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Truth & Facts: Mostly NON Jewish Communism in NON Jewish J. Stalin's Crimes

The Truth & Facts about mostly NON Jewish Communism in Non-Jewish J. Stalin's Crimes

Jews vs Communism
A few points.

* Most Communists were Non Jews but rather white Christians by origin.

* Communists and Zionists are a contradiction.

* Communists and Religious Jews are a complete contradiction.

* The Minority among Communists that included Jews were against Stalin's crimes.

* Stalin was educated as devout Christian and in a strong Christian environment.

* The few that had supported the communist ideology were mainly before it became corrupted and violent, thus no connection between communists (Christians & Jews) ideologists and the violence, but rather Stalinists who were by the most part also anti any religion, Christian or Jews.


http://atheistalliance.org/library/nelson-atheism_communism.php In fact, there have been many communist countries in Europe and elsewhere that were Christian, including Roman Catholic Italy, Hungary, and Poland, and Lutheran Germany. The smear campaign against atheists is an attempt to link them with the crimes of the various communist dictatorships. Few would deny that Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union was a totalitarian dictatorship, or that he focused much of his enmity on the church. However, we must consider two important factors: 1) Did he commit his crimes in the name of atheism, and 2) What were his motivations.

http://www.amazon.com/Stalin-Against-Jews-Arkady-Vaksberg/dp/0679422072Stalin against the Jews, Supported by newly declassified archival material, Russian journalist Vaksberg's expose documents Stalin's relentless, fanatical anti-Semitism. The Soviet dictator purged thousands of Jews from their political or professional posts and sent them to concentration camps or execution pits, liquidated nearly all Jewish army officers, persecuted prominent Jews in show trials with anti-Semitic overtones and herded several thousand Jewish families to a barren Far Eastern wasteland in what was supposed to become an exclusively Jewish territory. Meanwhile, as camouflage, he surrounded himself with Jewish aides, appointed Jews as the commanders of gulags and kept his loyal comrade Lazar Kaganovich as the only Jew in the Politburo. Moscow-based Vaksberg ( The Soviet Mafia ) also documents the revival of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism under Krushchev and Brezhnev and the hate-mongering of contemporary ultranationalist groups. History Book Club alternate.

Stalin publicly espoused Marxism's international ideology by championing Russia's Jews but, behind the scenes, anti-Semitism ruled his plots for their destruction. Vaksberg ( The Prosecutor: Andrei Vyshinsky and the Moscow Show Trials , LJ 2/1/91) has delved into recently opened public records to reveal new information, including the possibility that Stalin's schemes against the Jews began earlier than previously thought. This work covers much the same territory as Louis Rapoport's Stalin's War Against the Jews ( LJ 9/1/90). Both examine Stalin's early writing on the "national question," the purges of the 1930s, the rise of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, the murder of Jewish leader Solomon Mikhoels, and the Doctor's Plot. Rapoport's lacked some of Vaksberg's sources, but his work is more carefully documented. Vaksberg's readable study is recommended for larger collections.

http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/s/dmitri_shostakovich/index.html?query=STALIN,%20JOSEPH&field=per&match=exact,br> STALIN, JOSEPH state tyranny and persecution of Jews in Russia under Stalin



I have long disagreed on this blog with the anti-Semitic notion of Soviet Communism as a Jewish, anti-Christian conspiracy and am getting tired of refuting it. It's ultimately a creation of the anti-Communist Eastern Orthodox Church, who was in bed with the Czars, lords and nobles for centuries.

During this time the Church presided over and cheered on the slaughter of countless millions of Eastern Orthodox Christian serfs and peasants. Soviet Communism, which doubled life expectancy and reduced the death rate by 75% for Orthodox Christians from 1913-1956, was the best thing that had ever happened to Orthodox Christian serfs and peasants.

Sure, the Soviets were hostile to the Orthodox church - because the church had been in bed with the feudal enemy for centuries and opposed the revolution, choosing to side with the feudalist, Monarchist Whites in the Russian Civil War. Furthermore, Joseph Stalin was a Georgian, not a Jew, with roots in Orthodox Christian culture.

The Trotskyites felt Stalin was an anti-Semite and the Stalinist terror of the 1930's disproportionately targeted Jews, which is strange if Stalinism was a Jewish plot.

Considering that 99% of Russians had Orthodox Christian roots, it is obvious, tautological and meaningless that Stalinism's victims also had Christian roots. Here is a quote that shows that in 1917, the vast majority (97-98%) of Bolsheviks had Christian, not Jewish, roots: Such statistics as are available show that only a small percentage of the Jews are followers of Lenin. In the autumn of 1917 the Bolshevists published a statistical analysis of the constituents of the Soviets, showing that the Bolshevists were more largely composed of pure Russian elements than the Menshevists, who are anti-Bolshevists. In December 1918, the Jews formed only 2.6 per cent of the 121,071 organized Bolshevists in Petrograd.I also disagree that Soviet Communism was deadly. What was deadly was Russian feudalism, which killed 4 times as many Russians per capita, year in and year out, as Soviet Communism. Communism reduced the death rate in Russia by 75%. How can such a system be considered "deadly"?

I disagree that the phony Communists running China right now are doing a better job than the USSR of anything other than making the rich richer and the poor poorer. In its final years, the USSR still had jobs, housing, health care, food, day care, pensions, and transportation for everyone.

Meanwhile, Mao's Iron Rice Bowl lies shattered on the floor, smashed by Deng Xiaoping's phony Communists. There are 100's of millions of unemployed roaming China's cities and sleeping on the sidewalks. Free health care has been swept away, especially in the rural areas, a massive backwards step from Mao's brilliant barefoot peasant program. Many peasants can no longer afford medical care.

I don't agree with the frankly ridiculous notion that Liberalism, in the form of cultural relativism, multiculturalism and especially Political Correctness, has swept over the USA. Not that that would be such a bad idea. A close look at neoconservative America reveals instead a deeply fundamentalist America, hostile to PC platitudes, multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

Personally, Martin Luther King is one of my favorite Americans, and I don't care one whit about his plagiarism and his adultery. These sins were uncovered by a massive effort to examine MLK's life with a microscope, searching for anything scandalous.

If, after decades on Earth, the worst one can say about a prominent Black man is that he plagiarized some text somewhere and was a philanderer, I figure he couldn't have been too bad of a guy. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!


The Russian Revolution and rise of Stalin caused a deterioration in the position of Soviet Jews. persecution of Jews and Communist efforts to wipe out http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/free_immigration.html ,br>

History News Network, STALIN’S JEWISH VICTIMS. Joshua Rubenstein, Vladimir Pavlovich Naumov, Stalin's Secret Pogrom: The Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. ...http://hnn.us/blogs/entries/16343.html


Stalin’s Purges and Forced Famine [1932-1938]

Estimated Death Toll: Approx. 100-200,000 Jews; 5 million Ukrainians killed 1932-33, 14-15 million Soviet peasants 1930-37, and at least 3 million "enemies of the people" 1937-38.

During Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia and the Soviet Republics his regime killed or starved an estimated 15 million peasants, 5 million Ukrainians, 200,000 Jews; and as many as 3 million enemies of the state. Stalin used mass annihilation as a tactic to control dissent, force cooperation with state policies and to unify an incredibly diverse population people by targeting specific scapegoat groups.

Soviet Jews were killed as scapegoats, Ukrainian peasants were killed as part of Stalin’s collectivization pogrom and political opponents and intellectuals were killed as enemies of the state. The combined tragedy of the Soviet’s political genocide exceeds even the scope of the Nazi Holocaust.

Today’s revolts in Chechnya, Georgia and other former republics of the U.S.S.R., have deep roots in the atrocities of the Stalin era.


Telling the story of some of Stalin's Jewish victims. You can see them at http://www.jewishworldreview.com/ community events and Holocaust commemorations ...http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/tobin071502.asp

http://www.yale.edu/annals/Reviews/review_texts/Tobin_on_Rubenstein_The_Jewish_Exponent_04.08.02.htmUnknown History, Unheroic Martyrs, Telling the story of some of Stalin?s Jewish victims

Stalin the ANTI - JEWS!!! http://www.sovietjewishsoldiers.org/essays_articles.aspIt is a history that has been suppressed and denied, bent into shape, and embellished in blood by Stalin. As early as 1913, during his revolutionary days, the former seminarian took the view that "Jews do not constitute a nation of their own", but were merely a "paper nation" that had no right to occupy a space among the "real, active and growing nations that have a right to be recognized." Destined to become an expert on nationality issues of the multinational Bolshevik state, Stalin wrote in a programmatic article, which became characteristic of his later regime, that the Jews embodied "something mystical, intangible and supernatural." In contrast to the deeply rooted Russians, the Jews "had no strong roots to connect them to the land and hold their nationality together." And, as Stalin concluded, "Only a nationality has the right to determine its destiny (…), arrange its life in the way it wishes." Throughout the blood-soaked decades the dictator denied the Jews this right. It was thus impossible for there to be any Jewish heroes of the Soviet Union. He dealt them a deathblow, acting in accordance with the tsarist tradition, which had started the worldwide conspiracy of the "Protocols...".
Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus,The goal of Jewish Heritage Research Group (JHRG) is to create a window into Jewish past of Belarus. We want to take rich Jewish heritage ... Stalin victims ... http://www.jhrgbelarus.org/Records_victims.php

http://www.amazon.com/Stalins-Last-Crime-Against-1948-1953/dp/006019524X Stalin's Last Crime: The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors, 1948-1953 (Hardcover)

http://www.kimel.net/jewpol.html How Anti Semites in Poland developed a myth to blame the Jews for Communists, even though most were.... Christians!

During WWII, the Polish government in exile made an agreement with Stalin, to organize a Polish Army in exile, based on the mobilization of Polish citizens residing in Russia. General Anders, who performed this task, accepted only a token number of Jews to the Polish forces. As a result, Stalin was left with an extensive pool of Polish speaking Jews, that he extensively used later in the process of subjugation and communization of Poland. On the other hand, Stalin had no problem using Russians with Polish sounding names like Rokossovsky, Bierut or even Poles like Jaruzelski, for the same purpose. And so was another myth developed, the Jews were blamed again for Stalin's subjugation of Poland. This myth is still reverberating through the acrimonious discussions on the Internet. Before the war, about 3.5 million Jews lived in Poland. Today, there in Poland no more than 15,000 Jews, out of a population of 38 millions. Although, small in numbers the Jews are noticed in Poland. Their presence is felt in the press, during the elections opponents accuse each other of Jewish origin. Somehow, one has an impression that the Poles feel that they are victimized by . . . the Jews. For example, a taxi driver told me that "All the banks in Poland are owned by Jews. The Jews control everything."

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