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It's official: Arab racists & Muslim fascists have taken over Malmo - Sweden

It's official: Arab racists & Muslim fascists have taken over Malmo - Sweden

Swedish police let violent leftist-Arab mob disrupt peaceful protest ...Jan 26, 2009 ... A pro-Israel rally in Malmo, Sweden was disrupted violently Sunday by an ... including those who had received permission to demonstrate.

Swedish Rioters Try to Storm Israel-Sweden Tennis Match - News ... Swedish Rioters Try to Storm Israel-Sweden Tennis Match. Reported: 20:40 PM - Mar/07/09 ...

Sweden's unsporting behavior 09 March 2009. By Ethel C. Fenig. As the Arabs/Muslims infest the sports world with their racist hatred...

Anti-Israel apartheid in Sweden

Sweden: Muslim mob attacks peaceful pro-Israel rally, chants ...Sweden: Muslim mob attacks peaceful pro-Israel rally, chants "Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!" Jihad Watch 26 January 2009..

Caroline Glick by Caroline Glick

While Israel provides the full rights of citizenship to its Arab minority, Jews are denied the rights of citizenship in every Arab League member state, and the Palestinians' fundamental demand is that no Jew be permitted to live in a future Palestinian state. ... In just one notable instance, for the past week Israeli tennis players, Amir Haddad and Andy Ram have been suffering the consequences of the Left's collusion with these anti-Jewish groups in Sweden. ...

Thousands demonstrate Israel-Sweden match JTA - Jewish & Israel NewsThousands of people demonstrated against Israel during a Davis Cup match in Sweden. ... gathered Saturday afternoon outside the matches' venue in Malmo. ... United Arab Emirates refused to issue a visa to Israeli tennis standout Shachar ...

Clashes in Sweden at Israel match - 7 Mar 2009 by Nizar

It makes me wonder why don't Arabs and Muslims demonstrate in the same way against the Pakistan matches? aren't they protesting against the occupation/invasion/settlement/formation of a state over a land that isn't originally theirs? ...

Apotheosis of Eurabia: Swedish police hire ...Jan 2, 2009 ... Apotheosis of Eurabia: "Police hire protection in Malmö suburb," from The Local, December 31: The police have contracted a security firm to help with the surveillance and protection of the police station in the Malmö suburb of Rosengård. In connection with unrest in Rosengård the station has on repeated occasions been the target of fireworks, vandalism and stone-throwing youths. The security firm will be deployed to help to ensure that the vandalism is not repeated, according to a report by local TV4 news program.

Jan 3, 2009 ... The Chronicles of Eurabia continues. The Muslim dominated Malmö suburb of Rosengård, Sweden has become such a dangerous center of Islamic ..

[Feb 8, 2009] Arab Gang Attacks Peaceful Jews in Sweden with OMG Rockets and Bombs ... a face-off with pro-Israel demonstrators in Malmo, Sweden...

Arabs throws pipebombs and fires rockets on peacful pro-israeli ...Feb 8, 2009 ... gaza war moves to Malmo Vlad Tepes, den februari 9th, ... Mob To Attack Demonstrators · MUST SEE: Pro-Arab Mob Fires Rockets, ...

Jewish Political Studies Review - Arab and Muslim Anti-Semitism in ...Anti-Jewish ferment among parts of the country's Arab and Muslim population is largely ..... Similar attacks have taken place in Malmö and Göteborg.27 ...


The following are some examples of hate attacks by Racist Arabs and bigoted Muslims on Jews in Malmo Sweden - source:

On the evening of 7th September 2002, while two Jews were on their way to the synagogue in Malmo, two Arabs shouted at them: “Damn Jews”! ...

Sweden – Arabs Attacked Jews in Malmö. On 30th March 2004, four young thugs broke into a Jewish-owned shop in Malmö, shouting antisemitic epithets...

The car belonging to a Danish community member visiting Malmo had the front window smashed in. Earlier that night there were several male Arabs screaming in ...

Sweden – Windows Smashed in a Synagogue in Malmo ... On 10 October 2001, during the Simhat Torah prayer services, some Arabs tried on two occasions to pick ...

Arabs harassed Jews gathered near synagogues in Malmö and in Stockholm. ... were visiting their family in Bury when some Arab males started shouting ...

Sweden- Purification Building at Malmö Jewish Cemetery Torched ... a child wearing a skullcap was attacked by at least three men who looked like Arabs.

on 27th September, and on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) on 6th October, Arabs harassed Jews gathered near synagogues in Malmö and in Stockholm. ...

Sweden- Purification Building at Malmö Jewish Cemetery Torched

A burial chapel in the Jewish cemetery in central Malmö was fire bombed early this ... hundreds of Moroccans and Arabs went wild, setting cars in fires and ...

Sweden - Antisemitic remark at school in Malmo ... Al-Baz states that all Arabs and Muslims must refrain from making generalizations and racist remarks ...

Sweden – object thrown at a synagogue in Malmo .... On 6th September 2002, (the eve of the Jewish New Year) three Arabs aged 25-40 passed by the Great ...

The perpetrators were apparently Arabs living in the vicinity. 07-12-2002 / United States ... Sweden – Brown Material Smeared on a Malmo Synagogue Window ...

On 20th December 2003,a number of youths of Arab appearance threatened personnel of the ... Sweden – Threatening Telephone Calls to a Jewish Family in Malmö ...®ion=EU On 4th February 2004, there was a confrontation between Jewish youths, boys and girls, and Arab youths at a "MacDonald's" branch in Malmö...®ion=EU

We warn the Arabs and the Muslims against this cancer which has already spread in ... Sweden – Threatening Telephone Calls to a Jewish Family in Malmö ...

Sweden – Desecration of a Cemetery in Malmo. On 16th September 2002, ... all appearing to be Arabs, shouted antisemitic epithets at the "Od Yosef Hai" ...

Verbal attacks accord outside the Malmö Synagogue during the Rosh Hashana Service. ...Arab hackers!!! Israel Go To Hell" with, ...

4-5 young Arabs were harassing a member of the Jewish Community of Malmö when he was walking in the city. The youngsters shouted "Fucking Jew", ...

On 27th July 2006, some 500 people, Arabs and left-wing activists participated in a .... Sweden – Antisemitic Epithets Shouted a Jewish Pupils in Malmö ...

Sweden - An anti-Semitic mail send to the Jewish Community of Malmö ... The perpetrator was of Arab appearance. He walked past the victim and shouted ...®ion=EU

Chabbad Malmö held a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the attack in .... In the subway, two young Arab-origin Muslim, came out of it and shouted in ...®ion=EU

It was established to take Palestine from the Arabs and was not as .... street in front of the Synagogue in Malmö , and harass community members while they ...

0n 25th April 2002, two men, Arab in appearance, made threatening gestures and shouted ... Sweden – Threat to Prominent Jewish Community Member in Malmö ...®ion=EU

A group of young thugs of Arab origin cursed and spat on Jewish youths on a tram ... Arabs harassed Jews gathered near synagogues in Malmö and in Stockholm. ...®ion=EU

Sweden – Threatening Telephone Calls to a Jewish Family in Malmö ... of a woman of Arab extraction to the fact that she was blocking the parking lot. ...

On 11th November 2003, a stone was thrown by a man of Arab extration at a rabbi ...

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