided by the FBI and the JTTF in 2003.. The executive secretary of the AMSS is Kamran Bokhari ,the North American spokesman for the Al Qaeda offshoot group, Al Muhajiroun, which Dr. Pipes cites as "one of the most extremist groups operating in the west today" For more information on the AMSS and the CSID

A left wing paper written by students who are opposing Dr. Pipes right to free speech have even started a media campaign of hysterical disinformation which states that students at RIT will be forced to listen to Dr. Pipes lecture or not be able to graduate (!).

Left Hook, Canada - Dec 27, 2004
... of Technology (RIT) in New York State where in order to graduate, seniors will be forced to listen to a lecture by Daniel Pipes,...

MIM: Update 1/5/04 The Left Hook paper has distorted the situation using a quote by Monique Dols, the Mid Atlantic CAN (Campus Anti War Network) representative, by failing to note the fact that some RIT senior students are required to attend the lecture series as part of their required coursework and have the same obligation to attend the lecture of Dr.Pipes as that of Ali Mazrui. One of the interviewees was the CAN representative on the RIT campus Josh Karpoff, who did nothing to rectify Dol's false claim about the lecture series.

The communications director of RIT has clarified the situation and informed MIM that The Gannet lecture series which is inviting Dr. Pipes and Ali Mazrui are part of at the curriculum of a senior course. The attendence requirement pertains to all of the lectures in the series , although any students who are not able to attend will be accomodated according to circumstances.

MIM:While Dr. Grebinger's and the RIT Provost Simone are on the defensive justifying their invitation to Dr.Pipes the real focus of condemnation should be their invitation of Ali Mazrui. who is probably regarded by the 'Left Hook' crowd as a paradigm of academic freedom and integrity.

Mazrui's statements regarding ex USF professor and Florida jailbird Sami Al Arian are indicative of his committment to aintellectual honesty. The voluminous indictment against Sami Al Arian which included the names of nearly 100 murder victims of terrorist attacks, including that of Brandeis University student Alisa Flatow, financed by him and his group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, was dismissed by Mazrui who lamented that:

" was just a "victim of prejudice and of popular ill will..."

MIM: Indeed RIT's hosting of Ali Mazrui under the guise of giving the lecture series' balance' is similiar to the disingenuous excuses given by the administration of Duke University, who defended their hosting of an Islamist conference under the guise of giving a forum to 'other views'. The conference ended up being not only a terrorist recruiting event , but the Duke administrations defense of the groups involved emboldened them to unleash a wave of anti semitism and conflict which is still engulfing the campus. The situation at Duke was summed up in this opinion piece in today's Wall Street Journal article entitled: "The Intifada Comes to Duke :

"...Moreover, and whether or not a university has a duty to license the unfettered expression on its campus of every venomous notion under the sun, the real issue at Duke was always the refusal of the licensing authorities to call such notions by their proper names--in this case, bald anti-Semitism and incitement to the murder of innocents. That refusal on the part of the university and its president, a mark not of "constructive" liberality but of cowardice and complicity, is what led infallibly to the postconference outbreak of anti-Jewish hatred. Once the guardians of the citadel granted permission to open the gates, is it any surprise that the marauding hordes came storming through?..."


MIM: It appears that the RIT administration is turning a blind eye to Mazrui's documented anti semitism and the fact that he lectured twice at an institute whose director is a personal friend of and is funded by Osama Bin Laden . On his own campus of Binghamton University, Mazrui turned a political science class into a vicious anti semitic and Israel bashing diatribe.

Mazrui 's Jew baiting is not surprising for someone who has no qualms about working for enterprises funded by Osama bin Laden. Just as the Americans are to blame for anti Americanism , Mazrui blames the Jews for anti semitism . Obviously Mazrui is not well versed in history, since one need only go back to 1948 before the existence of Israel (when the real geographical entity of Palestine existed) to see that anti semitism has existed from the time the Jews emerged as a nation centuries ago .But Mazrui's revisionist pseudo scholarship cannot take details like historical fact into account...

MIM : It is indeed remarkable that students are clamoring to silence Dr. Daniel Pipes but are silent about the decision to invite the radical Islamist Ali Mazrui to speak on the RIT campus . Before Mazrui is lectures at RIT the university officals who are hosting his lecture should check with law enforcement and hold Mazrui accountable for his ties to Ahmed Deedat- Bin Laden- Al Qaeda - the International Center for Islamic Propagation- which is housed in a building named 'The Bin Laden Centre' in Durban South Africa and inquire into his role as board member and purveyor of the Ibn Khaldun Chair at the Graduate School for Islamic and Social Sciences (GISSS) which was recently raided by the FBI in connection with terrorist funding for Al Qaeda.

CSID chairman/director and AMSS board member Ali Mazrui meets Achmed Deedat's cronies at the ICPI in the Bin Laden Centre in Durban. Deedat has been in ill for years and receives visitors at home.(see article excerpt below).

One of Deedat's self proclaimed favorite books :

Arrests and Plots Give South Africans a New Problem


Published: August 9, 2004

In Durban, the Islamic Propagation Center International has long been financed by the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia, and its founder, Ahmed Deedat, who is now dead, was a vocal anti-Semite and ardent backer of Osama bin Laden.

Support for radical Islam is evident in some Muslim neighborhoods in major cities, where T-shirts, banners and tapes espousing Qaeda causes are not difficult to buy.





The black racists and white flagellants contrived to make American universities adopt “The Africans” as a textbook.

They even made a TV series on it.

They may corrupt some students, delight white-haters, but they will ultimately worsen both white and black racism.

Mazrui attributes all present and past African problems to the Western white (particularly American and British) culture.

According to Mazrui, the black Africans are innocent victims of an oppressive Christian religion, exploitative capitalistic economy, emasculating culture, corrupt politics and depraved morality of the Western whites that transformed the original African Garden of Eden into the present hell.

Mazrui praises and admires Muammar Qaddafi, Idi Amin, predicates a society with a BLACK MASTER RACE and white pariahs, Islam above Christianity, primitive Marxism, unqualified anti-Americanism, black nuclear weapons at the service of the black races and Islam.

For the latter, he openly advocates Pakistani’s nuclear spying to provide the Islamic and black nations with striking power against the Western whites.

Even slavery was a Western white idea: “Before slave days, we were back in one huge village called Africa”.

Sure: killing to prove their manhood; raiding each other villages to capture people to be eaten, enslaved, or sold as slaves first to other black tribes, then to the Arabs, ultimately to the whites; cutting out women’s clitoris (plus labia minora and labia mayora) to kill their sexual pleasure possibilities (to assure their fidelity); practicing total genocide as a means to assert dominance... Not even kings were spared atrocious barbarism.

When the “Matiamvo”, for instance, an emperor in the interior of Angola, was considered to have reigned enough, he was first sent by his people to war (against any tribe one declared an enemy for the occasion) to be killed. If he was not killed, he went back to his throne and, “..sitting down, (he) calls his family around him. He then orders his mother to approach; she kneels at his feet; he first cuts off her head, then decapitates his sons in succession, next his wives and relatives,and, lasf of all, his most beloved wife, called Anacullo. This slaughter being accomplished, the Matiamvo, dressed in all his pomp, awaits his own death, which immediately followed, by an officer sent by the powerful neighbouring chiefs... This officer first cut off his legs and arms at the joints, and lastly he cut off his head; after which the heads of the officer is struck off...” (”The Golden Bough”, by J.G. Frazer, chapter xxiv).

When the Portuguese colonized Angola, they ruthlessly prohibited such an idillic custom, and imported their Christianity, the European culture, schools, work and other ghoulish white horrors...

Mazrui’s book carefully covers up those facts with pious fiction.

Just read the book, and think that it is being used by American Universities to Africanize white and black American students in Mazrui’s anti-white mission.

Mazrui has his anti-white anti-American book published by a white American publisher, TV-serialized by white-American television networks.”

[New society: Volume 51, Issues 900-912 - Page 249 - New Society Ltd., 1980

For Mazrui, despite his cavalier embrace of nuclear proliferation in Africa, despite even his one-time career as adviser to Idi Amin,..]



Praise for Qaddafi

The narrator of a PBS series on Africa praises Moammar Qaddafi (1986).

In October 1986, PBS began airing a nine-part series called The Africans, co-produced by the BBC and Washington PBS station WETA. Lynne Cheney, then the chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities, got the NEH logo removed from the series in protest of how the producer and narrator, Ali Mazrui, "extols the virtues of Moammar Qaddafi."

Video: One Man’s View of a Continent the Africans - TIME

TIME - Oct 13, 1986

Its writer and host, Ali A. Mazrui, a Kenya- born professor of political ... on weapons imported from the West and his naive romanticizing of Gaddafi.,9171,962528,00.html

Host of PBS’s most controversial series would do it all again

Christian Science Monitor - Dec 1, 1986

s will hear, accompaniedby illustrative film footage, inthis commentary by Africanscholar Ali A. Mazrui: “When Muammar Qaddafi [Libya] came to power in 1969, ...,ar:1&source=newspapers

Islamic and Western Values

Dr. Ali A. Mazrui

On December 6, 1997, the Al-Hewar Center in metropolitan Washington, D.C., had the distinct honor of welcoming Dr. Ali Mazrui as its guest speaker. Dr. Mazrui is the Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Dr. Mazrui is the Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at the State .... On one issue of censorship WETA did consult me. Station officials were unhappy I had not injected more negativity into the series’ three-minute segment on Libya’s leader, Muammar Qaddafi. First they asked for extra commentary on allegations that Libya sponsored terrorism. When I refused, they suggested changing the pictures instead – deleting one sequence that humanized Qaddafi by showing him visiting a hospital and substituting a shot of the Rome airport after a terrorist bombing. After much debate I managed to save the hospital scene but surrendered on the Rome airport addition, on condition that neither I nor the written caption implied that Libya was responsible for the bombing.

Africa’s ‘thorny’ gender issue | The New Age Online

New Age Online - May 27, 2011

Turning to Libya, Mazrui said leader Muammar Gaddafi was a “good African but a bad Libyan”. He said Gaddafi remained the only Arab leader with strong ties with the rest of the continent.



East Africa 1700-1950 by Sanderson Beck

The Omanis governing Mombasa were of the Mazrui lineage. ... The Omani Arabs soon arrived and took over Pate and Mombasa. ... Omanis had revived Kilwa by developing the ivory and slave trades for the French, who acquired the Mascarene Islands;..



Debating the African Condition: Race, gender, and culture conflict - Page 318 - Alamin M. Mazrui, Willy Mutunga - 2003 - Business & Economics - 495 pages

MAZRUI EVADED ARAB SLAVE TRADE ISSUE J. Covington Sunday Nation, Nairobi June 27, 1993 Due to the prodding of the scholarly Prof. Bethwell Ogot and more humbly, my own amateur historian views, Prof. Ah Mazrui has at last acknowledged that there was a very long standing Arab slave trade (Sunday Nation, May 30). The question is, why should “westerners” be tried as ‘guilty” and asked to pay while Arabs are “exempted” from any such demands by black Africans or their descendants? ...

Equality, the Third World, and economic delusion - Page 195 - Péter Tamás Bauer - Harvard University Press, 1981 - Business & Economics - 293 pages

But Professor Mazrui’s discussion is nevertheless unbalanced and misleading. ... The Arab slave trade long preceded the Atlantic slave trade, far outlasted it, and was also even more cruel... one reason why in the Middle East there are not many more descendants ...

From subsistence to exchange and other essays - Page 77 - Péter Tamás Bauer - Princeton University Press, Apr 5, 2004 - Literary Criticism - 168 pages

2 Considerations such as these dispose of Professor Mazrui’s paradoxes and ... The Arab slave trade long preceded the Atlantic slave trade, far outlasted it, and was suppressed only through Western effort. It was also even more cruel ... why in the Middle East there are not many more descendants of Negro slaves. ...



Debating the African Condition: Governance and leadership - Page 140 - Alamin M. Mazrui, Willy Mutunga - Africa World Press, 2003 - Business & Economics - 473 pages

Mazrui talks about Western-Christian slavery but not about Arab-Islamic slavery which pre-dated and post-dated trans-Atlantic slavery for centuries, that is, starting from the 7th century and continues up to this day. Slavery is still rife in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania etc.

He talks about racism in the West and denies racism in Arab-Muslim society. First of all Mazrui is not an African. His allegiance is, first, his Arab ancestry followed by his Islamic religion in Arab form. Mazrui writes approvingly about Sudanese massacres, enslavement and forced conversions of African southern Sudanese. He went to Nigeria and told Muslims that they made a mistake to vote for Obasanjo, a Christian, to become Head of State! Mazrui was the chief advisor of Idi Amin and look at the legacy Amin left behind! What does such a person have to offer Africans? I know of a book written by a Ghanaian and just published by One World Publications in Oxford, UK. The title is The Legacy of A Arab-Islam in Africa: A Quest for Inter-Religious Dialogue. The book attacks Mazrui and reveals the magnitude and cruelty of Arab slavery and racism. Every African MUST read the book!

The legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa: a quest for inter-religious dialogue - John Alembillah Azumah - Oneworld, 2001 - 264 pages

Thoughtful and challenging, this book argues for a reassessment of the roleistorically played by Islam in Africa, and offers new hope for in creasedutual understanding between African people of different faiths.

Readings from Reading. Essays on African Politics, Genocide and Literature - Page 86 - Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe - African Books Collective, May 2, 2011 - 252 Pages

Mazrui took the side of the genocidists; Mazrui projected the testament of the Nigerian genocidists who murdered 3 . 1 million Igbo people . . . Not only does Mazrui condemn the right of the Igbo to defend themselves from the genocide (natural law, rights to life and property guaranteed by the relevant articles in the Nigerian constitution at the time, United Nations declaration to which the Nigerian state was... the-return- slaughters-in-Nigeria, Rwanda, Darfur, wherever!, to murder as many millions of African children, ...

[Biafra revisited - Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe - Page 94 - African Renaissance, May 26, 2006 - 176 pages]



The Satanic verses, or a satanic novel?: the moral dilemas [sic] of the Rushdie affair - Page 27 - Ali AlʼAmin Mazrui
Committee of Muslim Scholars and Leaders of North America, 1989 - Political Science - 34 pages

To the question whether The Satanic Verses is as racist as Mein Kampf was, the answer is definitely not. But there is an undercurrent of Negrophobia in both books. The two books are also both anti-Semitic — but directed at different ...



Students slam pro-Israel speaker
But welcome professor with 'terror ties'

Published: 01/21/2005 at 1:00 AM


By Aaron Klein

Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) have been protesting an upcoming lecture, mandatory for some seniors, by pro-Israel Middle East expert Daniel Pipes, while public concerns have not be voiced over another speech, part of the same series, by Ali Mazrui, a professor accused of ties to organizations supporting terrorism.

RIT is featuring the Caroline Gerner Gannett Lecture Series, a seminar for seniors open to all students on "Globalization, Human Rights and Citizenship," that brings to the campus over a dozen guest speakers as well as in-house professors to discuss topics ranging from regional conflict to the conservation of water.

Even though his speech is three months away, students have already written letters to lecture coordinators and the university president demanding Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, a think tank that defines and promotes American interests in the Middle East, be disinvited or appear with a counterpoising speaker, although other Gannett lecturers appear without opposing speakers. An antiwar group has plastered the RIT undergraduate campus with posters protesting Pipes' speech.

Pipes has in the past drawn some fire from Islamic groups for his support of Israel and for exposing several Islamic extremist organizations operating in the U.S.

In one letter to RIT president Dr. Albert Simone, a student writes Pipes is "an individual who makes broad stereotypical generalizations about people of the Muslim faith, such as '15% of Muslims are terrorists,' as well as supporting the concept that the only road to Middle East peace is 'Total Israeli victory' ... How can the Gannett Lecture Series purport to be promoting the academic principles of debate and discussion when it allows his ideas to go without criticism by his peers? If Daniel Pipes does not want to appear with another speaker, then as I see it he doesn't have to come and get paid."

Pipes, who once estimated 15% of Muslims are "Islamists" not "terrorists," has said he would not be interested in speaking with an opposing professor.

"My major purpose in going to universities like RIT is to offer a different point of view from what students usually hear. I dislike the idea of balance because it cuts into my time and it implies that my views need to be wrapped and controlled," said Pipes.

Dr. Paul Grebinger, professor of Anthropology and coordinator of the Gannett series, agreed.

"It is often valuable to hear from individuals whose ideas we may oppose and whom we may not even like. I expect that Pipes will draw representatives from the Islamic community here on campus and from Rochester. They will no doubt be asking very pointed questions. So, I don't expect any lack of debate."

Last week, a poster distributed throughout the campus sponsored by the RIT Antiwar Group headlined "Islam is not the problem" called Pipes a "racist" and declared, "The real problem is the occupation of Iraq and the U.S. support of oppressive regimes in the Middle East. Stop the scapegoating of Arabs and Muslims!"

The group justified their "racist" label by quoting an article in which Pipes wrote, "The outside world should focus not on showering money or other benefits on the Palestinian Arabs, but on pushing them relentlessly to accept Israel's existence."

One RIT professor who asked that his name be withheld for fear that he "may lose his job" called the posters "idiotic. There is nothing remotely close to being racist about that statement. Pipes is the only thing approaching a non-leftist perspective on this campus, it wouldn't kill these students to hear an opposing view. None of the liberal speakers need balancing counterparts."

Dr. A.J. Cashetta, a professor of language at RIT told WorldNetDaily "I have never heard anyone here complain before that a speaker needed a counterbalanced idea, and now suddenly we have Pipes and people are complaining?"

Meanwhile, another Gannett lecturer, Dr. Ali Mazrui, who has repeatedly made anti-Israel comments, spoke at an Islamic extremist institution and is accused of ties to groups supporting terrorism, has escaped student criticism.

Mazrui, director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at Binghamton University, is on the board of the Association of Muslim Social Services, whose sister organization, the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a Saudi-funded Islamic group, was raided by the FBI in 2003. The executive secretary for the AMSS, Kamran Bokhari, was the North American spokesman for Al-Muhajiroun, a UK-based fundamentalist organization that disbanded in October under intense pressure by the authorities because of the group's suspected ties to al-Qaida. Al-Muhajiroun members have become suicide bombers for Hamas, fought U.S. troops in Aghanistan, held rallies calling for the "death of America," and publicly supported the charge of Osama bin Laden.

Mazrui lectured last year at the International Center for the Propagation of Islam in Durban South Africa. According to Militant Islam Monitor, the Center is funded by the bin Laden family and organizations linked to al-Qaida, and its founder and director, Ahmed Deedat, has publicly boasted of meeting bin Laden personally several times.

Mazrui recently wrote a paper, "The State of Israel as Cause for Anti-Semitism," and presented a lecture at Binghamton that a student called "a 45-minute diatribe against Israel" equating Zionism with fascism, Israel with apartheid South Africa and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon with Hitler. Mazrui also expressed support for Sami Al-Arian, a South Florida professor indicted for raising money for the Islamic Jihad terror group, calling him "a victim of prejudice and of popular ill will."

In an Question and Answer series, Mazrui implied Muslims are being isolated from American politics by pro-Israel Jews. "In the case of Hillary Clinton for example she was under pressure from pro-Israeli anti-Muslim New Yorkers. It was vital that American Muslims should not let those forces prevail and should keep on trying to enter the system ..." wrote Mazrui.

Beila Rabinowitz, director of Militant Islam Monitor, told WorldNetDaily, "It is a travesty of the war on terror that we are hearing calls for halting the lecture of Dr. Daniel Pipes, the distinguished Middle East expert, while no one is demanding that the RIT administration scrutinize the scheduled lecturer Ali Mazrui, who plays leading roles in radical Islamist organizations."

Mazrui, in an interview with WND, countered, "I'm not spying on the AMSS to find out who else is involved with them and whether they are kosher. Also, about the university in South Africa, I have to find out who funded it. But I don't agree with this guilt by association policy."

American universities hosting speakers connected to terrorism is nothing new. In December, WND exposed Nova Southeastern University was hosting a fundraising concert for the Islamic Relief, a charity connected to several organizations that support terrorism, is under investigation for accepting a contribution from a front group for al-Qaida, and was founded by the principle fundraiser for Muslim Aid, which according to Spanish police used funds to send mujahadeen to fight U.S. troops overseas and has held events at which speakers have boasted of supporting al-Qaida terror activities.

And in October, Duke University hosted a Palestinian solidarity conference ­ cleared by the FBI and Homeland Security ­ in which students were recruited to join the International Solidarity Movement, a terror-supporting group that has harbored terrorists in their Middle East offices and is outlawed in Israel.

David Horowitz, author and editor-in-chief of FrontPage Magazine, told WorldNetDaily the groups protesting Pipes and similar groups at universities throughout the country "are left-wing groups – often self-styled Marxist-Leninist vanguards – who regard the United States as the Great Satan, view the terrorists as 'liberators' and want us to lose the war on terror." Friday, January 21, 2005

Reviving Jewish Race Science at Columbia U Conference

By By Brendan Goldman

May 23, 2010

The population of Jews in the US is three percent ... but [their 'genius'] leads to their controlling so much power that even presidents are scared [of them]. Whether [President Barack] Obama will be able to escape the notion that three percent of the country is so powerful that the top gentile in the land cannot criticize Israel is not clear.

The above statement was made not by a Hamas or KKK leader, but by Ali al-Amin Mazrui, director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies at SUNY Binghamton. He was addressing the Ifriqiyya Colloquium Conference, held on the top floor of Columbia University's International Affairs Building, on Thursday, May 6. Mazrui is a darling of the far left, appearing prominently in venues such as Democracy Now, as well as at Islamist forums like the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Columbia Professor Mahmood Mamdani and Barnard College Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj also sat on the panel, the former serving as moderator. Mamdani introduced the speaker, telling the audience that the Ifriqiyya Colloquium was about "gain[ing] some depth to the study of Africa." It may require a Ph.D. to appreciate how Mazrui's anti-Semitic diatribe relates to that mission statement. 

Mazrui's lecture was entitled "Euro-Jews and Afro-Arabs: The Semitic Divergence in History," but he spent most of his time discussing the development of Jewish "genius" and "cultural impurity" in a European context. Ostensibly, Mazrui was comparing the impact of Jews on Europe to the impact of Arabs on Africa. However, he was more interested in why "Arabs lagged behind Jews in manifest genius." After admitting he knew little about Arab history and even less about Jews, Mazrui proceeded to spend his allotted time talking about the history of both peoples. 

Mazrui did not flinch in asking rhetorical such questions such as "What aspects of Marxism are taken from Judaism?" He made the nuanced argument that since Karl Marx was ethnically Jewish, he clearly made "the Chosen People [into] the proletariat." Mazrui's lecture was also peppered with statements like "Jews have been at their best when they were Europeanized...almost as if you needed a mixture of Jewishness and Europeanness [for Jewish genius]."

He also claimed that Jews as a people are insular and racist. "Arabs are far less race-conscious and ethnic-conscious than Jews are," he said. "Acceptance of race mixture was more developed in Arab culture than in Jewish culture."

In case anyone thought he was referring to ancient history, Mazrui made it clear that his observation applied to the modern period. He told his audience that Kuwait formerly had a black prime minister, which was not widely reported in the media, but if Israel had one, "that definitely would make world news." He neglected to mention that Kuwait's Prime Minister is not elected, so the fact that a Kuwaiti Prime Minister was black tells us little about Kuwaiti society. Israel, on the other hand, is a multi-ethnic democracy with Arabs and Jews of every color serving in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

Abu El-Haj took the stage after Mazrui and attempted to give the conference a more academic tone. She spoke articulately about Mazrui's research and largely succeeded in obfuscating the issue of Mazrui's flirtation with race science. Abu El-Haj brings plenty of baggage to the debate: She has drawn criticism for working on a book claiming Ashkenazi Jews are not genetically related to the ancient Israelites, although she is not a geneticist and there is definitive scientific evidence to the contrary. Her controversial book, Facts on the Ground, argues that Israeli archaeologists have distorted the country's material record in the service of nation-building. It was subjected to harsh reviews.

Yet even Abu El-Haj was taken aback by Mazrui's research: "I don't fully understand what you're doing [in the section of his paper discussing 'Jewish Genius']," she exclaimed. 

Mazrui clarified that Jews had "a certain kind of impurity" that led them to be "like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," but now they have "landed with Mr. Hyde's evil identity." 

This statement was too much even for Mamdani, a vociferous critic of the Jewish state, who said, "I'm not comfortable with the direction this conversation is going in." Abu El-Haj then made the astute observation that the conversation had "racial-genetic undertones" and that "it's dangerous to talk about the biology of any group." 

Mazrui was offended, apparently unaware that he had said anything that could be construed as racist. He clarified that he was talking about "cultural," not "racial," "impurity." He then went off on a political tangent.

This digression led him to the above statement about the "control" exercised by "three percent of the population" over the "highest gentile in the land," determining American ties with Israel. Mazrui must have missed the fact that Americans support Israel over its adversaries at a ratio of over four to one, making the 2.2 percent of the U.S. population that is Jewish relatively trivial in the president's calculations of Middle Eastern policy. Mazrui continued with this theme anyway, saying toward the end of his speech that "[the Nobel Committee] gave [Egyptian President] Anwar Sadat the Nobel Peace Prize for being a good boy toward the Jews." 

The conference ended at the completion of Mazrui's diatribe. It was a surreal experience to bear witness to a professor of Mazrui's professional stature dispensing with the usual fig leaf of "anti-Zionism" to espouse classic anti-Semitism. Academia ostensibly supports a world without prejudice, but professors like Mazrui now provide a legitimate façade for Jewish racial stereotypes. This is rank hypocrisy, and it's time we call it what it is.

Brendan Goldman is a senior at New York University majoring in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies and an intern at the Middle East Forum. This essay was sponsored by Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

Ali Mazrui, Anti-Semite - National Review Online
By Daniel Pipes

May 24, 2010 11:58 A.M.

Ali al-Amin Mazrui (b. 1933) is the most celebrated intellectual of African origins in the United States. His 1,500-word official resume is a bit daunting, but here follow some highlights:

At Binghamton University, which is part of the State University of New York Mazrui is (1) Albert Schweitzer Professor in the Humanities, professor in (2) Political Science, (3) African Studies and Philosophy, and (4) Interpretation and Culture, plus (5) director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies.

In addition, he has distinguished appointments at Cornell University, the University of Jos in Nigeria, and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. He has served as visiting scholar at Stanford, Denver, Chicago, Ohio State, Pennsylvania, Bridgewater, Harvard, Colgate, McGill, Sussex, Oxford, Leeds, London, Cairo, Baghdad, Tehran, Nairobi, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and “etc.”

He has authored over thirty books, from Towards a Pax Africana in 1967 The Politics of War and the Culture of Violence in 2008. Every important newspaper in the world has carried his byline. He narrated a high-profile television series, The Africans: A Triple Heritage, for the BBC and PBS in 1986.

Miscellaneous honors include being elected an “Icon of the Twentieth Century” by Lincoln University and being nominated for a “Living Legend Award” by two African organizations. Honorary degrees have come tumbling in. He “has been involved in a number of UN projects on matters which have ranged from human rights to nuclear proliferation.”

Authorities around the world, in short, inform us that professors don’t come smarter or wiser than Mazrui.

But Brendan Goldman, a senior at New York University, attended a talk on “Euro-Jews and Afro-Arabs: The Semitic Divergence in History” at Columbia University by the esteemed Dr. Mazrui on May 6. In his report, “Reviving Jewish Race Science at Columbia U Conference,” Goldman tells how Mazrui

spent most of his time discussing the development of Jewish “genius” and “cultural impurity” in a European context. Ostensibly, Mazrui was comparing the impact of Jews on Europe to the impact of Arabs on Africa. However, he was more interested in why “Arabs lagged behind Jews in manifest genius.” After admitting he knew little about Arab history and even less about Jews, Mazrui proceeded to spend his allotted time talking about the history of both peoples.

Mazrui did not flinch in asking rhetorical such questions such as “What aspects of Marxism are taken from Judaism?” He made the nuanced argument that since Karl Marx was ethnically Jewish, he clearly made “the Chosen People [into] the proletariat.” Mazrui’s lecture was also peppered with statements like “Jews have been at their best when they were Europeanized…almost as if you needed a mixture of Jewishness and Europeanness [for Jewish genius].”

He also claimed that Jews as a people are insular and racist. “Arabs are far less race-conscious and ethnic-conscious than Jews are,” he said. “Acceptance of race mixture was more developed in Arab culture than in Jewish culture.”

Mazrui concluded the event with this gross statement:

The population of Jews in the US is 3 percent…but [their “genius”] leads to their controlling so much power that even presidents are scared. Whether Obama will be able to escape the notion that 3 percent of the country is so powerful that the top gentile in the land cannot criticize Israel is not clear.


1) Genius Jews, Marxist Jews, ethnic Jews, proletariat Jews, Europeanized Jews, race-conscious Jews, ethnic-conscious Jews, powerful Jews … this is classic, fetid anti-Semitism.

2) Mazrui is a rank anti-Semite.

3) Binghamton and Cornell universities minimally should reprimand Mazrui; better yet, they should expel him.

4) How far has academic life descended that such drivel is considered not just respectable but estimable?

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Only" 143 dead by Islamofascists in Nigeria

Islamists 'Boko Haram' kills at least 143 in Nigeria, via multiple bombs.

Scores dead in northern Nigeria as Islamist militants terrorise the country
The Guardian
[Jan. 21, 2012]
Scores dead in northern Nigeria as Islamist militants terrorise the countryGroup bidding to impose sharia law claims responsibility for wave of attacks in city of Kano

Monica Mark in Lagos

Radical Islamists attacks kill at least 143 in Nigeria Alaska Dispatch
[Jan. 21, 2012]

At least 143 killed in north Nigeria sect attacks
USA TODAY - [Jan 21, 2012]
KANO, Nigeria (AP) – Coordinated attacks claimed by a radical Islamist sect killed at least 143 people in north Nigeria's largest city, a hospital official said Saturday, as gunfire still echoed around some areas of the sprawling city.

At least 143 dead after multiple bombs rock Nigerian city in attacks aimed at government targets
By Suzannah Hills
Daily Mail
Last updated at 5:15 PM on 21st January 2012

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Jewish teenagers in Belgium quit schools because of anti-Semitism [Arab Muslim racism & blond Jewess]

Jewish teenagers in Belgium quit schools because of antiSemitism [Arab Muslim racism & blond Jewess] Dec. 4, 2011

Jewish teenagers in Belgium quit their schools because of anti-Semitism

by: EJP Updated: 04/Dec/2011 23:56

BRUSSELS (EJP)—Like every Friday, as part of the day school activities, 13-year-old Oceane Sluijzer goes to the sport training center in Neder-Over-Hembeek, a Brussels suburb, where she plays football.

There she meets other girls from the same nearby secondary public school. Many of them are from Moroccan origin and Oceane feels sometimes difficult to be integrated and to be treated well.

She was in fact excluded from the group because of her look, she is blond, and because she is not of Arab descent, she says.

Two weeks ago, the shy Jewish girl came as usual at the center and found again the same situation. But this time she started a discussion. “Why don’t you respect me?,” she asked a group of four girls. “Is it because I am not Arab?”.

Then, after the discussion heated up, one of the Muslim girl, the group leader, shouted at her: “Dirty Jew, shut up and return to your country,” words that she repeated.

Oceane didn’t know how to react to the anti-Semitic insult but responded: “I will not shut up and I am already in my country.”

She then received two slaps in the face before being badly beaten by one of the girl for several minutes. It was only thanks to her Indian girlfriend that she could get out of the situation. “If she would not have been present, my daughther would maybe have been killed,” explained her father, 44-year-old Dan Sluijzer.

Suffering a head concussion and face injuries, she went to hospital. She talked on the phone to her father who told her to go straight to the police station to fill a complaint.

Since then she didn’t return to her school and was so scared that she even didn’t went out of her home. But she decided to change of school. The Jewish school was one option, but she felt Hebrew and religion were “too much” for her in the middle of the year.

In an joint interview with Israel’s daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot and European Jewish Press, last Thursday, along with her father, the girl said policemen told her that the four girls would be questioned, would be told that this was not permitted and that if they do it again the complaint would go further.

Police reportedly asked the girl and her father not to say that this was an anti-Semitic act.

“I feel better today than when it happened but it is still difficult for me psychologically because I cannot understand this violence, that such things can happen. I would never imagine that things can go to that point.”

“The problem is that the other youths, who are not Muslims, are scared and don’t want to react or intervene,” Dan Sluijzer, a professional actor, said.

She even didn’t heard from her school after the aggression, not from the headmaster nor from teachers or classmates. “I only received support phone calls facebook messages from fellow comrades of the Hashomer Hatsair youth movement.”

Already before the event took place, the father went to see the school principal to make him understand that there was a problem of anti-Semitism in his school.

“He told me: Mr Sluijzer, they are kids. Don’t generalize what happens.” Oceane and her 16-year-old sister Salome are the sole Jewish students of the “Athenee Les Pagodes”, a school in a quiet neighborhood of mixed social population.

Oceane’s father believes that the new school, located in a different area of the city, will be able to protect her this time . “Jewish religion is teached. This didn’t exist in the other school.”

Oceane doesn’t feel that her attackers are the “winners” because she left. One of the girl was expelled definitively from the school and two others for three days. They were told to prepare a research work on the Holocaust and the deportation of Jews.

The school principal declined any comment to Yediot Aharonot and EJP “because there is an appeal from the sanctioned girls still pending,” said Faouzia Hariche, who is in charge of public instruction in the city of Brussels.

Dan Sluijzer deplored the indifference of the Belgian authorities “like it was in 1940.” . “They prefer to let people fight each other.” Only Brussels Jewish parliamentarian Viviane Teitelbaum reacted and was to first to inform about the aggression.

In the beginning Sluijzer felt “hatred towards the Muslims but also towards the authorities because nobody say or do something.”

“I would have expected from political parties to tell my daughter: we understand what happened and we will act so that this could not happen again.”

“Unfortunately nothing happened,” deplored Dan Sluizer, whose father’s family members in Holland were deported to Auschwitz. Only two of them survived.

Sluijzer thinks that Israel “doesn’t protect Jews in the world enough.” and “that’s why Arabs attack Jews.”

“Jews in the world are fighting for Israel. When people attack Israel, it’s like they attack me. So when somebody attacks me I want also Israel to be next to me.”" But he thinks that the responsibility to protect the Jews lies more in hands of the local authorities.

Besides the aggression against Oceane Sluijzer, Jewish groups also reported the case of a 16-year-old Jewish student at the upscale European Brussels School where boys of the same age repeatedly called her “Dirty Jew” and harassed her because they disagree with Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians.

Her mother complained to the school but the reaction was rather unsatisfactory. Camille left for the Ganenou Jewish secondary school.

“It is unfair, the victim must leave,” commented the mother.

“Why are Jews in Belgium scared?,” titled a Belgian magazine.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Islamic-racist Turkey massacres more non-Turkish ethnic KURDS

Turkey strike kills 35, Kurds decry "massacre" Hindustan Times
Diyarbakir, December 29, 2011

First Published: 20:02 IST(29/12/2011)
Last Updated: 20:03 IST(29/12/2011)
Turkish warplanes launched air strikes against suspected Kurdish militants in northern Iraq near the Turkish border overnight, the military said on Thursday, but local officials said the attack killed 35 smugglers who were mistaken for guerrillas.

The Turkish military confirmed it had launched the strikes after unmanned drones spotted suspected rebels of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), but said there were no civilians in the area and it was investigating the incident.
The attack, which Turkey's largest pro-Kurdish party called a "crime against humanity", sparked clashes between hundreds of stone-throwing protesters and police in Diyarbakir, the largest city in Turkey's restive mainly Kurdish southeast.

Police responded by firing water cannon and tear gas at the demonstrators. Seven people were detained. One police officer was hurt after being hit by a stone, witnesses said.

"We have 30 corpses, all of them are burned. The state knew that these people were smuggling in the region. This kind of incident is unacceptable. They were hit from the air," said Fehmi Yaman, mayor of Uludere in Sirnak province.

The Sirnak governor's office said 35 people had been killed and one wounded during an operation near the border with Uludere district.

The pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) said party leaders were heading for the area and that it would hold demonstrations in Istanbul and elsewhere to protest the deaths.

"This is a massacre," BDP Deputy Chairwoman Gultan Kisanak told a news conference in Diyarbakir.

"This country's warplanes bombed a group of 50 of its citizens to destroy them. This is a war crime and a crime against humanity," she said.

Sirnak Massacre, December 29 2011 (Kurdish American Society)
In an attack on Wednesday December 29 2011, in the Kurdish area between Turkey and Iraq, Turkish airplanes killed 35 Kurdish villagers near Uludere in Sirnak province. Once again, with the pretext of “fighting the PKK terrorists,” Kurdish civilians have lost their lives. This latest assault on Kurdish civilians by the Turkish air force is yet another example of the Turkish government’s misguided policy. The Kurdish question cannot be solved through military means. The only means of solving the Kurdish question in Turkey is a democratic approach. Grant the Kurds their national rights.

We extend our condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims of this latest attack.

We hope that the year 2012 brings a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question in Turkey so that both Turks and Kurds no longer have to shed tears.
Posted on 2011-12-29 16:47:24

CDK strongly condemns Sirnak Massacre (The Kurdish Observer)

Thursday, 29 December 2011 16:49
KIRKUK, South Kurdistan, -- Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PCDK) declared in a statement that Turkish government and AKP have decided to massacre Kurdish people and for the last few years they have been working hard to achieve this decision violating all kinds of moral and ethic principles using chemical and prohibited weapons.

The leading council of PCDK has announced within the statement that although massacres of the Kurdish people is pursued every minute on a daily basis, the international communities, institutions and so-called democratic states have been silent in the face of it.

PCDK strongly condemned such an inhuman conduct of the Turkish and AKP government and called upon every humanist individual and patriotic to raise their objection to such a massacre.

“By adaptation of national and democratic position we should uncover these conspiracies and massacre and with the resonance of our national demanding, reawaken the passive and asleep consciousness, because these offensives are against the whole Kurdish nation,” PCDK stated.

At the end of the statement PCDK calls upon all the institutions and circles particularly the Peshmerge Forces of Kurdistan Regional Government to accomplish their national duty and spread their hands to the Kurds in North Kurdistan.

What the Sirnak Massacre Reveals
04/01/2012 03:47:00By SARDAR AZIZ

The number of those who lost their lives while crossing the border from south of Kurdistan to the north is varied -- 35, according to official statements, 50, according to the Kurds.

As the information indicates, they were all young in their twenties, were not carrying any weapons and did not have the slightest intention of terrorizing anyone.

They were doing the impossible -- crossing the border at night, amid minefields -- to earn money for their families. One doesn't have to use their imagination to realize how much this says about the unbearable life in the north of Kurdistan.

They were carrying petrol, or cigarettes according to the BBC. The price differential for these goods between the two sides of the border is huge.

According to media reports, they were initially spotted by an unmanned plane and later bombed by F16 jets. Both are from the United State of America.

So far, the military is insisting on their story that the people who were killed were PKK members. The Turkish government regards what happened as an “error.”

The Turkish media are suspicious of provocation, and the Kurdish political parties are describing it as a massacre. The truth is somewhere among these two.

Setting aside all of these descriptions, justifications and condemnations, is the sober question of what this reveals. What happened to this group of people at that place and at that time of the year reveals a great deal about nature of life, circumstances, political situations, military rule and being a Kurd in Turkey.

Why are these young people risking their life to cross the border in this dangerous zone? This is the question asked by Turkish nationalists, but alas answered wrongly.

For Turkish nationalist supporters, the question is rather rhetorical. However, when the same question is asked from the Kurdish perspective, the answer is clear.

They were forced to risk their life because of the harsh economic condition in the region, which is a direct result of the political situation for the Kurds in Turkey. This reality is the result of the decade-long political, economic and social discrimination from the state. There were many among those who were killed crossing borders to make enough money for their forthcoming exams; an adventure to be able to leave a life of deprivation.

Last summer when I traveled to Turkey I witnessed the harshness and humiliating situation for anybody who crosses the border legally, let alone illegally. I spent a whole night sleeping in a car in the middle of the border bridge waiting for the soldiers to let us in at the end of the bridge.

Let's examine calmly what the massacre reveals. First, and above all, it reveals the contemptibleness of Kurdish life in Turkey, especially from the military point of view. Secondly, it reveals the level of injustice and discrimination against the Kurdish people in Turkey. Thirdly, the war which is occurring in Kurdistan is not against the PKK alone; it is against the Kurds indiscriminately.

Despite the use of high technology and the best intelligence from the United State of America, what is going on is a dirty war by all standards.

The claim by the Turkish media that those who were killed were “Turkish citizens” is a smart language game to cover up their Kurdishness. It is at best misleading.

The massacre reveals that not much has changed throughout history. The number of deaths and the fact that the victims were villagers remind us of the “33 bullet” incident in 1943 when General Mustafa Muğlalı ordered the execution of 33 Kurdish villagers who smuggled some livestock out of the region in a barracks located in Van’s Özalp district. Has anything changed in the past 70 years? There is still a long way to go for Turkey to deal with its racist institutions.

* Sardar Aziz has a PhD in Middle Eastern studies from University College Cork, Ireland. He has taught orientalism at School of Asian Studies, University College Cork.

Blog: A Turkish Assad? New York Times (blog)
January 1, 2012, 9:38 PM
A Turkish Assad?
ISTANBUL — Which is scarier: a government that hunts down and kills dozens in cold blood, or a government that hunts down and kills dozens by accident?

Left, Reuters; Jamal Nasrallah/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
Left, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey; President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.
On Thursday, Turkey admitted to being the second type of government, just as over the last few months Syria has demonstrated itself conclusively to be the first. Turkey’s mistake, which it acknowledged sheepishly, was to launch air-strikes on Wednesday against about 35 men hiking along unmarked trails between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan. The Turkish military says it thought the men were terrorist members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (P.K.K.). But evidence found near the corpses suggested a more benign activity: the men were smugglers evading onerous Turkish and Iraqi customs duties on diesel and tobacco at the official crossing point of Habur. They carried Kools, not Kalashnikovs.

In the past, Turkey’s Kurds have responded to incidents like this one by protesting in the streets and public squares, with a little bit of armed struggle from actual terrorists on the side. Last night in Istanbul, Kurds and their allies went to the streets. On Istliklal Avenue, in Beyoglu district in central Istanbul, at street corners normally reserved for upper-class shoppers in winter chic, riot police stood huffing into their hands to chase away the cold, waiting for violence that never came. But news agencies reported that in the country’s predominantly Kurdish southeast, crowds threw stones and Molotov cocktails, and stores were shuttered for the day.

After violence in the southeast, recriminations and confrontations like these are common. But there’s a notable change of vocabulary this time. Whereas Kurds once looked to the West and patiently tried to master the human rights language of the European Union, now at least some of them are looking south, to the more urgent and concrete language of protest movements in the Arab world. And in adopting that rhetoric, the Kurdish leaders are making missteps.

“A leader who kills his own people has lost his legitimacy,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey said of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in September. Now Selahattin Demirtas, the Kurdish member of parliament who heads the Peace and Democracy Party, finds Erdogan’s words delicious. “Now I say the same thing back to him,” Demirtas said. “This was no accident: it was a massacre.” Demirtas, whose party is the sole legal political voice of the Kurds in Turkey these days, said he considered the killing caused by Wednesday’s air strike to be an Assad-level crime.

It’s a preposterous and self-discrediting comparison: Erdogan and Assad resemble each other in little more than their mustaches. The first people to acknowledge the differences between the two should be the Kurds themselves: Erdogan’s government has in many ways improved upon the nationalist Turkish governments of yesteryear, and the Kurds of Syria have always suffered far more grievously than the Kurds of Turkey. In the P.K.K. camps of northern Iraq, Syrian Kurds are overrepresented — the result of especially zealous oppression by the Assad regime.

It’s hard to begrudge a movement as aggrieved as the Kurds’ this moment of hyperbole. But let’s hope that the Kurds will reconsider their annexation of Arab Spring analogies. A movement that has spent the last couple of decades mastering the art of patience shouldn’t now sideline its own cause with a faulty comparison to a more desperate one.

Graeme Wood is a contributing editor at The Atlantic. He has lived and traveled in the Middle East for most of the last 10 years.

Civilian Massacre Uludere Sirnak / Turkish warplanes hit civilians Turkish Air Strikes Kill 35 Kurdish Villagers Turkish Air Strike Near Iraq Border 30 killed in Turkish air strike Turkish air raids 'kill 30 Kurdish villagers' Turkish air raids kill 23 Kurdish villagers - reports Turkey 'kills 35 smugglers' in strike against militants Sirnak Uludere Sivil Katliami / Savas Uçaklari Sivilleri Vurdu (Cenaze Görüntüleri) Civilian Massacre Uludere Sirnak / Turkish warplanes hit civilians

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13) What's a harder oppression, your "average" Arab Muslim regime's on it's own people, Hamas-tan Islamic Apartheid [which most "Palestinians" supported!] on non Muslims, or the pro-Jihad parents' on their kids?

14) What would have happened if at least ONE Arab Muslim nation [regular or oil-ed one] would really care about the Arab [brothers, that since the 1960's started to call themselves as] "Palestinians" and let them get off the terror slum into normality and even prosperity?

15) What part of 'BLIND FASCISM' do Arab-Muslims deny, the usual obsessed anti Israel demonization [no matter what Israel does] or the reluctance to see Israel's super kind gestures for those that are trying to kill them [releases from prison, giving away own land vital to it's security, humanitarian aid, etc.] not as goodness but as "weakness"?

16) Why is it that when Islamists terrorists [Hamas or Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad, etc.] succeed in making sure Arab kids die [with their known tactics of cowardly firing among or behind children, etc.] the Arabs, Muslims rejoice and the Israelis, Jews are saddened ?

16) How can land be an issue [or the blatant lies the Arab lobby's financed: Jimmy Carter has said, though he admitted that Israel is a great equal democracy for all, Arabs and Jews alike!'] if "moderate" Palestinian official government still has venomous hatred and pro 'death cult' in it's regular curriculum and on it's official TV, or that such "moderate" Arab media outlets [like Al Jazeera] still glorify mass murder as "martyrdom"?

17) Who's more powerful, the Arab Muslim Goliath Oil mafia "lobby" on the world or a Chinese, Italian, Israeli, Irish, pharmaceutical, cigarettes lobbyists in Washington?

18) Had the International Arab Muslim lobby of nations in the UN [or the EU] not threatened other nations to bash Israel 24/7 [motivated by intolerance only!], What would be then the outcome?


Let's make it clear, even if there will be a "Palestine" state, it will never change the factual history, that a group of foreign Arab immigrants came into the (historic) land of the Jews (and started to call themselves as "Palestinians" in the 1960's) and hijacked the world comunity via terrorism and Arab oil power to give them yet a second 'Palestine' state (after Jordan).



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