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Terror Friendly Lobby - CAIR - Underwrites Press Conference Using Academics Mearsheimer & Walt To Advance Islamist Cause

Terror Friendly Lobby - CAIR - Underwrites Press Conference Using Academics Mearsheimer & Walt To Advance Islamist Cause


August 28, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The National Press Club was today the scene of a Wahhabist disinformation operation, finding CAIR the Saudi funded Council on American Islamic Relations underwriting a "discussion" of Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer's "The Israel Lobby" - a failed attempt to put a scholarly face on anti-Semitism.

While all eyes are focused on Islamist terrorism and the rising tide of fundamentalism which has threatened the West, CAIR has attempted to change the message to the old Nazi canard of "Die Juden Sind Unsere Ungluck" - "the Jews are our misfortune."

In what CAIR hopes will be a propaganda coup, today's dog and pony show enlisted the services of useful idiots Mearscheimer and Walt who set forth the proposition that Israel is to blame for the existence of terrorism and a closely held - and thoroughly nonsensical - corollary, that any strong response by the West to terror only makes it worse.

Of great note - neither of the presenters had the temerity to employ the term "Islamic terror," within earshot of their CAIR handlers who shared the dais with them.

This is one of the complications that arise when those funding your venue operate in such close proximity to the terrorists. Such conflicts of interest are what lead to Mearsheimer's intentional and profound mischaracterization of the terrorist threat against the West as only coming from al-Qaeda and therefore only requiring police level actions against the Saudi born bin-Laden's network.

The necessity of ignoring the much greater threat posed by Muslim fundamentalists - those underwriting Walt & Mearsheimer's road show - puts in rather obvious focus a fatal defect to any claims by these two of serious scholarship.

In a presentation, which five years ago would have had to have taken place in a clandestine gathering of Storm Front types - discussing Jewish plans for world domination - professors Walt and Mearscheimer put their anti-Semitic venom at the service of CAIR a group only a wink and a nod away from Hamas.

That such a gathering took place at DC's National Press Club is proof that anti-Semitism has become "salon fahig" in the U.S. It also demonstrates the degree to which the American left are willing be employed as part of a Wahhabist da'wa scam whose ultimate goal is the imposition of Sharia on the United States.

Today's event was part of an ambitious Wahhabist financed effort to sway public opinion at a time when Muslim terror plots are being uncovered at an alarming rate, CAIR serving as the bagman in a huge PR campaign financed by Arab fundamentalists.

"A US delegation led by CAIR officials yesterday held discussions with Al Habtoor group chairman Khalaf Al Habtoor and other businessmen in Dubai about a $50-million public relations campaign that the US group has launched in the US to change negative public perceptions about Islam.

'It is the most ambitious public relations campaign anywhere in the world that the Muslims have thought about to change perceptions about Islam,' Ahmad said, calling on Arab businesses to make contributions towards the campaign that will run for five years.

'Do not think about your contributions as donations. Think about it from the perspective of rate of return. The investment of $50 million will give you billions of dollars in return for 50 years,' the CAIR official said." Gulf News, Arabs urged to invest in image-building in US

Mearsheimer and Walt's work merely recapitulates the anti-Semitic rants of delusional moonbats like the above pictured Paul Findley who - not surprisingly - also waters at the trough of Middle Eastern Islamist funders and who dismissed and minimized the September 11 attack - "the real ground zero of terrorism is in Palestine, not Manhattan" - in the same manner Walt and Mearshimer ignore the danger of which al-Qaeda is only a figurehead.

Throughout the hour-long rambling press conference Mr. Walt and Mearsheimer suggested that Israel was a terrorist state, intentionally employed policies which resulted in atrocities and knowingly directed attacks against civilian population centers. Their conclusion being that Israel is an enterprise run - of, by and for war criminals.

They agreed with "studies" by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International claiming that Hezbollah did not place offensive weaponry among civilians in Lebanon and did not have a policy of using civilians as human shields for their operations - a bald-faced lie.

Walt claimed that though Israel did not act worse than terrorists "neither has it acted better" invoking a moral equivalency of pathological proportions.

The CAIR/Walt/Mearsheimer position is that terrorism exists as a legitimate and justifiable response to American support of Israel.

Taken to its logical extension, using the calculus advanced today at CAIR's mini-kristallnacht, Islamism is the antidote for Israel, take two and call me after the Holocaust.

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