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To the Islamists of CAIR: How dare you exploit Americans' tolerance to your fascism?

To the Islamists of CAIR: How dare you exploit Americans' tolerance to your fascism?

Each now & then we are hit by another of a CAIR stunt, be it defending the flying Imams that were chanting pro Bin Laden slogans, or catagorizing as "hate" an enraged understandable student in Pace university [regardless if one agrees with his particular expression of: flushing the Quran down the toilet] over Islamists' actions against showing the 'Obsession' movie - that exposes Islamofascism & world Jihad.

The Islamists know us all too well, they know how Christian/Jews in America are so sensitive to human rights, to equality & to freedom, values that they never see in their dark Arab Muslim world.

If you follow CAIR's actions, you see the pattern of playing on Americans' kindness, so typically of Islamists as they are, their tactics are simple but cruel, make Americans feel bad so they will have to go that extra mile towards Muslims, take the 'flying Imams' case for example, don't they just love using the assumption of "innocent until proven guilty" on the expense of our vital security when it's a matter of life and death?

Well, of course this legal term still holds value in court, but if it really comes down to survival should anyone blink an eye when one hears "devout" Muslims praising Al Qaeda? I mean, how "innocent" can such "holy" imams be?

Their immediate goal: empower all Muslims including radicals!

Their long term goal, well, if you know what Caliphate, global domination & Islamization means, then you have the answer.

Let alone the enormous hypocrisy that these supporters of champions in hatred of non Muslims [like the MSA & pro-genocide fascist Hamas] are the ones that try to define the Pace university incident as a 'hate crime'.

Still, we can never figure out any basis on which a "moderate" status has been mistakenly attached to them by some, after all, their support for radical Jihadism like terror organizations such as: Hamas is all documented.


Counterterrorism Blog, NJ - Jul 12, 2007

By Aaron Mannes Allow me to add a few notes (and a graph) to the many excellent previous posts on Hamas, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood in the United ...


Is this Really a Hate Crime

Family Security Matters, NJ - 15 hours ago

PC liberals kowtow to anything Muslim because they are both scared of Muslim groups like CAIR

Brooklyn's Khalil Gibran Madrassah Will Function As Jihad ..., CA - 3 hours ago

CAIR is the Council on American Islamic Relations, a Saudi funded, Hamas front group which was recently named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy ...


CAIR Executive Director Placed at HAMAS Meeting

Counterterrorism Blog, NJ - Aug 2, 2007

... of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Nihad Awad, participated in a three-day summit of US-based HAMAS members and supporters in 1993. ...


What is CAIR?

Power Line, MN - Jul 18, 2007

Most recently, Aaron Mannes elaborated on CAIR's Hamas connection in "CAIR and Hamas: Implications and an illustration." In fact, in the words of Anti-CAIR, ...


Getting to know NIhad Awad

Power Line, MN - Aug 5, 2007

CAIR is the Council on American-Islamic Relations. It holds itself out as a civil rights group. Yet it is the successor to a defunct Hamas front group...


CAIR They Go Again!

Town Hall, DC - Aug 2, 2007

Never has CAIR condemned by name Islamic terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. Given the opportunity to condemn Hamas by Newsweek last December, ...!

An Insider's View of the Holy Land Foundation Trial

CA - Jul 18, 2007

By Nicholas Van Zandt The future of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America and the North American Islamic ...


View From America: Flying imams & Reichstag analogies

Jerusalem Post, Israel - Jul 28, 2007

... protection against frivolous lawsuits by the Islamist race-baiters at CAIR, whose roots as a support group for Hamas betray their own extremist agenda. ...

Hamas Goes 'on Trial' in Texas in Case Over Muslim Charity

New York Sun, NY - Jul 15, 2007

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has ample reason to be concerned about the Holy Land case: Elashi was a founder of CAIR's Texas chapter. ...

Doctors of Death

AINA, CA - Jul 9, 2007

Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Ohio chapter board chair Dr. Mobin-Uddin in her deceitful and treacly apologetic, "Betrayal of Our Faith",

Feds name CAIR in plot to fund Hamas.

Florida vs. Radical Islam -Articles & Updates: CAIR vs. Christian ...Ahmed Bedier, a spokesman for CAIR which is a Saudi funded front group for Hamas, .... MIM: CAIR FL cries victim on Hannity and Colmes ... 

Digg - Hannity's Guest Admits Flying Imams Were in Danger on U. S. ...Hannity's Guest Admits Flying Imams Were in Danger on U. S. Airways Plane. The Flying Imams, not to be confused with the acclaimed 60's lounge act...

Video: Flying imams stunt may have been ...The Flying Imams sounds like a great name for a circus act. .... The goal of the Flying Imams is to desensitize us to suspicious behavior. ..

'Flying Imams' Case Tests Limits of Religious Tolerance

Pajamas Media: THE FAKING IMAMS -- Pajamas Media Exclusive: Police ...The Now Notorious Flying Imams Claim Their Only Crime Was “Flying While Muslim,” But Our Exclusive Reporting Reveals They Are Trying to Sweep Their Real ...

How The 'Praying Imams' Terrorized US Airways Flight 300 To ...And interestingly, there is a Keith Ellison connection to the flying imams. Again, as is usually the case, CAIR and its friends have misled us... 

Pace University Mind-Crime Update « TMQ2 Phil... has personal experience with the pressure tactics of the Muslim Student Association at Pace University: Hate Crime Arrest for Desecration of ... 

Pace University Koran Case - Email from Defendant « Foehammer ...Man arrested for hate crime for Qur’an desecration... Movie Screening ‘Obsession’: Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day...

Flush the Qur'an (Koran) « TMQ2 Video: Hitchens clashes with CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper over Pace Qur’an ... In protest of the Pace University student being prosecuted for tossing two Qur’ans ... 

Pace’s Obsession with Spin [plus on 'Muslim Students Association's hate & antisemitism]


More background on CAIR:

CAIR: 'Moderate' friends of terror - article by Daniel Pipes In reality, CAIR is something quite different. For starters, it's on the wrong side in the war on terrorism. One indication came in October 1998, ...

*Anti-CAIR* Defending America from The Council on American-Islamic ...We will continue to expose CAIR's involvement in supporting Islamist terrorists, terrorist-sponsoring organizations and groups in the United States. ...


More on that awful group 'Muslim Student Association' (MSA) Film P.B.S. Doesn't Want you to See::By Frank J ...Islamists: Voices from the Muslim Center," was selected through the competitive process ... infrastructure in America: the Muslim Student Association (MSA). ... 

The Jawa Report: USC (& other colleges) to Air "Obsession: Radical ...Remember, until recently USC's Muslim Student Association hosted wanted al Qaeda ... Info on the event called "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day" and the 70 ...

Washington Re-labels Islamic Terrorism as Islamo-Fascism? :: Faith ...Muslim Students Association of USA and Canada Mohamed Sheibani ... Is re-labeling radical Islam as Islamo-fascism purely a political ploy by Washington? ... 

Accuracy In Academia -- The Muslim Student Association: Coming In ...The Muslim Student Association: Coming In Peace? By Malcolm A. Kline ... the government has identified as having a significant problem with terrorism." ...

muslim students association UCLA Sponsors of Terrorism By  The Muslim Student Association: A Wahhabi Front By

Butcher Enablers

The Muslim Students’ Association....

Islamism's Campus Club: The Muslim Students' Association - Middle ...We come before you today on behalf of the Muslim Student Association at USF ... has once again been unfurled by the U.S. military in this War on Terrorism … ...

Extremism on Campus, Muslims Students Association « Christian ...Although the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) may present itself as a non-political and benevolent student religious groupDuring the past several years, operating both on campus and off, some chapters of the MSA have acted in collaboration with a number of Islamic groups and individuals.  The MSA organizes events featuring militant speakers, so-sponsor events and conferences with radical Islamic groups, and co-sponsor fundraisers for killers and Islamic radicals.  In addition, they use their publication, Al-Talib, to disseminate their often radical, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel views.

Notwithstanding the damning nature of these facts, it would seem prudent to treat these MSA branches with some consideration by campus and community activists.  By its own description, the group is dedicated to Islamic societies on college campuses in Canada and the U.S.  They advocate orthodox Islam and are involved in social activities, such as fundraisers for the homeless during Ramadan and other worthwhile projects.  MSA is an umbrella organization in which many Muslim students become involved, without necessarily advocating it extremism.

.... threat to the United States, especially with terrorism escalating abroad. ...

Fascism at UC Berkeley: Muslim Student Association Disrupts Daniel ...Indeed, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) was out in full force on Tuesday, ... He managed to deliver his lecture, which covered the War on Terrorism, ...


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