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'Anti Chavez protests' -: Maria Conchita Alonso on mass torture of prisoners, the brutality and oppression by the Chavez regime in Venezuela

'Anti Chavez protests' -: Maria Conchita Alonso on mass torture of prisoners, the brutality and oppression by the Chavez regime in Venezuela

Re: 'Anti Chavez protests' Maria Conchita Alonso has elaborated today [11/02/07] on Foxnews' Neal Cavuto, the mass torture of prisoners, the brutality and oppression by the Chavez regime in Venezuela


The Big Story' [MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO, FORMER MISS VENEZUELA on the Anti Chavez riots],2933,307418,00.html

Violence Continues as Thousands Protest in Venezuela

Venezuelan students clash with police in constitution demo


Suing Hugo Chavez
Miami lawyer sues Venezuelan president in federal court over shooting deaths last year during Caracas protests

The anti-Chavez demonstrators were gunned down April 11, 2002. There is some controversy about whether government or anti-Chavez forces were responsible for the shootings.

Daily Business Review July 11, 2003

Human Rights Watch - Hugo Chavez,%20HUGO&field=per&match=exact

YouTube - Venezuelan Oppression

Protestas contra Hugo Chavez. 01:30 ...
Watch video - 3 min 11 sec -


Venezuelan forces clash with anti-Chavez protesters

Thu Nov 1, 2007 7:55pm EDT

Anti-Chavez protests in Venezuela

Play Video - [Anti-Chavez protests in Venezuela - Video ]

CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuelan security forces clashed with protesters on Thursday, using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons to break up a march against President Hugo Chavez's plan to scrap term limits.

Thousands of students marched through the capital to the electoral authority's headquarters to protest what they say is Chavez's authoritarian proposal to use a referendum in December to amass power and fulfill his vow to rule for decades.

For hours, demonstrators set trees ablaze and threw stones, bottles and metal barriers at security forces in running battles across downtown Caracas. Some protesters were injured but there were no reports that any were in serious condition.
clinics and food subsidies.

It was the worst violence at a protest since students demonstrated against Chavez's closing of the last nationwide opposition television network in May, Reuters witnesses said.
clinics and food subsidies.

Congress, which has no opposition members, plans to pass a raft of constitutional changes on Friday, including empowering police to detain people without charges when Chavez declares there is a political crisis.
clinics and food subsidies.

Venezuelans must approve the changes in a December referendum.
clinics and food subsidies.

Chavez is popular among the majority poor because of his spending of oil income on schools, clinics and food subsidies.

That popularity and sweeteners in his proposed legislative package, such as shortening the work day, should secure him an easy win in the vote, pollsters say..

But with the opposition, the Roman Catholic Church and rights groups also criticizing the changes, turnout for the referendum could be low, they say.

Chavez Cracks down on Students
Rick Moran

Jim Hoft has the gruesome pictures and video. What was apparently a peaceful demonstration by students protesting President Hugo Chavez's "constitutional reforms" was broken up by the National Guard as well as riot police in Caracas yesterday.

The students are protesting against some pretty radical changes:

The amendments would give the government control over the Central Bank, create new types of cooperative property, allow authorities to detain citizens without charge during a state of emergency and extend presidential terms from six to seven years while allowing Chavez to run again in 2012.
That last change was proposed by Chavez because he says it is impossible to impose socialism on the country in the time legally granted him. In effect, Chavez is trying to make himself President for Life since he has proven in the past that he is not above committing gross electoral fraud in order to keep power.

Coupled with Chavez's aggressive anti-Americanism in the region, it appears that since the Venezuelan president will brook no opposition to his attempt to set up a dictatorship, we will have to deal with him for many years to come.

Hugo Chavez power grab succeeds

By Michelle Malkin • November 2, 2007 04:23 PM

The Venezuelan National Assembly has rubber-stamped Venezeulan thug-o-crat’s Hugo Chavez’s power grab and socialist makeover:

Venezuela’s National Assembly overwhelmingly gave final approval Friday to constitutional changes that would greatly expand the power of President Hugo Chavez and permit him to run for re-election indefinitely.

The assembly approved 69 amendments with all but seven of the 167 lawmakers raising their hands in favor of the changes, which threaten to spur fresh political upheaval in this oil-rich South American nation.

“Today the Venezuelan people have a pencil in their hands to write their own history, and it’s not going to be the history of the elite,” said pro-Chavez lawmaker Earle Herrera amid applause.

But dissident lawmaker Ricardo Gutierrez railed against pro-Chavez congressmen for approving amendments that “don’t have anything to do with giving more power to the people.”

If approved by voters in a Dec. 2 referendum, the changes would be Chavez’s most radical move yet in his push to transform Venezuela into a socialist state.

Can you smell the sulfur?

Students continue to demonstrate against El Diablo.

Alberto de la Cruz at Babalu Blog spotlights the student protests and writes: “This type of civil disobedience and protest is going to have to continue and grow in frequency and intensity if the people of Venezuela ever hope to get this monkey off their back.”

Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey, and Naomi Campbell were unavailable for comment.


Related [on earlier dates] :

Chaos in Caracas! Actress Maria Conchita Alonso Reacts to Protests in Venezuela,2933,277680,00.html

Luckily there is a star who's got the eggs to stand up to Venezuela's Communist-in-chief:

Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who grew up in Venezuela, said Penn's visit lends support to a "totalitarian" leader who wants increasing control of society—a charge Chavez denies. Speaking by phone from her home in Beverly Hills, California, Alonso said she respects Penn as an actor, but hopes he "comes to his senses and he realizes that he's being used."
Too bad they don't give Oscars for integrity.

[Monday 6 August]
Via Jeremayakovka, Sean's gun trouble

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