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WorldBank: Not just money, 'Palestinians' prefer geting caught into Israeli hands & Israeli prison than "life" under their 'own system'

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March 31, 2006

UK Anglican
Church proposals to disinvest from Caterpillar have created an internal and
inter-faith storm, being perceived by many as blindly accepting the Palestinian
narrative in its dispute with

David Frankfurter argues that before taking
the moral high-ground, UK citizens should examine their own government's role in
encouraging violence, which in turn extends the conflict and exacerbates
Palestinian poverty. As the UK's Department for Internal Development and
the European Commission look for channels to resume aid to the Palestinian
people, while bolstering Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and avoiding direct
funding of the new Hamas regime, Frankfurter claims that the
Palestinian financial crisis was never a shortage of donor money. The true
problem: uncontained spending in the support of terror.

Bank: Money won't fix things

in Israel

Israeli soldier guarding suspected
Palestinian terrorists

Photo: Government Press

Life in jail is no
picnic. On the other hand, if you are a Palestinian held captive by Israel,
there can be quite an upside.

Over 40% of Palestinians still
live in poverty. So for some, having the Israeli taxpayer provide food, clothing
and a roof over your head is no small matter. Aside from less desirable
professions that one might pick up in a prison environment, incarceration in
Israel now offers long-term career and financial breaks within the world of
Palestinian kleptocracy. High school matriculation is one of the few palatable
links in an extended chain of opportunities.

The mechanisms of the system are
very simple. They were explained very succinctly and brazenly by former
Palestinian Minister for Prisoner Affairs, Sufiyan Abu Zayid, in a September
2005 interview with the newspaper Al-Hayat

Specifically, each prisoner
receives a salary of approximately £150 - £550 from the ministry. Another
£30 is supplied
for incidental expenses. These are topped up with legal and medical costs, as
well as the possibility of university tuition fees. Finally, upon release, they
receive a hero's welcome back into society, and are entitled to a salary for six
months, until they receive a formal position in the PA.

The financing comes directly
from the Palestinian Authority (PA). It allocates £2.3 million per month for these “Prisoner
Affairs”; a total of over £50 million since January 2003.

Ironically, it emerges that
international donors have been contributing to the support of such murderers and
terrorists from Hamas, Fatah and other groups. What the average Western taxpayer
is not told is that 25% of the PA budget is funded from abroad – with the
European Union leading the way. When politicians like Hilary Benn say that
“no UK aid money will be used to support
, he is either deluding himself or worse.

Ongoing criticism of the abuse
of these contributions led to repeated inquiries and investigations by the
European Commission, the European Parliament, and the EU fraud squad
(OLAF). But committees of evidence were never really required. The
figures are published in the monthly PA accounts, which are freely available on
the website of the Palestinian Ministry of Finance.

And what have these very
concerned European investigators and legislators had to say about their
taxpayers' money being used this way? Nothing. In a decade when terrorism
has reached the streets of London, New York and Madrid, it is shocking that this
“terrorist insurance” has earned a wide stamp of silent diplomatic

No wonder that Palestinian youth
see a term in an Israeli prison as highly desirable; free food and board, get an
education, save some money, and finally return as a hero with a promised job at
the end. All this at the expense of the Israeli and Western
taxpayer. And with the support of European politicos.

The poetic license of a
partisan journalist? Even the Palestinian media admits it. The
Ma'an News Agency
reported on
February 22, 2006 a new phenomenon among Palestinian youth. Adolescents, as
young as 14, head for Israeli military posts, pretending to be terrorists. They
want to be arrested and pursue a better future, starting in an Israeli prison.

As eyewitnesses described, the
tactics are primitive and effective. Groups of boys carry knives or homemade
explosives, which they then deliberately allow to be sighted by Israeli security
personnel. When challenged, they throw down the weapons and turn themselves in.
Sometimes the charade is repeated on successive days in the same place. In the
Bethlehem area alone, as many as 40 minors were arrested in three weeks, all
between the ages of fourteen and eighteen.

Allowing kids to be caught and
taught is innovative. However, given the huge sums Europe pours into the
Palestinian Authority, there must be better ways to get teenagers with
initiative off the streets and into society. Of more serious concern is the
lesson to the highly impressionable Palestinian youth about the acceptability of
terrorism taught by this policy.

The “social benefits” awarded to
convicted terrorists are only one small element of a larger budgetary issue. The
London based Funding for Peace Coalition has meticulously documented how
internationally funded donations have been continually and consistently directed
to paying terrorist salaries. Its reports show that when public pressure
forced Europe to demand Al-Aksa terrorists be taken off the “cash payroll”, PA
Prime Minister Qurei and President Abbas nevertheless promised to return them to
the official books, as soon as feasible.

European silence allowed this to
happen. The prisoner support payments together with the salaries given to
thousands of Al-Aksa and other terrorists on the payroll have blown the PA
budget out of control. In fact, the International Monetary Fund reported that
the PA Ministry of Finance had identified eight to ten thousand non-performing
security personnel on the September 2005 payroll.

Today, the international media
is scrambling to blame Israel and the West's rejection of Hamas for the PA's
current financial crisis. The real truth was stated by the World Bank, as far
back as November 2005. “The PA has created a serious fiscal crisis for

Regional stability does not rely
solely on Western democracies funding the PA expense budget. Neither are Israeli
concessions an answer on their own. The Palestinians must provide responsible
and accountable governance. Otherwise, as the World Bank says, the prognosis is
simple: “Money won't fix things here.”

The author is a business consultant, corporate executive
and writer who frequently comments on the Middle East.

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