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Arab Muslim Apartheid VS Pluralistic Democratic Israel

Arab Muslim Apartheid VS Pluralistic Democratic Israel

While Arabists turn security issues into slogans or slurs against Israel's struggling population against Arab terrorism and violence but they never mention or simply distort the reality.

Not only do Israeli Arabs enjoy the real and only democracy in the middle east, Arab women can be elected to the highest office in the "Jewish state", but Israeli courts often prefer Arabs' rights over Jews', especially in land issues, not to mention Israeli Arabs major advantage over Israeli Jews, not being obligated to serve in Israeli army, but still having all benefits Israeli Jews have.

However no Jew can live in "Palestine" control, not only is it the worst form of "apartheid" but it's rather ethnic cleansing and pure un-excused racism.

Despite Palestinian claims of “apartheid”, the security fence has nothing to do with racial separation. It has everything to do with preventing acts of terrorism,The fence is not an attempt to restrict the movement of the Palestinians; its sole objective is to restrict the movement of terrorists from entering Israel. It must also be pointed out that there exists both Arab and Jew on either side of the planned West Bank fence. Israel has integrated into its population its Arab citizens, which form 20% of the country’s total population. The Palestinians, however, have signaled their unwillingness to live alongside the Jewish residents of the West Bank and Gaza, and continue to demand that the territories be judenrein — free of Jews. Palestinian Apartheid State?

Apartheid, Mideast style, Palestine "Judenrein" - free of Jews?

UN-sponsored bigotry Speaking of apartheid, the Palestinian Authority adopted an official ... the apartheid PA demands that all territories delivered to it be Judenrein.


Apartheid or the greatest lie ever told?

Apartheid in South Africa was based on color separation. It was the whites (the “Europeans”)
versus the “non-Europeans” (Blacks, Coloreds [mixed race], Indians
Malays and Chinese). All suffered from the legalized deprivation decreed
by a South African government determined to impose white domination on
the rest.

It is manifestly clear that
Israel has no color problem of any kind. Israel has brought in some
70,000 Ethiopian Jews and plans to absorb 30,000 more. All, including
Circassian, Druze, Kurds, Armenians, Beduin and other non-Jewish
citizens of the Jewish State, enjoy equal rights. Many Druze and Beduin
serve in Israel’s army.

There is no semblance of South
African apartheid here in democratic Israel. If ever a lie has been
incessantly repeated to damage Israel, this is a prime example. For as
the unlamented and unmourned Dr. Goebbels proved, nothing is more
effective than a constantly repeated big lie.

While many entries are
extensively repeated, a Google search credits Mahmoud Abbas with
approximately 19,000 apartheid references. Suffice to say he is an
active promoter of the big apartheid lie.

The apartheid lie attached to
Israel is one of several concocted by Palestinians to publicize their
cause. Readers and viewers are led by the nose because lies are so
effective in promoting their policies – the bigger the better.
Nevertheless the apartheid concept is totally inapplicable to Israel as
the following refutations abundantly make clear:

1. Blacks,
Coloreds, Indians, Malays and Chinese were legally classified as “Non-Europeans”
and did not have the vote in apartheid South Africa. Neither in
Municipal, Provincial nor Government elections.

Arab citizens, some 20% of the population, have always enjoyed equal
voting rights. Eleven Arabs sit in Israel’s Knesset.

Non-Europeans exclusively had to carry a “Pass Book”. (Identity
books were introduced for Europeans round about 1976.) Employers had to
sign the pass books monthly. Pass book infringements by blacks led to
jail sentences and often to deportation to the black homelands.

All citizens
and legal residents of Israel carry an identity card as required by law.

3. Job
Reservation laws kept non-Europeans from a wide range of jobs.

discrimination of this kind has ever existed in Israel’s democratic
Jewish State.

4. There was
free education for whites till matriculation. Not so for blacks whose
educational prowess was strictly limited by an oppressive Bantu
Education Act.

All school
going children in Israel are entitled to publicly subsidized education
till matriculation. No racial distinctions whatever are made.

5.Only one
university was established for Blacks in South Africa, at Fort Hare.

In addition
to several Arab universities which Israel established in the
predominantly Arab areas, Arab students may study at any university in

Black-white sex was a serious jail time crime. Sex detectives were even
employed to catch offending parties in
flagrante delicto .

Legal sex
apartheid in democratic Israel? You must be joking.

7. Medical
services for non-Europeans were both restricted and segregated.

citizens are members of all the major Medical Service Organizations and
benefit equally from government subsidized medical services.

8. Hospitals
were largely segregated or had segregated wards. White hospitals were on
a par with any in the western world. But black hospitals were under
funded, under staffed, and few. Ambulances were also segregated. A
"white" ambulance could not take a black to hospital.

Not the
Israeli way. Israeli Arabs get the full treatment in all State

Non-Europeans “could not be employed in any of the skilled trades;
they cannot become engineers, accountants or pharmacists. . .. The Civil
Service is closed to non-Europeans, as are also the technical colleges
and most of the universities. They may not use the libraries, cinemas,
public transport, public conveniences, post offices . . ..” [From
Prof. Deborah Posel’s THE MAKING OF APARTHEID.]

Arabs can do
everything in Israel which non-Europeans in South Africa could not.

10. For many
decades blacks had to observe a 9 p.m. curfew or face arrest, jail
sentences and deportation.

unheard of in democratic Israel.

11. No mixed
sport was allowed – by law.

No such law
ever in democratic Israel.

12. Parks
and recreational areas provided benches for people to rest. Benches were
painted with “Europeans Only” signs. I never saw a bench marked for
non-Europeans nor a park.

unimaginable insult in democratic Israel.

were not permitted to use the main entrance to buildings. They had to
use the “tradesmen’s” entrance at back.

An unheard
of apartheid stricture in democratic Israel.

14. Black
South Africans were given half the pension allocated to whites. They
were forbidden membership in trade unions (until the 1980s). Strikes
were banned and strikers severely repressed.

No such
discrimination in democratic Israel. Not only are pensions allocated
equally to all citizens but Arabs benefit fully from monthly child
allowances to parents of large families.

Libraries, public swimming pools and beaches were racially segregated.
Even so there were practically no black pools or libraries.

No such
segregation in democratic Israel.

* *

The way the Arabs use “Israeli
apartheid” one might think they were protesting because Israel does
not permit Arabs in their midst. Of course the very opposite is the
case. It is the Arabs who do not suffer with Jews in their midst.
The opposite is the reality. Many a Jew who has strayed into an Arab
city, or taken a chance on doing business there, has been cruelly
murdered. Israelis must not misinterpret the message as anything but a
Nazi Judenrein [ethnic cleansing of Jews] ideology.

Last but by no means least, we
must not overlook the use of “apartheid wall/fence” – the most
often repeated and deliberate misuse of the apartheid calumny.

The Arabs speak as though the
wall as covers the full length of Israel’s anti-terrorist barrier. The
unpalatable fact is that it does not. The barrier is 96 per cent fence
and 4 per cent wall. Walls are only erected to prevent terrorist sharp
shooters targeting Israelis living opposite built–up Arab areas.

It takes the most chutzpah
[nerve] imaginable to attach the South African apartheid label to
the democratic Jewish State of Israel. For the boot is truly on
the other foot. Unlike the twenty-two Judenrein Arab countries of
the Middle East, Israel is the only one which neither believes in nor
practices apartheid.


Blogger Yzerfontein said...

There are similarities and differences between apartheid South Africa and Israel cum Palestine.

For instance, Israel has no immorality act. Like apartheid South Africa's bantustans, Palestine isn't a viable state on its own accord. Apartheid South Africa also encouraged white immigration in the same way as Israel encourages jewish immigration but not the immigration of palestinians.

Tribalisation is something which was necessary for survival milleniums ago - it's no longer necessary and sparks conflict when people cling to it.

10:19 PM  

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