Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sick "Palestinians" traitors, burn US flag in NY

PLO gang Freed after Burning Flags, Desecrating Homes in Brooklyn
I bet you were wondering what followed the incidents in Bay Ridge Brooklyn where American flags were burned (one at a 9/11 slain hero's home no less) and homes portraying the American flag desecrated with spray painted letters "PLO," Well read this and weep - Matthew Lysiak reported;
The police have claimed that the kids have no idea what the letters PLO stand for...and they were released without further questioning. Lysiak has since discovered that there is a gang of kids, some of whom marched in an anti-Israel parade in Bay Ridge on mother's day who call themselves the PLO. I posted the information on my blog at
Very creepy stuff. Thanks for your work and keep reading the New York Sun. I am a big Ayn Rand fan and look forward to your next entry.
Read it all on Lysiak's blog here;
Gangland activity in Bay Ridge comprises, of all things, wanna-be tough-guy
Muslim teenagers who call themselves PLO.
PLO is not officially a wing of Arafat’s Palestinian Liberation Organization. However, the members of this gang are sympathetic to the more popular movement in the Middle East and embrace the name as a symbol of their ethnic and religious identity here in Bay Ridge.
The PLO gang has been around for at least 12 years, comprised of greater or lesser numbers over time. Today they are usually recognizable by the wearing of red. Many of them attend Fort Hamilton High School. It is unclear at the present time what has become of the members who were teenagers 12 years ago and are now adults. It is also unclear how organized they are hierarchically.
The PLO gang could probably be a textbook case in gang psychology. As teenagers sensitive of their uniqueness in an otherwise alien (to them) environment who share commonality amongst themselves, the PLO gang attracts Muslim youths in the Bay Ridge area to provide mutual protection and culture (I use this term very broadly).
While many law abiding residents of the Bay Ridge area may not be as aware of the PLO gang as well as they are of the various branches of the mafia, Latin Kings, and more recently Bloods, Russian mob, etc., this does not mean that the PLO gang is a benevolent association.
The recent graffiti of “PLO” on Senator Street (on trees in front of American-flag draped homes as well as on a fire hydrant and garage door, in at least 3 different colors – red, black, and gold) has led to the arrest of a 12 year old Arabic youth. Although authorities have said that the kid is not connected to the PLO in the Middle East, no one has denied that the kid belongs to the PLO gang in Bay Ridge.
Several months ago there was an incident at Fort Hamilton High School where teenagers fought each other, some with (I think I recall hearing) meat cleavers and similar instruments. If I am correct one side in this incident was made up of members of the PLO gang. (If I am mistaken on this please correct me).
Undoubtedly many of the Muslim teenagers who band together and wander the streets of Bay Ridge (mostly along 5th Ave., especially those wearing red) jostling each other and uttering every foul word known in the English language, belong to this gang.
While it may be incorrect to label the PLO gang as a terror cell (they seem to be more just a bunch of angry and stupid teenagers), their clannish auslander group mentality coupled with the antagonism they face from their American rivals and whatever they must pick up at the dinner table, etc., makes them prime targets for recruitment in the actual local terror cells that Commissioner Ray Kelly recently highlighted as a very real and present danger.
Of course, this gang is not comprised of all Muslim youths in Bay Ridge. Nevertheless, it would be wise on the part of the local Islamic establishment (Sheik Reda Shata, Dr. Rimawi, etc.) to publicly denounce this gang. By doing so they will have not only established that their community does not endorse the gang’s behavior (something that many local Americans unfortunately though perhaps understandably need reassurance of in this post 9/11 world), but they will also help stem the rise in local gangland activity more broadly.
Likewise, it would be refreshing to hear about this issue from the elected officials, the 68th precinct, and the local media.
We can be like Pangloss and pretend there are no problems in Bay Ridge, or that this PLO gang is not a serious threat. We can be like Mussolini and tell lies long enough so that people will come to believe them and in so doing cover up the existence of this gang.
Or we can be responsible American citizens and inform ourselves of its existence and its potential threat, speak truth to power, and demand more scrutiny of any and all threats to our neighborhood and lives.
Matthew Lysiak is a write for The New York Sun.


Blogger conservativekat said...

And they're here in New York?! Can't the police do anything?

3:08 PM  

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