Thursday, May 04, 2006

Having a thief as a guard, UN style, A very large big black hole: FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE FORMS to Whom ?

Again, who will monitor the UN?
You said it, UN's chief.. - Kofi Annan.
Who will monitor UN's chief Kofi Annan?
Kofi Annan.
I am no particular fan of those [anti-republican politicians in the US] that coined the term 'culture of corruption' but if it's applicable on an international body, it's so classic, the UN club.
The following is by Gabrielle Goldwater, a courageous activist (in the real moral sense of the word) drawing attention to which most of us are being blinded by the wide media as 'just and fair', so is the risk of seeing such an "innocent" headline: "FOUR FIFTHS OF UN OFFICIALS HAVE FILLED OUT FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE FORMS – SPOKESMAN."
See the bigger picture!

My Comment. A very large big black hole: FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE FORMS to Whom ? (After they moved funds to offshore accounts of theirs?) By Gabrielle Goldwater

All Financial Disclosure forms should be made public - after all it is the UN members tax money, our money, that pays these people's salaries - that donates into the coffers of the UN via our governments membership - to which these UN executives have access to - and misused plenty, as we know already.

The Oil For Food Scandal is the perfect example for the need of accountability of each single dime the UN "Club" has in their accounts - after all it is public funds - with total account (where held etc.) disclosure and out side independent audits.Documents indicate oil-for-food money funded terror network,2933,132682,00.htmlRaw Data: Delve Deeper Into Oil-for-Food,2933,132649,00.html
Lid Off Oil-for-Food Scam,2933,132609,00.html
Another outrageous case of fraud and thievery at the United Nations (Geneva):
Muhammad Hassan, a Sudanese employee at the UN's World Meteorological Organization, managed to embezzle $3 million over a three to four year period

But what about all those possible funds none of us have a clue about, because they are never disclosed ?
How do we know that those officials - such as Kofi Annan will really fill out little forms truthfully ? And to Whom? It is anybody's guess.Do you trust your own government to go after disclosure of UN accounts (wherever they may be hidden) - donors money - etc.. ?I don't .... since They themselves will be in trouble with their tax payers for being naive enough to give our money without questions asked or accountability. For Them - It is nobody's money so what - But it is Your - Our money. For Example: Seventy-five percent of Swiss rejected U.N. membership in a referendum in 1986.

2002 here we are again with a Referendum I am a Swiss Citizen, we were told by The government membership should cost $42 million a year, that's our tax money.
Swiss voters had narrowly approved joining the United Nations Tallies from all precincts showed a nationwide margin of 55-45 percent in favor, but the crucial second hurdle -- approval by at least half the country's cantons, or states -- received a much narrower 12-11 result.
Nationwide 1,484,818 people backed the government by voting "yes," compared with 1,236,067 against. <<<>

New York, May 3 2006 6:00PMIn keeping with tightened administrative requirements, about 80 per cent of the senior United Nations officials required to fill out financial disclosure forms have done so, a spokesman for the world body said today. Stephane Dujarric told reporters in New York that Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown is now contacting those who have not yet completed the forms.
Those required under the new rules and regulations are directors and all staff in procurement, people with access to information regarding to accounts or financial information and anyone else that each department’s executive office deems appropriate.
Asked whether the Secretary-General has filled out the disclosure form yet, the spokesman said that he had not, but would do so. In response to another question, Mr. Dujarric confirmed that Mr. Mark Malloch Brown had met the requirement.
The forms presently affected about 125 Assistant Secretaries-General and Under-Secretaries-General. Mr. Dujarric said an effort is underway to expand financial disclosure to include directors and anyone with access to sensitive financial information, thus covering some 1,300 people. The forms will be handled by the UN’s new Ethics Office whose Special Advisor, Tunku Abdul Aziz, will brief the press next week. 2006-05-03 00:00:00.000

For more details go to UN News Centre at
RELATED: Special Advisor, Tunku Abdul Aziz,

Ms. G. GoldwaterSwitzerland, Geneva Internet Correspondent and Commentator
Member of "Funding for Peace Coalition" [FPC][ ]FPC REPORT EXPOSES MASSIVE CONTRADICTIONS IN EUROPEAN AID TO PALESTINIANS Europe Underwrites Palestinian Terror [by "Funding for Peace Coalition" [FPC] ]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would have been funny, were it not the UN, the supposed organization for the inmternatiooanl community.
What a bunch of crooks.

6:43 PM  

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