Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lev Spievak: "I suppose that the Israeli-Azerbaijani commission to investigate murder of Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan in 1918 by Armenians...

Lev Spievak: "I suppose that the Israeli-Azerbaijani commission to investigate murder of Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan in 1918 by Armenians will be created in 2009"

02 October 2008 [10:54] - Today.Az

The translation of the book "March of death" by Azerbaijani professor Rovshan Mustfayev about the crimes, committed by Armenians against Jews into English and Hebrew sheds light on the still little studied issue - the crime of Armenian nationalists against Jews, said director of the Institute "JC public relations research" Lev Spievak in his interview to Day.Az.

"As is known, the memory of victims of the disaster of the European Jews is an integral part of the Jewish self-consciousness in Israel", said he.

According to him, the country marks the day of state commemoration of the victims of Holocaust every year on April 21.

"Siren is heard in Israel on this day and people commemorate 6,000,000 of their compatriots, who were brutally killed just because they were Jews. The biggest memorial complex of Israel is a museum of the victims of Holocaust "Yad-va-shem", which is also the institute of the history of disaster and holds the complete information about this terrible tragedy for the next generations.

In this connection the scientific and historical importance of the said work is great. This is an influential name in the international scientific circles. "March of death" views the previously studied historical events under a completely new angle".

He noted that Alexey Pisman, Israeli historical and sociological scientist, described the importance of this scientific work the most exactly in the introduction to the English-Hebrew edition of the "March of Death":

"On the basis of this book by professor Mustafayev, we see the undoubtedly new scientific consideration and exposure of the global Armenian system of falsifications and lies, including in the attempts to join the genocide of Jews as people, who suffered equally, though facts prove the contrary - Armenians themselves incited and participated in committing the genocide of Jews, both historically and in the mid 20th century

The books, like "March of Death" must be introduced to a wide circle of scientists, public activists, simply members of the society to resist the flow of lie and falsifications of history, which the Armenian historical science has been engaged in for years".

According to Spievak, the proposal to create the joint Israeli-Azerbaijani commission to investigate murder of Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan by Armenians in 1918 was made at the presentation of the Russian edition of "March of Death" in Israel.

"This project is put off due to the preparations for presidential elections in Azerbaijan on the one hand and internal political events in Israel due to the upcoming municipal elections on the other hand. I suppose that the Israeli-Azerbaijani commission to investigate murder of Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan in 1918 by Armenians will be created in 2009. The commission is proposed to include famous Azerbaijani and Israeli historians and anthropologists. This is a normal process.

As for the upcoming presidential elections in Azerbaijan, his answer was laconic: "Ilham Aliyev is an extremely political personality and he can be considered the leader of the whole South Caucasus".



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